Live Betting

Live Betting – Increase Volume, Increase Profits

Powered by IDSCA’s proprietary service ‘Live Player’, live betting is real-time in-play wagering on more than 1200 events monthly, giving your customers more to wager on and follow, and giving you more profits for your bottom line.

Live betting allows your customers to place bets while a match is being played.  Live betting gives the customer the ability to wager based on what is happening in the game, rather than using the information available prior to a game starting.

There is much more to IDSCA than the online sportsbook, racebook, and casino offerings. We also give your customers live betting throughout the entire game with our proprietary in-play solution. With more than 1200 events per month, and up to 100 markets per event, your customers will have an endless list of games to enjoy in Live Player.

Along with an updated scoreboard, Live Player offers real-time grading, which means that results are registered automatically, as they happen, or as soon as an outcome has been decided. Customers can then wager again with the funds, leading to an increase in the overall volume per game, and in the end, boosting your profit.

In-play market odds are created through the use of algorithms, which are then monitored by live traders who can lock a market, or suspend a game if the outcome is an inevitable result. The markets run on a slight delay to avoid any advantage due to TV delays or other timing differences.

This premium platform is available in several languages, includes a weekly calendar of live events, detailed reporting, and a favorites feature that allows customers to choose the games they want to follow on the overview. There is also a full list of rules for every single market available.

What You Can Expect From Our Live Betting Solutions


We have created an easy-to-navigate platform that can be used with ease by both the first-time user and the seasoned live betting devotee. The platform refreshes right away when the odds are updated. What makes it even more convenient is that there is no need to download any other programs to support the platform; just log in and you are good to go.



Over 1200 live betting in-play games are available on a monthly basis, allowing IDSCA to have the most comprehensive offering in the industry. The extended live coverage in sports such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football and basketball, Golf, Tennis, and other sporting events, make live betting suitable for any type of sports enthusiast.

Live Props are available throughout the whole match inasmuch as live betting itself is about wagering on events that are happening while the game is taking place. Depending on the importance of the game or match, there can be 50 to 100 markets made available.



Because our pay per head services attract players from all over to participate in in-play live betting solutions, the entire contents of the platform, including the information of the live betting account, teams, player names, and markets, are made available in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, and many more.



All wagers are graded instantly since the results are updated automatically. We have a dedicated team that cross-examines all information to ensure that errors don’t occur. The live betting in-play grading is provided by the top information services in the industry that provide official play-by-play stats, as well as the complete game scores.



An outstanding feature of the live betting platform is a real-time scoreboard. Any statistics that are reflected on the scoreboards offer all of the critical information of the games, as they happen. By knowing how a game is unfolding, our Live Traders can analyze which steps to take, such as placing betting restrictions, if necessary. Your customers can make use of the same information to make their betting selections.



No need to open multiple tabs or use multiple devices to see all of the stats. Monitor the scoreboards, or see how a sporting event is proceeding, by selecting the Overview screen and see everything all on one page! The live betting overview displays all games that are in-play by sport, and lists the basic odds and number of markets for each game, which can additionally be organized by favorites. Upcoming in-play games can also be displayed.




If you are interested in our in-play live betting solutions for your customers, or if you just want to see it for yourself, give us a call at 1-866-CALL-IDS (1-866-225-5437) or send us an email .