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The most awaited season is here for sporting events bookmakers and bettors had been waiting for. Major League Baseball is in high gear, the NBA is on its semi-final rounds, NCAA Football just commenced, and so did the Major League Soccer Competitions. As a bookie, your time to shine with the best pay per head betting platform is here.    

Time for the Annual Biggest Sports Events of the Year

In the final stages of the NBA, the Eastern semi-final playoff rounds consist of No. 2 seed Toronto Raptors against 3rd seed Boston Celtics and no.1 seed Milwaukee Bucks versus 5th seed Miami Heat on the other segment of the semi-final leg. The Raptors even the series at 3-3 while the Miami Heat surprised the top seed at 4-1.

The Western Conference has top seed Los Angeles Lakers vs 4th seed Houston Rockets and the no.2 Los Angeles Clippers versus the 3rd seed Denver Nuggets. Houston made an upset in Game 1 of the semi-Final Rounds over the Lakers while the Clippers and the Nuggets are even at 2-1.  

With the excitement brewing in both conferences, it gives bookmakers the opportunity to reap in bets and get a slice of the pie in this multi-million dollar industry from their sportsbooks. 

The Best Pay Per Head Betting Platform: Profiting from the Gambling Industry

It is your time to shine when major sports events take place. The wagering universe is a very lucrative business venture. These popular sports tournaments are venues for bookmakers to shine with the best pay per head betting platform. 

With the events unfolding, it is best to have IDSca providing you with the best PPH software in the market. Consider some of the reasons why IDSca is the best PPH software for you.

Trustworthiness and Reliability

IDSca has over 2 decades of experience under its belt and that translates to a reliable pay per head software that will boost your online betting business. The program that our company provides will increase profits and set your sportsbook for expansion and development. The more punters you have, the more revenues your entity will rake in.

Best Pay Per Head Betting Platform

Cost Per Head

Bookies who want to shine in the online gambling arena must consider what they are paying for when they want to deploy the pay per head software for their sportsbook. 

Be wary of those betting platforms that offer cheap pay per head rate for their weekly tariff. Basically, if a betting entity charges its odds masters a lower rate would either sacrifice the services they deliver to their customers or procure an inferior quality of hardware to run their business. Chances are, both scenarios would take place to keep their online betting business afloat. 

Cheap sportsbooks will settle for mediocre support staff when they can only afford to pay them that low for their employment services. Firms like these are walking on tightropes that a little nudge the line will send their entities down the drain along with your money

Be sure to choose IDSca that charges a reasonable weekly price per head. You will get what you pay for with all the benefits endowed to you for your sportsbook to grow and increase profits.  

Customer Support

With the best pay per head software, bookmakers are assured of the availability of services 24/7 throughout the year. The pointers under the bookmaker will also have efficient services delivered to them by the pay per head software in your sportsbook.

At the same rate, you get the services from what you paid for to your pay per head software provider. Like the efficient multilingual call center agents ready to assist bookmakers and players on issues relevant to their betting activities.

IDSca will provide bookmakers with a special 800 number to ensure that their calls will always get through and their concerns addressed immediately. 

IDSca has multiple customized website options for bookies to choose from. If the canned sites do not fit the style of management for a picky bookmaker, he will always have the option to submit his design to our professional website developers.

Ease of Navigation

One of the fine points why odds masters prefer the IDSca pay per head software is its ease of use. Bookmakers will find it convenient when they use the pay per head software supplied by IDSca. The menus in the dashboard are easy to navigate and even a beginner would find it convenient to use. The feature will be attractive to existing and new bettors that could help with the earnings of the sportsbook.

Value-Added Services

Some value-added services go with the bundle you get when you join the group of bookmakers availing of the best pay per head software provided by IDSca include Real-time online access to all accounts. Your punters’ online accounts are religiously monitored so you can access them and make critical decisions based on the betting behavior your players show on their records.

Your time to shine with the best pay per head software is now. Get on the bandwagon. Visit us at Call at (866) 225-5437 for your free test run.

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