Pay per Head Sportsbook

Bookmakers are always searching for better ways to expand their online betting business. The traditional method of gathering gamblers and operating the betting company was so laborious and eats much of the bookie’s time. Rather than keeping the focus on recruiting more gamblers to their fold, bookmakers spend their precious time on inventory and accounting….

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sportsbook software

Important features of a sportsbook software for your bookie business

A sportsbook software for online sports betting must have UI design, market data, web hosting, sports branding, risk management, 24/7 customer service and support. With the following services your bookie business is ready to go live within 4 weeks, and until the business begins generating revenue bookie agents can operate with 0% staff on board….

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pay per head

Pay per Head: IDSCA Best in the Business

Getting ahead with an online player’s betting activity means that you have the tools available for you to make smart and intelligent bets in the sportsbook.  An effective pay per head software is essential to achieve the winning form. Pay per head software can make or break your betting options with the services afforded to…

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The Best PPH Company

How to find the best PPH Company Finding the best PPH Company takes a lot of research to determine if the PPH site and its sports management software comply to your needs for a better bookie operation. The best PPH Company will help you, as a bookmaker, to manage your business efficiently by giving you…

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Top PPH software for NBA Sports Betting

Several PPH software companies offer the services of Sports Betting. These companies try hard to encourage bettors to use their site as their betting platform. IDSCA  management software is the top PPH software sports betting company that can deliver the information and services for you to succeed in this industry. It can boost revenues and…

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NBA sports smart betting

NBA Sports Smart Betting with the best PPH company

NBA sports betting has never been exciting since the online betting platform’s introduction. Winning your bets does not require your passion for a team or a player. NBA sports smart betting has to do with the analysis of information provided by the best PPH company that is available in the industry today. The mainstream and…

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Cheap pay per head software

A bookmaker wants his business to prosper using all the help he can get. Having an efficient sports betting software is the key to a successful company in the industry. It is therefore imperative not to settle with a cheap pay per head software to have adequate assistance from the best pay per head software…

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bookie business

Bookie Business: How to Start

Do you want to start a bookie business? You have come to the right place, because this is your ultimate guide on starting your own bookmaking business using casino and sportsbook software. Once you start one, you will now be called a bookie agent. Become a bookie agent now! If you want to be one…

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pay per head service provider

Pay per head Service Provider: Its effect on NBA Sports Betting

The efficient sportsbook management relies on the pay per head service provider. The best way to run the business is by obtaining the best PPH service provider in the market. You have to search for the most efficient and trustworthy software to assist you in providing the needed services in the industry. Bookmakers work with…

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pay per head sportsbook

How IDSCA Pay Per Head Sportsbook Improved The Betting Process

Over the years, sports betting has proved its fast improvement from traditional and now to online sports betting. It is now the fastest growing and most exciting way to enjoy sports on major events while at the same time earn money. Now, sports betting has evolved and reached another milestone using Sportsbook software which is…

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Benefits of Sportsbook Software

Top 10 Benefits of Sportsbook Software in Online Sports Betting

The popularity of online sports betting had been so robust, it nearly beats the actual betting from casinos and other gambling places all over the globe. It is because online sports betting brought the high ratio of advantages compared to actual betting at casinos. Today, even an old man or a person with a disability…

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