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Pay Per Head Service Features

A pay per head service is a service which enables bookmakers to operate a sports betting site at a reasonable price. The cost to start your bookie business could be expensive. It’s because any type of betting business requires a support staff, betting site, and infrastructure not to mention the different pay per head service features.

H0wever, with a pay per head service, all of these and other services will only cost you a fraction of the price. You will only be charged a small fee per active player and you can take advantage of the awesome pay per head service features that are included. That is where the term “pay per head” service started. You can start operating your bookmaking business as soon as you sign up.

What Pay Per Head Service Features to Look For?

There are many pay per head service companies you may find in the sports betting realm. However, most of the time they offer the same basic services. Generally, the difference between the provided services is due to the price, added pay per head service features, and hours of operation.

  • Sports Betting Software

If you want to open a bookie business, the first thing that you need to look for in the pay per head service features is the sports betting software. It’s a significant database that provides you with a channel to a trove of statistics and invaluable information. You can utilize the data to formulate advantageous numbers to help you make sensible bets.

By all means, you can likewise drive through stats yourself and try searching for winning swings. Bear in mind that the chief benefit of sports betting software is it makes the procedure much faster.

Sports betting software is one of the pay per head service features that can check line movements as well as public betting percentages throughout a variety of online bookies. It allows you to see the movement in lines, high-frequency trading breaks, and reverse line movement. Using a betting software can effortlessly monitor odds and other information across several online sportsbooks. 

  • Sports Management Software

Sports management software is another one of the pay per head service features that is essential in your sportsbook operation aside from the sports betting software. This software provides a combination of management dashboard structured to incorporate both the engagement and administrative tasks related to operating a sports team or league.

When looking for sports management software, make sure that the following functionalities are included:

  1. Mobile app for managing and communicating with players on the go
  2. Summaries of membership, analytics, and financial reports
  3. Player communication via emails, newsletters, invoices, and systematized notifications
  4. Online registration including payments for players and families
  5. Easy to locate, sort, and revise full contact database 
  6. Sports betting sites can be easily rebranded with an event calendar and online resources such as guidelines and tips

Pay Per Head Service Features

  • Reducing Administrative Tasks

Aside from reducing the administrative tasks, this pay per head service feature can:

  1. Provide bookies with an advanced mobile website that attracts prospective bettors. This makes it also simpler and quicker to find in search engines such as Google.
  2. It can collect online contributions.
  3. Use automated player retention strategies like sending renewal notices and recurring dues.
  4. Determine which of the players are unfilled, so you can communicate with them with easy win-back schemes. 
  • Reporting Tool

The reporting tool is another one of those necessary pay per head service features that you should not miss. It’s a system that gathers data from varied sources and analyzes it in the forms of charts, tables, visual representations, and other methods to make the information to understand. 

As one of the must-have pay per head service features, reporting tools are valuable. They collect data throughout resources and organize it in a way that users can read and interpret them. This data is gathered from sales, social media impressions, inventory, time spent, conversion, and inventory, to name a few.

Generally, it can be stored in various forms, printed and disseminated. Also, it can be illustrated and exhibited making it a great way to demonstrate huge amounts of handy information immediately. Moreover, reporting tools enable you to ask strategy questions and collect the information you require to make the best decisions. 

  • Sports Betting Website 

Bookies need a sports betting website where bettors place their bets. Being one of the key pay per head features, picking a sports betting site is a major decision. This is because it will affect your wagering activities in different ways. 

If you choose the right sports betting site, it is possible that you will have an exceptional entire experience. Besides, you can increase your chances of winning. However, if you choose the wrong sports betting website, you will turn out to lose a great deal of money. 

Not all bookies are good at every angle of sports betting, horse racing, casino, and others. Your preferences might include the timely payout of a bookie to his winners. He should also offer bonuses and promotions to deserving bettors. 

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Among the crucial pay per head service features, Customer Support is the essence of a sportsbook business. Your bettors place their bets anywhere and at any time. So if you have any players from around the world, it is a must that you have multi-lingual representatives that can handle the bettor’s concerns from betting to payout. 

These Customer Support agents must be knowledgeable and know what they are doing. Also, they should be reachable 24 hours a day, polite and have enough patience to deal with different races from around the world. Aside from answering your questions, they can likewise place the bet for you. 

Almost every pay per head bookies has their own social media to better advertise themselves and acquire more players. If the bookmaker is very approachable on social media, it means they truly care for their bettors. He wants to settle the issue as soon as possible to make his players happy and satisfied. 

  • Live Sports Betting

Live sports betting is also called in-play betting where players can place their bets while the match or tournament is happening. For instance, you can make live betting as soon as the game starts and while it is currently happening.

The downright largest distinction that you will observe between sports betting websites of today is the efficiency and quality of their live betting platform. That is why it is important that Live Sports Betting is included as one of the pay per head service features that you should be looking for.

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