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Every bookmaker wants the best pay per head website for their online betting business. Punters want to experience a pleasing gambling experience with the best wagering program available in the market. A seasoned or an amateur bookie will have the same rendered services if they are registered to the best pay per head website that will propel their businesses with more profits and revenues. But how do you determine if a pay per head website is the right one for you?


Tips for the best pay per head website


The best pay per head website may not be the right one for you. As a bookmaker, your choice of opting for the right pay per head website comes in first before the best pph program. But taking into consideration of the best pay per head website design, the creation of the program is from the recapitulation of data based on experience and convenience for the bookmaker.


Choose the best pay per head website that is right for you by taking into consideration the quality of services it renders to your bookie website operations. Some of the vital services of the best pph system in today’s upgrade in technology are the phone, mobile, and live betting services.


The phone betting services accommodate the placement of bets by the punters registered under the name of the registered bookie in the sportsbook betting platform. Phone bets are still active in some parts of the UK. Some punters still use this dialing device to place their wagers on betting websites. These are the group of bettors that do not trust how the best pay per head websites operate.


The mobile betting services is a mode of bet placement using any mobile device linked to the best pay per head website. It could either be your iPhone, tablet or any transportable device capable of transferring your bets over the clouds. The new niche of online gamblers will boost an increase of new bettors adding to your online business income. They can bet from anywhere and anytime they want in the online betting games.


The live betting services of the best pay per head website make the wagering experience more exciting. It is very expensive to integrate this facility with the betting program. Yet, with the best pay per head website supported by the established sportsbook company, It is readily available on the bookmaker’s website for his group of punters. And it does not cost the bookies to avail of this great service. The odds master has only to pay a fee per player that participates in the pay per head website on a weekly basis.


With these vital services, the best pay per head websites may get the initial nod of the bookmakers but there are still so many things that should check out before a bookie jumps in on the bandwagon to determine if the pph program is the right one for him.


Consider the software and hardware used by the best pay per head website


Make sure that the software of the best pay per head website is user-friendly and does not confuse bettors that are not computer-savvy. Your punters want to play and have some fun on the online betting site. COnfusing the punters may tend the abandonment of the program and look for another betting site that can satisfy what they want.


Check out the videos and audio streaming if it is clear and audible. The software and hardware play an important role in its delivery to the computer monitors of the users. Online players want to get excited and immersed in the game they are watching and not with blurry and inaudible receptions from the sportsbook connectivity. If the projection is poor, the excitement dies down and the effect on your business could lose you money and punters.

pay per head website risk

The software for the best pay per head website is available for download when a bookie opts to register in the sportsbook company. It is free. Online sportsbooks that charge a fee for their software is probably a scam. So stay away from this offer as the best pay per head websites do not cost bookmakers a penny to download.


The best pay per head sportsbook has high-end technology that supports running on the betting platform. Take IDSca for instance, it has the top of the line Dell servers for hosting, redundancy, and data storage. The sportsbook has a bandwidth of 200MB for smooth traffic and balances the operation.


IDSca sports betting technology has the capacity to process one million transactions of over 1000 websites with a satellite uplink for the system. The company uses VOIP and land-based phones besides the mobile devices bet placements it receives from the portable gadgets users.


The best pay per head website security measures


The best pph program has multiple firewalls that protect the system from cyber attacks. Hackers are relentlessly trying to break every security measure especially attempting to divert money from the betting entity. Customer’s personal information is also a target for cybercriminals so they can use client’s data like bank account numbers, telephone, credit cards, and business networks. Hackers can use the personal information in other illegal activities over the web.


The best pay per head website has security precautions against DoS attacks. Denial of Service (DoS) is an illegal act of causing the online network of an entity to stop working for its users. The DoS attack is an intentional move to flood the system with the traffic of overwhelming requests and cause it to bog down due to unresponded inquiries. The action is like an overcrowded entrance door denying the entry of more people. The traffic bottleneck in operating systems causes the stoppage of data coming in and sending out of the system. Hence, systems crashes occur.


For data security and recovery, IDSca’s precautionary measure is the mirror storage to a remote area. The data is safe just in case a system crash happens. Two backup offices are available with a 24/7 year-round camera surveillance monitoring the operations. Overseeing the security setup are competent Software Engineers that can troubleshoot whatever glitches that might arise.


One of the attributes that require customer services rendered to the online players is the prompt customer response. The best pay per head website should have a professional call center to entertain the queries and requests of the group of punters under the bookmaker’s account. Direct communication with the players is a must for the best pay per head website and its customers. There are avenues that the bettors may use to communicate with the betting site like the email account and the chat boxes in the website’s front-end solutions.


Dialogue boxes respond as soon as call center agent becomes available. Emails get the responses during the day. Some pay per head websites now uses the Skype communication medium to answer queries and assistance needed by the punters.


To know the pay per head website more and better understand how it can be right for you, take it for a spin and test all parameters that govern its effectiveness with your gambling activity. You can observe the flaws that might appear during your test run. As a bookmaker, ask yourself if the best pay per head website of your choice will help you win new punters for your group. Will my group enjoy and experience the best gambling activity when they are playing with my potential pph website? Ask one of your trusted online players to try the pph software too and ask for his honest feedback.  


During the trial demo, try to place bets and see if the best pay per head website of your choice pays out promptly. A superb pph website will not be crashing when you place your trial bets on peak hours of the wagering operations. If it is still receiving and sending data during the hours you suspect the software to bog down, then the software and hardware capabilities are in sync with each other.


The business tools that will aid bookmakers in their decisions and adjustments of betting lines are essential to your business. These tools are available from the sports betting company and it allows you to lead your business and direct its path to growth and expansion.


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