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Sports betting has been one of the most antiquated systems of gambling favored by many nations. Greece is the initial country that displayed enthusiasm for sports which lead to the evolution of the Olympics. Romans followed suit and gladiator games became a source for leisure and bets. Soon sports betting in different forms began to develop in various countries and eventually turned into pay per head or pph gambling. PPH gambling now becomes a well-known sort of entertainment and online …

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Online Gambling HistoryOnline betting has been around since the 1990s. Many countries now grant licenses to online casinos, although the United States currently does not allow online gaming within its borders. However, the World Trade Organization ruled against the United States in a dispute with Antigua regarding international online betting. Online betting is now a multi-million dollar industry, and its prevalence has spread rapidly with the growth of the Internet. Sports With betting options available on numerous sports, there is …

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Online casino

Are you looking for a way to offer your players more than just games? As a bookie, do you want to be able to give your players absolutely everything they could want? That’s what we can offer here at IDSCA. For years, we’ve empowered bookies with our software. That means we’ve made it so bookies can run their sportsbook, their way, how they want. That said, we also offer more than just a “sportsbook.” Welcome to our online casino! 

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a casino online. Here, your players will be able to play the games they want when they want how they want. Moreover, you’ll be able to offer the games to them. This is one more way for our bookies to be able to give more players more of what they want. It’s also a fantastic way to bring in new players, too. 

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had bookies tell us that they’ve had players come to their sportsbook from the casino. The players loved the casino, loved the games, but wanted more. Thus, they then saw that the bookie offered an online sportsbook and wanted to avail themselves of that as well. Thus, they were able to get the same player to bet on more games. That’s more money in everyone's pocket. That’s just one of the ways our casino can help. 

Our online casino isn't like other online gambling sites. No, what sets our online casino apart from the other online casino sites is the sheer number of casino games you'll find here. These are real money casino games. Again, real money. That means when you play games at our online casino, you're playing for real money. That means casino bonuses, of course, too, should you excel at our casino games. It's all right here at our online casino.

How IDSCA Works

What’s the Best Casino Online?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. When your players come to your sportsbook, they’ll have a casino option. With that, they’ll be able to play their favorite casino games through your site. It really is that simple. At any time, day or night, our casino is open (just like a real casino). It will be entirely accessible through our site at any time. 

As you may already know about IDSCA, we work with several special servers that make it possible for us to be up 99.99% of the time. So, the odds are quite, quite good that when your players go to your casino site that they’ll be able to play the games that they want to play. 

The appeal of the casino to your players very well might be obvious. The appeal to bookies is just as big a deal. When you sign up with IDSCA, you’ll be able to offer the casino. We include it along with all of our sportsbooks and everything else. The moment you fill everything out, you’ll have a site that you can offer. 

Moreover, as our site is “pay per head,” it’s not like you’ll be paying us for the casino or anything of that nature. Rather, you’ll pay based on the “heads,” the number of players that you have. So, the more players you bring in, the more money for everyone. That’s how we’ve been able to empower so many bookies to have the kind of online sportsbook that truly succeeds. 

Can People Gamble Online for Real Money?

Easy: they have a full casino in the palm of their hand. Yes, over the last few decades, casinos have become far, far more prevalent than they were in the past. Long gone are the days when casinos could only be found in Nevada, Atlantic City, and the like. Now, more cities than ever have casinos running 24/7/365. 

That said, not everyone can get to one of those casinos. Moreover, they probably can’t do so all the time. That’s where our casino comes in. As we’ve optimized the site for mobile devices, your players will be able to play these games from anywhere at any time. That puts you at an enormous advantage in terms of bringing in new players and hanging onto them. With our casino, you give them everything they could want whenever they might want it. 

So, imagine all the scenarios where someone could avail themselves of your casino. It’s late at night, they want to play, but they sure don’t want to get dressed, drive somewhere, and so forth. Instead, they can find your casino online. They can do so on the couch, while watching something else on the television.

Your players could be out for a walk, they could be at work, they could be at lunch, in line, at the gym, on a plane ride, or anywhere else they have a few minutes and they could bet at your casino. Access, freedom, and a chance to win - that’s just some of what our casino can offer.

Live online casino

What’s a Live Dealer Casino? 

