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  • Risk management, detection reports for count card players
  • Multiple Games, Live blackjack, Live American and European Roulette, Live Baccarat and Live Super 6.
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What Our Sportsbook Offers

Do you want to gamble and play all your favorite casino games? However, do you not want to drive to the casino to actually play them? That’s what our “live dealer” option provides for your players. When you have players who want the casino experience without the hassle of actually physically going to a casino, you can offer them our live dealer service. It’s a great way to add to your online sportsbook.

Here at IDSCA, sure, we have the best online bookie software, true. But, we also offer a live dealer casino option, too. With this, you’ll be able to provide your players with an experience they can’t get anywhere else. This can be super effective in terms of expanding your sportsbook.

Consider, someone who comes to your site for the live dealer casino is someone that, potentially, may not be that interested in betting sports. However, when they see how top notch your casino works, it’s entirely possible that they’ll stick around and bet on sports with you, too.

The truth is that this can also go the other way. If they’re into sports, and see that you have casino options as well, it’s entirely possible that, when their teams aren’t playing on a given night, they’ll head over to the casino to see what that’s about. We can provide a great experience for everyone.

We believe that a live dealer should be exactly that: live. Specifically, a live dealer should be alive. Meaning that they're a real person, that when you sign up for "live casino games," you can get to play live dealer games against a live dealer. "Playing online" shouldn't mean that you're "playing alone." Rather, our online casino games make sure you have a live dealer every time.

How IDSCA Works

Are Live Dealers Really Live?

t’s important to note that, when we say “the dealer is live,” we mean it. With our casino games here, there’s nothing “taped,” nothing “programmed,” nothing “pre-recorded” or the like. Instead, you’re getting the live casino experience. A big part of that, of course, is the dealer. We have great, actual dealers that we employ who are more than happy to play your favorite games with you.

Each of our dealers are true professionals. These aren’t models, these aren’t folks we just hired off the street or something. No, these are real, trained, experienced dealers who have done this before. Now, they’ll be able to bring the casino experience to you wherever you might be. That way, you can play the games with people who know how it works, right here at our site. This is something you can offer to your players that they might not be able to find elsewhere.

We understand that there are many places you could go for your live dealer casino games. However, we make sure that each live dealer we put on our live dealer casinos is a true, genuine expert. We don't get our live dealer folks from random auditions - every live dealer you find at our site is someone who's done the work before, whether it was at online live dealer casinos or the kinds of casinos you would have to drive to.

Live Dealers

Does This Live Casino Have Real Dealers? 

When you think of playing live casino games at a casino, what do you think of? Sure, if you’re like most, you think of winning, making money, companionship, all that kind of thing. However, you may think of the smaller things, too. The lights, the sound of the chips hitting the table, the cards as they’re shuffled and placed, and so forth. These might seem like little things, but they’re what so many video and online casinos tend to lack.

However, with our dealers, they’re exactly what you’ll get. All of those little moments, all of those small but not so small things that make the casino experience what it is will be there, too. You’ll hear the shuffling of the cards, the chips as they hit the table, and so forth.

Perhaps most important to the experience, you’ll be able to talk to and communicate with the dealer. They aren’t a robot nor are they a program. They're real, live, human beings, doing their job. So, you can talk to them just as you would if you were actually sitting with them at a table.

We hired the best dealers in terms of professionalism, yes. But, that also includes being able to interact with the players, add that something extra, etc. This is as close as you can get to a casino on your phone, tablet, and more. Your players will appreciate being able to talk to someone as they play their favorite games.

All online casinos, whether they have a live dealer or not, are only as good as their online casino games. Thus, our online casino has the best live dealer games on the market. So, when you come here to play live casino games, you can find all of the games you want in the best possible way.

Live casino card games
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Where Can I Play Online Casino? 

One of the best parts of our online casino with real, in-person dealers is that, well, it’s online. The dealers are in-person, your players certainly aren’t. In fact, your players can be anywhere. That’s the beauty of it. They can get so much that they would from the casino without actually having to go to the casino.

