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NCAAB Betting Prediction: Washington State Cougars vs. Stanford Cardinal 1/18/2024

Washington State Cougars (12-5) vs. Stanford Cardinal (9-7)

As we move deeper into NCAA Men’s Basketball season, our focus will shift toward an intriguing matchup between Washington State Cougars and Stanford Cardinal on Thursday. This crucial match-up could determine both teams’ standings; fans and bettors alike are sure to enjoy this one; particularly those looking for NCAAB free picks today! The Cougars boast an impressive 12-5 record while their rivals stand at 9-7 record.

Washington State Cougars (13-5 record), have displayed remarkable consistency over their 12-5 campaign, averaging 74.7 points per game on offense with 47.3% field goal efficiency and 33.5% long range shooting; defensively they averaged 5.5 blocks and steals per game while their 10.9 turnovers per game could pose potential weaknesses; yet their last five matches went 3-2 overall odds/spread records, showing they can compete well when away matches arise.

Stanford Cardinal holds a slightly lower 9-7 record, yet excels at scoring with an average of 78.9 points per game. Their field goal percentage stands at 47.9% while three-point shooting has improved to 38.6% indicating strong offensive strategy and team cohesion. Stanford recently boasts four wins out of their past five matches (four wins with no defeats), however their road performance against the spread (1-3) raises some concerns regarding consistency under unfamiliar conditions.


Washington State Cougars vs. Stanford Cardinal Game Info

When: Thursday, January 18, 2024, at 11:00 PM ET
Where: Maples Pavilion
Stream: Sofascore


Isaac Jones (Forward) vs. Maxime Raynaud (Forward)

Isaac Jones has been an essential component of Washington State’s success this season. Averaging 29.9 minutes across 17 games played, Jones averages 15.4 points and 7.7 rebounds per game while shooting at an accurate 59.5% field goal percentage and 73.5 free-throw percentage while only 1.9 turnovers per game point towards areas for improvement. Jones will play an instrumental role in this matchup by capitalizing on scoring opportunities while maintaining defensive strength.

Maxime Raynaud of Stanford is another forward, who has averaged 28.4 minutes per game over 16 games and recorded 13.9 points and 9.8 rebounds per game to show his versatility as a versatile player. Raynaud excels at field goal accuracy at 55.2% and free throw accuracy at 79.4% with 26.1% in three-pointers made per game; his higher turnover rate of 2.8 could pose problems; however his performance will be key against Cougar defense while contributing to Stanford’s rebounding strength.

When these key players face off on the court, their impact can be immense. Jones must counter Raynaud’s rebounding and shooting skills for optimal success on offense or defense; their battle may well determine the course of the game itself with both players’ strengths and weaknesses being crucial factors in its outcome.


NCAAB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD

Betting odds have yet to be set; however, given recent performances and trends from both teams involved in this matchup, bettors should monitor evolving odds as well as recent form when making predictions.


Washington State Cougars Betting Trends

The Cougars have shown themselves to be consistent performers over their last five games with a 3-2 record, boasting equal records against the spread in both overall and road contests. Their over/under record indicates an apparent trend toward lower scoring games recently which could prove vital when betting total points markets.


Stanford Cardinal Betting Trends

Stanford’s recent 4-1 win-loss record is impressive and suggests they are in top form, however their less consistent record against the spread, particularly road games, suggests potential issues with maintaining their performance under various conditions. Their tendency for high scoring games should also be noted by bettors considering over/under markets.


Washington State Cougars vs. Stanford Cardinal 1/18/24 Betting Picks

Statistics and recent forms suggest this game will be tightly contested, with both teams boasting different strengths – Washington State’s solid defense against Stanford’s high-scoring offense being prime examples of such. Success of both sides depends heavily upon how their star players perform as well as exploiting any weaknesses within either opponent team.

Picking is tough in this one but may favor the Cougars due to their overall consistency, although Stanford could prove dangerous with their home advantage and scoring power. Prop bettors could capitalize on individual player performances of key forwards; also worth exploring is an over/under market with both teams scoring trends being considered.

Remember, while this analysis provides insights, the nature of sports betting always carries an element of unpredictability.  It’s always recommended to use this information as part of a broader strategy when visiting the top live betting website for placing your bets. Good luck!


Free Pick and Prediction: Washington State Cougars 76, Stanford Cardinal 73

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