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You’ve started well as a bookmaker. And customers are happy to keep plugging away at your business as long as you provide the plays that they want. This sounds great, but recently, you have started to feel the pressure of demand upon your services. You have so many different sports, leagues and games that you start to feel overwhelmed. If you have decided that you need some assistance with your bookmaking process, then our Price per head service with software and live chat could be the answer that you need.

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Modern bookmakers have to have their finger on the pulse. This means getting immediate access to games, analysis and results. Our bookie software includes the NFL, the NBA and MLB, and the National soccer league. It also contemplates hockey leagues, grand slam tennis, and golf among others. More choices for your customers will let you get more betting action and you can provide all of the betting choices for your customers at a one-stop visit. Getting a high level of sports on your selection will make it more likely that your customers will want to stay.

Our Price per Head Service

Online Software Management

With the rise of online bookmaking, the software needs to be able to make use of betting platforms and casino tables in order to satisfy the demands of your players. Our live betting features mean that players can watch, almost interactively, with the game as it progresses. Not only that, but we also offer a solid customer support base for our clients. Thus, your players can get the access they need to result as quickly as possible. Our online software can also allow you to access financial services. It includes taking in bets and paying out winnings at a very rapid pace. This keeps your finances in check and satisfies winning customers.

Getting the Best Gambling Software

We can offer you some of the best gambling software on the market. And at IDSCA, we can give you years of solid experience and professional staff members that will keep your customers happy and give you full control. If you are interested in our Price per head service options, then you can experiment with our free trial. Contact us using our online form to discuss your conclusions. You can also call us on (866) 225-5437 today to arrange the installation of our software.

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