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Bookmakers want the best for their business and online bettors. As a bookie, you do all you can to the best of your ability with one of the best pay per head sites watching your back. With the PPH taking care of the administrative functions of your business, your online betting business is set to grow and rake in more profits and revenues.

Choosing on the best pay per site is a vital decision for bookies as it will either make you a lot of money or be a catastrophe to your business. To be on the positive side of the scale, do in-depth research on the pay per head site you are rooting for and follow some tips experienced bookies laid out in the trade.

To save on expenses, a bookmaker will opt for one of the pay per head sites that will keep his money. Putting up a pay per head site costs a lot of cash; registering to an excellent betting software have all the advantages a bookie will need to expand the business. The top pay per head sites reside overseas where they are legally operating with full license from their local government.

IDSca as a pay per head site betting preference

International Data Solutions (IDSca) has its headquarters in Costa Rica offer offshore betting services. Bookmakers prefer this pay per head site for its superb customer service and state of the art technology. The pay per head site started in 1997 and developed into a cutting-edge offshore wagering company.

The best pay per head sites assist the bookies in the back office work of the business. The betting software accommodates the bookie’s players by accepting calls and giving appropriate responses to the needs of the punters. IDSca has 51 to 200 employees in its organization including a team of dedicated personnel that does this type of function of personal service.

Doing time-consuming administrative functions lessens the burden on the bookmaker’s shoulders. The office works like accepting bets and automatic recording for credit to the bookie’s accounts is one office routine that takes time for a bookmaker. IDSca has this function to help the bookie in documenting transactions for convenient tracking. So, when you need a report of your player’s stats, win/loss records, payout and collections, and any vital information for your business, IDSca will have an immediate response for your call or report generation.

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With the office work lessened from the weight over your shoulders, you can now focus on the expansion aspect of your growing online betting business. The recruitment of new gamblers and the upkeep of the old bettors will come into focus. The more online players are coming into your pay per head site, the more income, and money the operation will generate.

An excellent opportunity for your business to grow by giving them the best services to the best that you can. Services that will deliver the best wagering experience they could have, the prompt response to their queries, the essential information your pay per head site could provide are the services that are after by online punters.

The bookmaker documented sheets are in the care of dedicated professional account managers that see to it that all your transactions have updated and appropriate records. IDSca and the bookies have one goal in common, and that is to grow their businesses profitably. The managers monitor your players and inform you of their betting capacity so you can keep a tab on them. They are also in the business of watching your company grow and alerts you when a report needs your immediate attention; that is a part of providing superb services by the top pay per head site.

Bettors want updated information that the best pay per head sites can provide. This knowledge can be the basis for their decision and smart betting. Pay per head sites should deliver data like the strengths and weaknesses of players so the bettors would know who to root for with their hard earned money. Betting software should also make the betting group aware if any personal sentiments are affecting the players as this could affect the performance of the athlete playing the games.  

One of the factors that online gamblers would want is more options provided by the pay per head sites. The more betting options, the better for the players making the betting experience spicier and exciting. Sports line betting like the point spreads, money line Totals, parlays, up or below totals and other betting options are most welcome to the players of your group.

IDSca provides a free pay per head site betting software. Some sites who want you to pay for their software is probably a joke; stay away from it. To even make the deal sweeter, you may have your bookie website customized. You can submit your operating design to IDSca’s team of programmers so they can create a betting site the way you want it to operate, free of charge.


IDSca is run by professionals

One of the reasons why IDSca is sought after by bookmakers and online gamblers is that its operations is under the management of professionals. A pay per head site under the expert guidance of a seasoned team leads you to the right path of the online betting business.  

When professionals provide you the betting service for being in their pay per head sites, expect it to be the best betting experience you will receive from a betting software company. Enjoy the valued customer care that the dedicated staff delivers to its players. IDSca’s call center is available 24/7 for your needs and queries. IDSca is not a cheap pay per head site and employs the knowledgeable call center staff to answer your questions. It is imperative that IDSca place the right people to assist bookies and online players; it is crucial to the operations of an online betting company to deliver such services.

Professional managers know the needs of bookmakers and punters. They want their online players to experience the best in online betting. The live wagering feature is a facet of the pay per head site that is essential for your online punters. Players love real action especially when it is on live telecast to from a pay per head site with high definition in your monitors.

Pay per head sites should have the live betting feature in their software. Without this advancement in betting software, the site becomes ill-equipped with the absence of this technology. Bettors can still place their bets even after the game started. More option of betting lines and side wagers pop on the screen while the game is on a play. Offerings of Innovative bet presentations are in view for bettors who want to call them. From first ball possessions to score endings are available to punters if they’re going to call on the bet.


Pay per head sites acceptance of the cryptocurrency

The rise of cryptocurrency in the financial markets is a phenomenon that BTC account holders dreamed of to happen. Its meteoric growth is now at $17,424.41 as of this writing. Experts say that the fast-growing value of the bitcoin is due to the acceptance of the crypto money by the Wall Street. Ethereum follows the BTC with an amount of $645.79. These cryptocurrencies are in the process of taking over the betting medium in pay per head sites.

Cryptocurrencies are easier to deal with when it comes to paying per head site online betting platforms. The bitcoin is the most widely accepted crypto cash in the online betting industry. Pay per head sites has now the Bitcoin payment option in the list of menus in their wagering software. BTC is safe and secure to negotiate with as the codes for usernames and passwords are unique. Once you relayed your encrypted login codes and the transaction pushes through, the action becomes irrevocable. There is no way that you can not retrieve the transfer of your bitcoins.

Bitcoin is free of any financial regulations, no government of financial institution controls your bitcoin account. Gamblers with bitcoin wallets can transfer their deposits to pay per head sites unblocked by any money policies. The gambling sites have a new genre of players in the form of BTC wallet holders. The BTC account bettors have only to deposit to their pay per head sites and wait for the betting company to confirm the deposit. Upon confirmation, players may enjoy their gambling activity with the company.

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