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There are many reasons to use a pay per head sportsbook for your clients. As the pioneer of price per head services, IDSca has a proven track record in providing the most effective service available. Here are a few reasons to choose a pay per head provider.

IDSca’s pay per head infrastructure is the top of the line. We have triple redundant phone and internet to ensure your customers can always get in. With no busy signals and high speed access from computers and mobile devices, IDSca is the only price per head provider that can guarantee constant access.

Pay per head services help their clients by analyzing risk. Our line managers are on top of all injuries and steam plays. They keep an eye on where the bets and money are going, to keep you on the best line possible.

Fully customizable websites, packages and unique toll free numbers included for all of our clients. Each pay per head account can be determined on a player by player basis, or for the entire group.

IDSca is the only price per head service to offer true live betting. Throughout the game, we offer adjusted spreads, money lines and totals, and we also offer unique prop bets. Exact number of goals, odd/even, bet outcomes, Asian spreads and so much more are offered while the game is in play, so that our customers can offer more to their clients.

Our customers have 100% control over their entire package by phone or internet. From line moving, to limits, payouts to offerings, we ensure that each and every customer is in charge. All accounts can be controlled through the administration site online, or our professional customer service staff are available to make changes

Mobile interface is available for all handheld devices. Optimized for the smaller screen, sportsbook, casino and horse racing are all available. Whether your pay per head players enjoy a hand of blackjack on the go, a wager on a ball game, or a bet on a horse, with IDSca, you can offer all of them, anywhere in the world.

Call IDSca today at 1-866-CALL-IDS (1-866-225-5437) to learn more about our top notch pay per head sportsbook services.

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