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Tim Means vs Alex Morono 5/13/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

Tim Means vs Alex Morono 5/13/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

On Saturday, May 13, 2023, Tim Means and Alex Morono are scheduled to fight each other in the Octagon at UFC Charlotte. Means is the underdog with a price of +185, while Morono is favored with a price of -225.

Tim Means, known as “The Dirty Bird”, is all set to fight Alex Morono in a welterweight contest at UFC Charlotte on May 13, 2023. The 39-year-old fighter boasts a career record of 32-14-1 (1 NC) and will weigh in at 170 lbs, standing tall at 6 ‘2″. Means is an orthodox fighter with a reach of 75″. His opponent, Alex “The Great White” Morono, is 32 years old, stands at 5’11”, and also fights in the welterweight category at 170 lbs. Morono, an orthodox fighter, has a career record of 22-8-0 (1 NC) and has an arm span of 72″.

In terms of significant strikes, Means has a rate of 4.91 landed per minute, while Morono connects on 5.22 significant strikes per minute. Means has a higher success rate, connecting on 48% of the significant strikes he attempts, while Morono connects on 42%. In terms of defense, “The Dirty Bird” allows 3.58 significant strikes per minute, while “The Great White” takes 4.09. Means also defends against 60% of the significant strikes his opponents throw his way, while Morono deflects 57% of the shots thrown.

Means will be looking to add another win to his impressive career record, while Morono will aim to continue his momentum in the octagon. With both fighters bringing different strengths and strategies to the table, it promises to be an exciting matchup for fans of MMA.

Tim Means vs Alex Morono 5/13/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

When it comes to takedowns, Tim Means has the upper hand as he is the more efficient wrestler of the two fighters. On average, Means takes his opponents down 1.13 times per 3 rounds, and he succeeds in getting his opponent to the mat on 41% of his attempts. Additionally, Means has a strong defense against takedowns and stuff 65% of all takedown attempts against him. In contrast, Alex Morono’s takedown accuracy is not as impressive, as he only succeeds in taking his opponents down on 20% of his attempts. Morono is also not as successful at stopping his opponents’ takedowns, only managing to stuff 53% of all takedowns attempted at him.

When it comes to submission attempts, Tim Means is not as likely to attempt a submission as Alex Morono, with Means only trying 0.2 finishes per 3 rounds compared to Morono’s 0.3 attempts. In terms of their overall skill sets, Means seems to have a stronger wrestling game, while Morono may be more aggressive in trying to finish the fight with a submission. These statistics will certainly be interesting to watch when they face off in their upcoming bout.

In his previous fight against Max Griffin, Tim Means unfortunately lost by a split decision in the third round. Griffin was able to land 56 of his 96 total strikes, while Means connected on 143 of his 215 total strikes. In terms of significant strikes, Griffin landed 42 of his 78, giving him a percentage of 53%. He was particularly successful in landing 25 of 52 significant strikes directed at the head. On the other hand, Means was less successful in landing his significant strikes, only connecting on 40% of the strikes he threw with 47 of 115 landings. Out of those significant strikes, he landed 18 of 64 aimed at the head. Interestingly, the majority of significant strikes landed by both fighters were done at distance, with 83% landed by Griffin and 78% by Means.

Alex Morono’s previous fight was against Santiago Ponzinibbio, which ended in a round 3 knockout victory for Ponzinibbio. Ponzinibbio had an impressive accuracy rate of 98% on his significant strikes thrown from distance, while Morono connected on 89% of his significant strikes attempted from distance. Morono landed only 29% of his significant strikes, connecting on 38 of 131 thrown, with 34 of those aimed at the head. Meanwhile, Ponzinibbio landed 66 of his 155 significant strikes, with 31 of those directed at the head. In total, Ponzinibbio landed 66 of 155 strikes attempted, while Morono connected on 38 of his 131 strikes thrown.

Tim Means vs Alex Morono. It’s likely that we’ll see a stand-up battle between Means and Morono. Means has a three-inch reach and height advantage over Morono, which he’s known to use to his advantage. Morono, on the other hand, will likely try to close the distance with his leg kicks and 1-2 combination. Means may mix in a takedown here and there to keep Morono guessing. It’s possible that Morono could win rounds by landing more significant strikes. Prediction: Means will come up with a strategy to take the victory. Nonetheless, Means is worth a bet as the underdog.

Date: Saturday 13th May 2023 – 18:00 start (UK)

Location: Spectrum Center, Charlotte, North Carolina (US)

TV: ABC 4 on BT Sport 2

Streaming of UFC on ABC 4: BT Sport website

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