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Bookmakers are in a constant search for the best pay per service betting software to expand their business. It is essential for bookies to be working with one of the best betting programs so he could increase his profits and revenues. IDSca has the best pay per service booking software in the market and is vital to the operations of bookies who want to see their business grow.

Most pay per service betting programs would want to lure the best bookies in the market into their organization because they understand that gamblers will bring along the number of gamblers of his group. IDSca knows this and that is why it gives the best support to bookies and to his group of online bettors. Once the bookmaker registers to the pay per service wagering site, it provides login codes to the online punters they will be using to access entry to the pay per service wagering program.

This procedure will allow the pay per service site to record all transactions and place them under the bookie’s name for accurate tracking and documentation. The process allows the punting software to lessen the burden of bookmakers from the administrative functions that he does without the pay per service wagering program. From the system, IDSca is handling. The bookies can focus their attention on the real work bookies should be doing, the recruitment of more gambling enthusiast to the site.


IDSca’s advanced technology at the tip of bookmakers fingers in online betting

The site developed its system with the advanced technology to provide for bookmakers and bettors in managing the business anytime and anywhere in the world. As long as there is adequate internet connectivity, the pay per service betting platform is accessible from laptops and mobile devices like your smartphones and tablets.

The features provide information, analysis, and reviews vital to the smart betting options of the online players. In the NBA for example where several factors affect the performance of a team; considering the players’ health is one factor that could affect the teams playing prowess. Analyzing the injury list of a team as provided by the pay per service software will lead bettors to bet on which group most likely to win the competition.

Here are the top 5 teams leading in the NBA Season with their injured players’ list:  


1. Boston Celtics                                12/30/17                              F                  S Ojeleye                 Back

                                                                  (Out indefinitely)

                                                                  10/17/17                               SF                G Hayward             Ankle

                                                                  (Out indefinitely)


2. Golden State Warriors              No Player injuries


3. Houston Rockets                           12/31/17                               G                 J Harden                Hamstring

                                                                    (Out indefinitely)

                                                                     12/14/17                               F                 L Moute                  Shoulder

                                                                     (Out indefinitely)


4. San Antonio Spurs                        12/19/17                                F                 Rudy Gay               Heel

                                                                     (Out indefinitely)


5. Toronto Raptors                             No player injuries


The following information provided by the pay per service betting software is essential to the online players for their decisive smart betting. IDSca makes this data available to deliver the best services for bettors to base their placement of bets.


Improved services vital to the pay per service bookie operations

Bookmakers and online players satisfied with the services delivered of pay per service betting companies will surely patronize the site for their betting experience.

One of the services that online punters want in their betting activities is the prompt response of the dedicated call center agents and account managers tasked to handle issues concerning betting concerns. Bookies and players in the pay per service sportsbooks sought after betting sites that have the services supporting the immediate response and assistance to players queries.

sports betting service

Information vital to the best placements of online punters. Besides the injury list analysis presented above, Other data like player’s disposition that affect the playing performance of a team. A player who is under duress due to some personal problem is not at full control of his senses while in the game.

Playing surfaces and environmental considerations are also essential information to base the selection on who to bet for in a game. Especially for teams on the road where fatigue could set in. There is a small window of resting period when team travel to play on uncharted territory. Fatigue plays an important role in the players’ overall performance. You might consider your smart wagering when you see spent and tired players on the road.

The new environment can highly affect team performance plus the crowd that is heavily cheering for their local players.  


IDSca delivers better pay per service with live wagering for online bettors

Live betting is one of the necessary services that IDSca provides to its betting customers. Pay per service betting software is not so adequate of the services it offers without the live betting feature. It takes a lot of money to have this feature installed in a betting software. Pay per service sports betting software who have the feature is a worthy betting site to place your bets.

It is quite exciting to play with the live wagering feature as it allows bettors to place optional wagers even before the games started. More innovative betting challenges presented during the course of the game and other betting lines that adds entertainment value to the games played. Some betting line could be who gets the first points off or whoever reaches the first 20 points challenge bettors to call the best offer.

Live wagering also plays the event in real time which means that the scoreboard has updates as is where it happened live. With side bets abounding in the pay per service software, game results are available as soon as the bets have the results. The recent results allow bettors to wager again with their new fund availability which speeds up the betting process increasing more profits and revenues.

IDSca provides the in play or live betting to bettors in several languages with a weekly calendar of sports events, and reports the results in detail. Players will have additional entertainment value with this service delivered by the pay per service software provider from all over the world.  The site accommodates English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German, among others. The feature makes marketing and player recruitment convenient for the bookmakers.

Online punters can place their bets directly on the betting site for the odds they want, getting rid of middlemen. The system makes it more convenient in the betting process; payouts and payments are done directly between the betting site and the bettors.

Latest software in the account management interface is now available to some pay per service sites. The Bookie Betting Exchange Software maintains large customer bases intended to manage heavy betting traffic on peak wagering hours. The program makes it easy for bookies to manage the business efficiently.

Pay per service betting exchange sees to it that their betting software is updated to give bookies and punters excellent services for a superb betting experience. Recently developed betting software have multi-language support to up to translations, have multiple-currency support including the digital money, and betting odds of all formats.

It is important that the pay per service betting software has plenty of sporting events and casino betting options for the success of the bookie wagering business. Events that include NFL (Professional and Collegiate), NBA, MLB, NHL, Badminton, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Cycling, Shooting, Golf, Motor Racing, Billiards/Pool, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, and Water Polo. The number of events determines the success of the bookmaker’s website.

Pay per service betting companies has user-friendly customized programs. IDSca provides customized bookie website to make it even more convenient for bookmakers so they can run the way their business they want to operate. Control panels are easy to navigate besides being attractive at first glance. Pay per service websites should attract attention for it to lure more gamblers to the site.


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