So, your players will be able to play this on their couch, from their home. They could just sit down, put the TV or some music on in the background, and decide to play their favorite casino games. They could do so from a parked car, from the park, from a party, at work, or anywhere else. As long as they’re connected to the internet, they’ll be able to connect to and play their favorite games.

“Connect to” is important when it comes to our sportsbook site. We know that, if your players are to go online and find that they can’t actually get onto the site, the odds are not good that they’re going to stick around. Thus, we do everything in our power to make sure that our site is up and running 99.99% of the time. That means your players won’t log into your casino and find it down.

Instead, they’ll be able to play the games they want to play when they want to play them from wherever they want to be. That kind of freedom goes a long way towards attracting players to your site and keeping them.


The best live dealer casinos, we've found, are the live online casino options that are, well, live. Online live casinos should should live casinos online - as in, you can go about playing live dealer games when you want. After all, a brick and mortar casino is almost invariably always open. Thus, our live dealer online casino should be, too.

To truly change what a casino site can be, we've gone to the next evolution gaming has to offer. Meaning that our live dealer studios are up 99% of the time. So, you can find a live dealer blackjack table right here when you want it.

mobile betting

What Games Does an Online Casino Have? 

Of course, all of the above wouldn’t matter if we lacked the games that your players want to play. To that end, we offer all of the casino favorites. Blackjack and more, they’re all right here. When we say it’s the “live casino” experience, that means that we have the games that your players want to play. It’s not the “one game from the casino” experience, we want to give you the entire casino. Through this, your players can take it all in.

Of course, having all of these games means that your players have more opportunities to bet, too. In turn, this gives you more of a chance to retain the players that you want for your site. It’s one more way that we can help your sportsbook to stand out from the rest.

online casino

When is an Online Casino Open? 

Again, we’re up 99.99% of the time. That means that when your players log on, they can get the full casino experience. Plenty of folks want to play casino games but aren’t able to do it when they’d like. Maybe they’re at work, they’re far from a casino, and so forth - with these games, you’ll be able to offer a better casino experience than they’d be able to get otherwise.

Your players can dress how they’d like, eat what they want from anywhere, while they’re playing these same games. Of course, as this is the IDSCA, we give you full monitoring of everything. You can see how it’s all going down so you can plot the next best course for moving forward. We believe in empowering our bookies at all times.

99.99% uptime

Will Live Casino Online Have Real Odds? 

Plenty of people love video slots and the like. They love betting video games. The new ones are amazing, as they can be calibrated just as the original games are. However, there’s something different about when it’s real. There’s something different about the real thing. With these casino games, it’s just a real dealer, you, and the appropriate amount of cards.

So, everything about the actual betting of it is just like being in a real casino. There's nothing different, there’s no disconnect. Rather, there’s just the real thing, same as it ever was. But now, it’s on your site, in front of your players. You can use this casino to recruit, to make your player base that much bigger so that you can take your online bookie software to the next level.

Online casino card games

More than a Live Dealer at Our Casino

We’re quite proud of the live dealer experience that we offer, of course. But, there’s so, so much more to what we offer than just that. Yes, it makes for a great casino experience for all involved. But, the casino is just part of what we offer our bookies and their online players. Here, at IDSCA, we have the entire sportsbook experience.

That means that when your players want to be able to bet on some kind of sport, they can. They’ll be able to bet on the big games, the small games, everything. From the Super Bowl to regular season college basketball and everything in between, they’ll be able to bet it right here at your sportsbook.

You may have read to that part and thought: “well, IDSCA sounds like it could help my bookie business. Is there some way to check it out ahead of time?” Yes. Absolutely. That’s what our free trial is for. With that, you’ll be able to check out absolutely everything that we offer for one week. That way, you can see if the live casino and everything else is right for you.

Take advantage of the free trial today.

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