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Top Pay Per Head Website During Pandemic

Business is business. Despite the on-going pandemic that affected the entire world, the business industry is continuously thriving to survive and adapt to the world’s new normal. Bookmakers have been left with no choice but to embrace the reality of major sports events being suspended for the meantime to control the spread of the novel corona virus. This led the top pay per head website to refocus the sports betting option to e-sports and online casino games, among the few. However, only the top pay per head website during pandemic can withstand such scary and major change with confidence of its effectiveness to continuously gain more profit and gauge customers’ attention. 

Most bookmakers are committed to expanding their own business; thus, they haunt down the top pay per head website that offers excellent pay per head services most especially during this pandemic. It is indeed convenient to find a trusted pay per head website as it can truly save a lot of effort to gain and cater more customers. Sports enthusiasts do not need to go to a certain place to bet unlike before, since almost every move is done online nowadays and the scope of placing bets is not anymore limited to live sports. 

There is a lot of competition going on in the sports betting industry. Despite the competition, one pay per head service provider stands out. International Data Solutions, or IDSCA, is the top leading pay per head website during pandemic. It is one of the pioneers of the online betting industry as it started in 1997. It has revolved throughout the years as it adapts to new technological advancements.  The company is centered in providing high quality betting services to the bookmakers. 


  • There is a lot of betting variety

Aside from the usual online casino games and live sports people used to place bets to, IDSCA offers E-sports to give a different and challenging vibe to the customers. E-sports is a great addition to live sports and it is set to be customer-friendly; thus, it is easy for gamblers to place their bets. Moreover, video games is also made available for betting. These games are Star Craft 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, DOTA 2, and many more. It has been made possible to be part of the sports book option through the rules and regulations placed.

Top Pay Per Head Website During Pandemic

  • Professional customer service and call center is provided

Online betting business runs 24/7. Thus, it is very important to ensure that knowledgeable professionals are always available to answer questions. They should also be available to address the concerns of the customers. Furthermore, the customer service professionals need to be multilingual in case a customer that speaks foreign language places a call. Since this is a business that operates worldwide, a multilingual staff is relevant to the company. 

  • IDSCA offers real-time monitoring of the business

A bookmaker needs to have an access to the essential and critical information of the online sports betting business. There should be live updates to monitor the overall performance of the business. Despite having a pay per head service provider to assist you with your business, it is crucial for a bookmaker to monitor the daily figures, weekly and monthly reports to track what aspect needs to be replaced or improved. At the end of the day, the bookmaker is the owner of the business. Thus, all information needs to be accessible. 

  • IDSCA offers one-week free trial

The company strives to reach out to many bookmakers as much as possible by offering the one-week free trial. It is best to let bookmakers inspect, experience, and analyze the high quality online betting services provided by IDSCA. It is to ensure the bookmakers that the top pay per head website during pandemic walks the talk. There is no other way for any person to say that a product is good unless the product is being used and tested. 

  • All the transaction is paperless

IDSCA offers a website, secure login, and private mail for bookmakers to operate the business. Customers prefer services that are accessible through laptop, mobile phones, or tablet. IDSCA ensures that services are being made available and accessible through the said platforms. Moreover, the bookmaker do not have to deal with a lot of paperwork. All information is being organized and grouped so that necessary detail can be retrieved easily by the bookmaker once needed.

IDSCA keeps on growing. The company is continuously striving to improve their online betting services. They’re keeping up with the latest technology and satisfying the needs of the customers worldwide. The pandemic did not stop the company to operate, but instead it helped reveal what the company is capable to do and offer. Since times are changing fast, IDSCA continuous to prove that no matter what happens, the company strives to give nothing but the best service and remains to be the top pay per head website during pandemic.  

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