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Want to Venture into a Lucrative Business? Become a Pay-Per-Head Bookie

Most people venture into a business they knew would become successful. Now that sports betting is back, this is the time to create your destiny – become a big-time pay-per-head bookie

As more states start authorizing sports betting between their borders, private bookie services became more in demand. Now is your chance to make lots of money and keep them flowing. 

What is a Pay-Per-Head?

Pay-per-head (PPH), is the system of operating a sportsbook business by taking wagers on each game. The moniker “pay-per-head” came from bookmakers who get paid for each bettor they register into their betting consortium. 

How Does a Pay-Per-Head Bookie Work?

Bettors will look for a means to bet online and look for someone who offers PPH services. That “someone” could be you who can perform this through an ad or message board posts. The bettor or punter will pay you, as a bookie, to get access to your betting pool. 

Whenever there’s an action acquired on one of the wagers within the pool and the bookie will pay them. The mechanism happens regularly every week, giving you enough time to relax while your money multiplies.

Since you’ll be taking bets on individual games, you’ll be able to offer your players more options compared to just offering them a whole-season package.  

What are PPH Spots?

Your players won’t be confined to only one team when placing their bets. They can pick who wins each game. It means there’s no risk in determining which teams are playing against each other. 

Your pay-per-head company will work with you closely to provide your punters with precisely what they want about betting lines and stakes. The objective here isn’t just making bucks, but giving customers access to the essential tools which make them feel like they are part of the action. Besides, they will have the best betting experience without the need to leave their homes. 

Choosing the Right Pay-Per-Head Service

Before you become a bookie, you need to find the right pay-per-head service provider. You’ll need a betting platform where your players can create an account and place their bets. It’s supported by an actual call center. Likewise, you’ll need state-of-the-art mobile betting capabilities.

Additionally, you’ll require access to a robust and safe operating system than can deal with all everyday and weekly transactions in an impregnable online setting. The pay-per-head service embodies all the fundamentals in terms of running your online bookie business. 

The weekly fee of the service is based on a per head service for every punter in your customer base. For instance, you have 15 active bettors and your pay-per-head fee is $10, the total weekly fee is $150. It’s just a tiny amount of the fee concerning the appropriate software solutions to run your own business.

Want to Venture into a Lucrative Business Become a Pay-Per-Head Bookie1

Setting Your Expectations as a Bookie

You cannot earn success over night. Becoming successful still rests on hard work, patience, and perseverance. There are no easy procedures or shortcuts to making money in the world of sports betting

Complete bookie solutions would not only deal with the business’ daily administrative. They’ll provide you with the proper tools to encompass the daily operation. As a bookie, you must have a high level of control. Likewise, you must take note of the important details.

There are several approaches that people have made their initial ventures into profits

The pay-per-head software from your chosen PPH service provider will provide real-time data constituting every feature of your business. It provides you with the accurate information to operate and handle a successful bookie business.

It doesn’t matter whether bad or good things happen while running your bookie business because having the right PPH service on your side is always worthwhile.

Steps to Becoming a Pay-Per-Head Bookie

Operating an online sportsbook business needs some significant work and preparation. Here are easy steps to becoming a bookie:

  • Registering the pay-per-head service
  • Obtaining business insurance
  • Establishing accounts with major betting software and service providers  
  • Looking for players or bettors for your customer base
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