best online sportsbook software

The Perks Of The Best Online Sportsbook Software

Traditional bookmakers used to operate their sports betting business in one place. They were surrounded by screens that features different sports, such as: football, soccer, basketball, racing, and many more. Gamblers still had to travel from one place to another just to place a bet. Today, it shows a totally different scenario. Bookmakers can operate…

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best pph

How to Find the Best PPH in the Sports Betting Industry

There’s no doubt that the sports betting industry is one of the most quickly-developed markets in the world. No wonder its legalization in most states attracted many people to become bookmakers. Since then countless bookie websites emerged competing for players locally and internationally. If you’re considering starting a bookie business, your big question is, how…

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top bookie website

What Makes A Top Bookie Website In Demand?

Since sports betting industry is becoming more and more popular, there are a lot of aspiring bookmakers who strive to kick off their bookmaking business. At the same time, a number of pay per head service providers have started offering assistance towards the newbie bookies. However, this is where the crucial part comes in. The…

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top trends in sports betting

Top Trends in Sports Betting You Should Not Miss

Despite the pandemic, the sports betting industry continues to grow. As a matter of fact, Morgan Stanley predicts a high-end bullish approximate that it could haul in $15 billion in revenue. This will manifest by 2025 once every state in the US have legalized it. The worst-case estimate would be a $2.5 billion market with…

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pph software review

Honest PPH Software Review That You Need To Know

Since the online sports betting is considered as one of the fastest growing industry, many traditional bookmakers are striving to adapt to the industry’s “new normal.” Traditional way of bookmaking operation involves more personal interaction, phone calls, and ledger usage. However, the new normal for the sports betting industry involves the use of online features…

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What Is A Bookie

What Is A Bookie?

You may have probably read and heard this question multiple times through various pay per head platforms. Those who have clearly no idea about what this is about will surely take it the wrong way. Some may think it is related somehow to reading. So, what is a bookie? What Is A Bookie? A bookie,…

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How To Be A Bookie During Pandemic

How To Be A Bookie During Pandemic?

Due to the novel coronavirus that hit the world by surprise, millions of people are affected in different ways. Some lost their jobs. Others, too, are finding ways to cope up with the loss of their businesses. Some are hopeful as they believe this is the best time to try something new. This pandemic left…

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best pay per head software 2020

What Is The Best Pay Per Head Software 2020?

If you are a recognized bookie, or someone who is interested to explore in the gambling industry, you are already well acquainted that betting is already done online nowadays. You might wonder how it possible to find more clients online and how to captivate them despite the high competition in the market. After reading blogs…

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live betting platform

Make Use of the Live Betting Platform in Your Sportsbook to Increase Profits

The world of online sports betting continues to improve their services for die hard bettors by innovating their applications. Top commercial online sportsbooks use anything in their arsenal to entice all sports enthusiasts who participate in betting to log into their websites or live betting platform. Online bettors are getting feisty, and want more premium…

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Top Pay Per Head Website During Pandemic

Top Pay Per Head Website During Pandemic

Business is business. Despite the on-going pandemic that affected the entire world, the business industry is continuously thriving to survive and adapt to the world’s new normal. Bookmakers have been left with no choice but to embrace the reality of major sports events being suspended for the meantime to control the spread of the novel…

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