When we say “casino online,” most folks tend to think that it’s just video games. As if all we’re offering is some kind of video game, the kind of thing that someone could download, and so forth. That's not really what a lot of our games are. Rather, we offer something much more unique, much more visceral and fun: we’re a live dealer casino. 

That phrase is exactly what it sounds like. Using our casino, you’ll be able to offer players a live dealer experience. It’s not a robot, not a program, not an algorithm, disembodied voice, or any of that-  it’s a real, live dealer. We only hire the best real, live dealers, and have them on work on camera, offering total interactivity with your players. They’re playing the games, just as they would in person - just through your site. 

So, they’ll get the elite experience of having a real live dealer. That means they can talk to them, the dealer makes decisions too. You can hear the shuffling of the cards, the clap of the dealer’s hands, and so forth. It’s all right there. You’re offering your players a real chance to step into a game with a real, pro dealer at any time. 

Just as our software is always up, so too are our dealers. We have players from all over the world. Each of them could want to come to your site. Thus, we make sure that there are always dealers available, too. Thus, we have live dealers 24/7/365 ready to play with your players. We see it as just one more way to empower bookies such as yourself.

Live Dealers
See for yourself. Try our Demo Site

An Online Gambling Site Unlike Any Other

We make it a point to offer the most popular online casino games, sure. The best online casino games can be found right here, at our site. When you offer our players access to our legal online casino, you'll be giving them the very best of online and mobile casinos. In real money gaming, there is real money online. There's nothing "fake" about this - it's a real money online casino with real money gambling.

Thus, you can provide your players with access to the best online casino there is. What's that mean? It means the apex of gambling online. Progressive jackpot slots, poker games, online poker, video poker games, and so much more. This is an online casino to stand out from the rest of the online casino crowd. An online casino for the best online casino players - that's what you'll find at this site.

The best online casinos sure have a lot in common, of course. The very apex of casino games, the best live dealer games, online slots, and more - all for real money. Too many online gambling sites lack personality, one online gambling site looks all too much like the rest of the online gambling sites. Not here. With our casino games, we make sure that you can provide an online gambling experience unlike any of the other online casinos out there.

What Online Casino Games Can I Play?

Of course we offer blackjack. That’s the game that most folks want to play (for the most part), that they understand the most, and so forth, so, yes, we have live dealer blackjack. But, it’s important to know that we’re a “live dealer casino,” not “live dealer blackjack.” So, we offer more than just blackjack, of course. Thus, we also have baccarat, too. That’s a game that new generations are discovering all the time. 

Just as with other games, we have live dealers with that as well. That way, your players can have the best experience possible. Beyond that, we have other table games as well. The more games we can offer your players, the more chances for everyone to win. That said, we don’t want you to think that we only offer live dealer games. No, we also have slot games, keno, and more than that. Everything you can find at a casino (minus the buffet) can be found right here.

Live casino card games

More Than an Online Casino

The casino is one of the most popular parts of our sportsbook, yes. However, it’s important to note that, at the end of the day, we are a sportsbook. We have so many bookies who make so much money through our casino, winning the kinds of winnings that allow them to live the lives that they want. That said, our sportsbook can’t be beat, either. 

All of the effort that we put into our casino is matched by what we put into the sportsbook, too. So, when your players come to your site, they’ll find your sportsbook, too. That will have all of the games that they could conceivably want to bet on. That means football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and so much more. Pro, college, the big leagues, all around the world - if there’s a sport that folks want to bet on, they’ll be able to do it through your site. 

Of course, they’ll be able to do all of that while they bet on your casino, too.

horse racing and sportsbook

You Can Start an Online Casino Today

Many bookies (and soon to be bookies) read the above and think that they’d like to sign up for a free trial, but aren’t sure what they’ll be allowed to use when. We don't believe in that. Here at IDSCA, we give the best, most comprehensive free trial possible. We believe that a free trial should be just that: a trial of everything. It should include everything. 

So, when you sign up for our seven day free trial, you’ll have access to everything that we offer. That means the bookie software, of course. The entire sportsbook, all of the sports, all of the bets, all at your command, yes. But, it also means the casino, too. That means the live dealer, the games, the table games, and everything else. To start your free trial, click here.