A pay per head

What Is A Pay Per Head?

When you read the words “pay per head,” the first thing that comes to your mind is paying something per person. Well, in general terms, it is correct. However, there is more to it than its literal meaning. A pay per head is a service for aspiring bookies that includes a private website with a…

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2020 best pph provider

Grow Your Business With 2020 Best PPH Provider

If there is one quote that best describes this year, it would be “expect the unexpected.” Unforeseen events happened after every other. The greatest surprise was the spread of the novel coronavirus. Nobody ever came prepared for the global pandemic. Aside from physical worries, everyone looked after their emotional and mental well-being. Moreover, businesses strive…

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top pay per head site

The Top Pay Per Head Site Game Plan

Deciding to be a part of the online sports betting industry is the first step in building your business. It takes a lot of courage to venture into a whole new world. However, the process does not end here. You have to be careful about your next step. Choose the right pay per head service…

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sports betting technology

Sports Betting Technology: Boosting the Online Wagering Industry Amidst the Pandemic Lockdown

Betting companies cannot let the pandemic lockdown bring down their online betting business. They are doing everything they can to alleviate the chaos that the coronavirus crisis caused the gambling industry. One of the most affected sectors of the wagering arena is the sports betting industry. Wagering entities tapped sports betting technology in boosting the…

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online casino agent

Become a Money Making Online Casino Agent

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the world’s economy. The online gambling and sports betting industry is no exception. People are finding ways how to earn even while at home. Many of them decided to become a money-making online casino agent.  What are Online Casinos Anyway? Basically, an online casino is an Internet-based…

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best pay per head casino

The Best Pay Per Head Casino Business Starter Kit

Alongside the growing online sports betting industry, the online gambling industry shows to have grown so much over the years. The industry seems to be in demand, no matter what platform is used by the owner. Gamblers used to make time and money through the traditional way of gambling. When it finally entered the digital…

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best online sportsbook software

The Perks Of The Best Online Sportsbook Software

Traditional bookmakers used to operate their sports betting business in one place. They were surrounded by screens that features different sports, such as: football, soccer, basketball, racing, and many more. Gamblers still had to travel from one place to another just to place a bet. Today, it shows a totally different scenario. Bookmakers can operate…

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best pph

How to Find the Best PPH in the Sports Betting Industry

There’s no doubt that the sports betting industry is one of the most quickly-developed markets in the world. No wonder its legalization in most states attracted many people to become bookmakers. Since then countless bookie websites emerged competing for players locally and internationally. If you’re considering starting a bookie business, your big question is, how…

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top bookie website

What Makes A Top Bookie Website In Demand?

Since sports betting industry is becoming more and more popular, there are a lot of aspiring bookmakers who strive to kick off their bookmaking business. At the same time, a number of pay per head service providers have started offering assistance towards the newbie bookies. However, this is where the crucial part comes in. The…

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top trends in sports betting

Top Trends in Sports Betting You Should Not Miss

Despite the pandemic, the sports betting industry continues to grow. As a matter of fact, Morgan Stanley predicts a high-end bullish approximate that it could haul in $15 billion in revenue. This will manifest by 2025 once every state in the US have legalized it. The worst-case estimate would be a $2.5 billion market with…

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