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Online Bookie pph Software Accommodates More Internet Gamblers

The online gambling market dramatically grew with the onset of modern technology. Most of the increase in the number of online punters come from the mobile device users. The portable connections used in the online betting market are smartphones, laptops, tablets and any mobile apparatus that can connect with an online gambling platform. The influx of gamblers is too much for the wagering companies to cater. The Online Bookie pph software is an innovation that assists the established betting companies to serve more punters.

Online gambling started in 1994. It was only in 2001 that bookmakers began taking part in the growing market of bettors. The arrival of the world wide web saw the increase of online punters in the online gambling industry. A 2016 online global market shows that it is worth US$44.16 billion and will increase its worth to US$81.71 billion in 2022, according to Global Online Market, 2016 to 2022.


Online Bookie pph is the Internet Gambling Solution

Bookmakers can now make it in the online betting industry with the best bookie solutions available from prominent sportsbook companies, casino, and horse track racing. The odds masters are the dynamic network of the online wagering entities. The gambling companies understand that they have to provide all-out support for the agents. The success of the agents means more income and revenues for both the bookmakers and their company.

IDSca has the best online bookie pph features for the sportsbooks. Our pay per head software will enhance how bookmakers operate their business efficiently. As the bookie, look for the best pph services that you can work with comfort and convenience. Here’s what you need to consider in an online bookie pph:


Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is essential to an online bookie pph. The pay per head software provider should cover all aspects of the operation to give the best services to the bookmakers and the groups of punters. Providing satisfying customer services will attract more online gamblers and bookies to your pay per head website. Online players using the online bookie pph means more profits and revenues for the bookmakers and the pph software providers.


Wide Selection of Sporting Events

The sportsbook should have extensive coverage for the punters to choose from local to international sporting events. The more options there are for the bettors, the more activity there will be on the online bookie pph.


Call Center Agents

Another important form of online bookie pph service is the availability of the call center agents entertaining the calls of punters more than the bookies. Online gamblers need the prompt response for their inquiries and confirmation regarding their betting activities. We have experienced call center receptionists that can guide you with your wagering needs.

At IDSca, our call center receptionists are available to answer the incoming inquiries as soon as they are free finished with a previous call. We have an access custom 800 number that is accessible to bookmakers. Chat boxes on the pph website receive immediate responses. Email correspondence takes 24 hours to receive a reply.

online bookie pph software

Live Betting

We have multilingual staff that could cater to non-English players. IDSca has Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish speaking call center agents to expand the online bookie pph business. The feature allows bookmakers to recruit online punters from other countries to play with IDSca.

This feature is one of the sought after service attributes punters love in online bookie pph sportsbooks. Punters like to experience the live betting feature as the sports event unfolds before their eyes. The live betting technology delivers crisp videos and audios for the betting public and adds to the thrill and excitement the punters enjoy. The advantages of the live betting are what punters and odds masters sought after.

Additional Wagers

Live betting can still accommodate more bets even when the game already started. More bets can increase more profits for the online bookie pph website. There are more wagering options and money lines with the live betting and innovative offers of the sportsbook.  

Eliminates Fraud

The live betting experience will give the players the first-hand experience of the sporting event. The feature does away with fraud when the sports activities are in full view of the bettors while the game is on a play.

First-hand Information

Any event occurring in the live games can affect the betting patterns of your wagers. For example, an injury or an ejection of a player in a game will alter the punter’s options on the odds and money line offered. A player injury or ejection will affect your live betting options throughout the game.

Change of Betting Positions

A player can change his position as to who he will be betting for during the game. The option can minimize losses if you can alter who you want to wager for in a sporting competition.

The live betting advantages will help the bookmaker in his recruitment strategy as an added attraction to the online bookie pph website. Punters sought after the live betting feature for the thrill and excitement it brings and prefers betting platforms with the live betting feature in it.


Online Casinos

The presence of a reliable online casino is another feature that could enhance the online bookie pph services. The influx of online casino players increased dramatically with the application of the state of the art technology that can serve the new niche of online gamblers. The mobile device of online players are the new punters of casino table games, horse track racing, and sportsbooks. The online mobile players can download the IDSca betting app to their devices and place their wagers anytime from anywhere on the betting platform.


Horse Track Racing

IDSca’s racebooks offer over 200 horse track races in its online bookie pph websites. The tracks are all over the world from countries like France, Ireland, South Africa, Hongkong, England, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates among others. The racetrack app provides the schedules and betting lines for each individual horse racing selection.

Each bettor has a different style of bet placements and IDSca has the capability of accommodating the punters according to their wagering preferences. With the wide array of options that IDSca offers to the online gamblers, the more bets played on the online bookie pph website. More betting action means more revenues for your bookie website business.


Why bookmakers Prefer the IDSca Betting Platform

IDSca has a long service record among other prominent sportsbook companies. The company’s online bookie pph is one of the best with its timely upgrade for the World Cup 2018 in Russia. The new and enhanced pph services will secure a safe and fast bet placement procedure on any online device from all over the world at any time of the day and night.

The online bookie pph software supplied by IDSca is available for customization. The website can appear to be the bookmaker’s very own sportsbook, one of the reasons why bookmakers prefer the company. Pph navigation is simpler and easy to operate giving more betting action to punters.

The new pph program has an upgraded monitoring system odds masters can track for better control of their online betting business. An automated program handles your accounting and inventory sections so the bookmakers can focus on what they must do, the recruitment of online gamblers.

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The World Cup 2018 saw heavy betting from all sides of the globe. It is best to have your group play with IDSca for safe and secure bets. The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is about to begin on its main draw. It would be best to be with the right online bookie pph website for a trustworthy betting platform that provides reliable results. Call on us at 1-866-225-5437 and avail of the free trial of our online bookie pph software. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our operation.

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