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Starting an Online Bookie Business: A Gambler’s Shift for a Steady Income

Most bookmakers that are starting an online bookie business began as gamblers in one way or another. Odds masters are shifting to the lucrative business to increase their income; it will also provide the opportunity for individuals to have an online company of their own.


What You Need in Starting an Online Bookie Business


Gamblers from all over the world increased in numbers. The value of the online gambling industry will increase in value from $37.91 billion in 2015 to a predicted $59.79 billion by the year 2020. The figures indicate that the market is still ripe for growth and expansion. Entrepreneurs are cashing in on the business to put up shop and take advantage of the booming industry.


In starting an online bookie business, Consider the following aspects of the operation and build your venture for profit and growth:


A Trusted Pay per Head Betting Platform

Every odds master needs a reliable pph bookie software for the online wagering business. The program is the most innovative tool that will boost income and create the traffic sportsbook companies need to enhance their business. The betting platform has to have the products that gamblers sought after for their betting activities.


The Sportsbook

The betting platform that is most essential in a betting platform is the sportsbook. The product is an app that takes in wagers on local and international sporting events from all over the world. The main competitions in sports include The NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, among other sports that are popular to bettors.


The best sportsbooks should have the following components to deliver excellent service to its online gamblers and bookmakers:


Pay per Head Software

The IDSca Sportsbook has the model pay per head software services; it delivers the best facilities in starting an online bookie business that can handle the administrative and operational functions for the odds masters. Bookmakers will have the time to focus on his primary job to recruit new players and maintain the existing gamblers in the group.


The Line of Sports

Players can see this component on the right side of the dashboard of a bookie website. The line is the list of sporting events offered by the betting site for players to choose which interests them for their wagers.


Every sportsbook should offer a wide arrange of sporting events for punters to bet on during the game. The events line is a component of the sportsbook that attracts punters to your betting site. The more gamblers using the wagering site, the more income for the bookies.

Betting Options

The vast selection of sports events offered when starting an online bookie business will create the market every bookie website aims for the company. Following these offers are odds and money lines that make wagering interesting. Take basketball, for instance, a punter can choose the type of bet the wagers. Some betting lines could be:


  • Placing a bet on the first team to make the first basket
  • Winning based on the final scores.
  • Over and under bets basing on the score on a given figure.
  • Point Spreads
  • Per quarter betting
  • Halftime bets
  • Money Lines


Proposed odds are the lifelines of the betting infrastructure. Wagering would be impractical without the odds. Many more betting lines are available on the bookie betting site.

Starting an Online Bookie Business

Multiple Payment Options

Gamblers across the globe prefer a pph software with payment options that accept their local currency. Besides the acceptance of their national money, payment options are advantageous to online players. Facilities like debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, wire transfers, and payments through banks.


Integrated Casino Games

Punters want to play in a sportsbook with an integrated online casino betting software. The gamblers would prefer to wager on the same website so they can continue their gambling activity without logging out from the platform. Online casino table games could include slots and jackpots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Live Casinos, Roulette, Craps, Bingo, Keno, Poker, and other games.


Games Statistics and Player Information

The information and statistics delivered by the sportsbook are essential to the punters and the bookmakers. The absence of data would limit punters their decisions in making smart bets. Bettors can base the selections of their bet placements by looking at the injury lists, the team’s hectic tournament schedule, team’s morale, playing conditions, the protagonist’s personal disposition among other data.


Bettors could wager aimlessly without statistics and basic information of the competitors. The information is a significant service to punters when starting an online bookie business.


Live Betting

One of the major components of a sportsbook is its in-game betting feature. The attribute is a significant factor why online players stick with a bookie website; It compliments to the thrill and excitement the live telecast provides to the bettors. The game unfolds before your very eyes and you can use the advantage to gauge teams and players performance throughout the game.


The absence of the live betting feature makes it less exciting for online players. A sportsbook without the in-game wagering depicts a backward betting platform and becomes unattractive to the sporting community. Punters want more than bet placements; they want immersion in what they experience. The thrill and excitement delivered by the pay per head software will get them there.


Betting License Acquisition

It is apt that an online gambling operator secures a betting company license from the authorities of the territories where the business resides. A wagering entity needs to have a license and follow the regulations of the gambling regulatory board.


Choosing The Best Payment Facility

This component is a requirement when you are starting an online bookie business so your punters can have a facility to course through when they make their deposits. The payment options will also be an avenue to transfer the winnings of the players. The payment option facilities should have a complete line of services, payment processing, support major currencies, an integration with e-merchants, an advanced risk management system, and the capability to detect fraudulent transactions.


An Efficient Web Design

Web designs can be attractive to punters at a single glance and should be effective when players are using it to place their wagers. The website design should be user-friendly to the users. Online bettors have a tendency to abandon the betting platform if they are dissatisfied with it.


Implementing the Recruitment Strategy of Online Players

Make sure that the pay per head software you are using gives the time to do what bookmakers need to do, the recruitment of gamblers to the bookie website. Odds masters need to have a sound recruitment strategy to attract new and seasoned players to the pph site.


Starting an online betting business is not an easy task. An operator needs to have the will, determination, knowledge, and funds to succeed in the betting business. It takes a huge investment to build a wagering company. For this reason, bookmakers have the chance to own a bookie website by working with established sportsbooks that can provide them with the services and support that will save them money.


A bookmaker can operate at par with prominent sportsbook companies if he has the support of the best pay per head software provider. Sportsbook suppliers can handle the data entries, documentation, the pph software operation, and the technical support while bookmakers can focus their attention on the recruitment of players for revenues of the business.


IDSca has the right components and facilities for aspiring bookmakers in starting an online bookie business. These features will help the startup to grow and develop into a full betting platform with the proper guidance of the software provider and implementation by the odds master.


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