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UFC on ESPN 55 Betting Prediction: Ariane Lipski vs. Karine Silva 4/27/2024

UFC on ESPN 55 Betting Prediction: Ariane Lipski vs. Karine Silva 4/27/2024

As UFC on ESPN 55 approaches, fans and punters are setting their sights on a thrilling women’s flyweight bout between Ariane “Queen of Violence” Lipski and Karine “Killer” Silva. Set to unfold at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, this matchup features two formidable athletes with impressive records; Lipski at 17-8-0 and Silva at 17-4-0. This bout not only promises explosive action but also holds significant interest for those using the best bookie software to place their wagers, as the odds slightly favor Lipski at -144 against Silva’s +125.


Ariane Lipski vs. Karine Silva Game Info

When:Saturday, April 27, 2024, at 7:00 PM ET
Where:UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Ariane Lipski Analysis

Ariane Lipski who comes into this fight with an excellent professional record already demonstrating her diversity in striking and grappling skills. With an average fight time of 10:For instance, perhaps her ability to cope with longer periods of time (in sparring, she has an average of 4.27 significant strikes per minute at 40% overall accuracy rate), could prove to be instrumental in the final outcome. Whereas she is hit as hard as she hits others, her defense rate of 52% shows that she can handle incoming hits well. In the area of grappling, Lipski averages 0.64 takedowns every fifteen minutes with 79% takedown defense and thus, implies the capacity of controlling the location of the fight. In particular, the outcome of her fight against O’Neill highlighted that she has a sharp striking skill, as well as tactical awareness which are vital to getting the win against Silva.


Karine Silva Analysis

Karine Silva, nicknamed “Killer,” fits her nickname with a more fierce attitude. With a significantly shorter average fight time of 4:36 minutes in the ring, with Silva’s fights very often being dominated by a strong decisive attack. She strikes less frequently and accurately than Lipski with the rate of 3.37 per minute and the accuracy of 35% rates. Nevertheless, her mastery of grappling tells that she is a genuinely dangerous adversary. With an impressive average of 2.45 takedowns and up to 4.1 submissions per 15 minutes, the ground defense of Silva is extremely formidable, as demonstrated by a 60% takedown accuracy. Nevertheless, the warrior has a 0% defense against takedown, which might be used by the opponent Lipski. In Silva’s last match against Moroz, she showed her deadly grappling and counter attacking skill which are key elements to stop Lipski from getting ahead.


Ariane Lipski vs. Karine Silva Stats

Average Fight Time10:434:36
Height5′ 6″5′ 5″
Weight125 lbs.125 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.4.273.37
Striking Accuracy40%35%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.4.233.37
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.642.45
Takedown Accuracy55%60%
Takedown Defense79%0%
Submission Average/15 min.0.44.1


Ariane Lipski vs. Karine Silva Betting Picks

Taking into account the statistics and recents results, we can spot a classic repartition into wrestlers/grapplers or strikers. Lipski’s broad-based style and triumph in longer fights is what gives her a more advantageous position, especially since there is a notch in the box of Silva’s where takedowns are concerned. On the contrary, Silva’s devastating ground game and pressure in the early stages of the fight present her as a dangerous opponent if the fight is delivered to the ground. The bookmakers rate Lipski in the lead slightly thereby demonstrating her ability to master the rhythm as well as location of the bout.

This choice is hard but conditions and her power to cope with takedowns may give an edge to the lady. The chances of this fight going to the distance are high, but still Silva will remain persistent to attempt a submission, where Lipski will definitely have a chance to secure a victory.


Free Pick: Ariane Lipski -144

This UFC bout is set to be a captivating clash of styles. For those involved in MMA winning picks, considering the fighters’ strengths and vulnerabilities will be key in predicting the outcome. Whether you lean towards the striking finesse of Lipski or the dynamic grappling of Silva, this fight underscores the excitement and unpredictability of women’s MMA at its best.

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