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The Right Pay Per Head 

Sports betting brings a lot of fun and thrill (not to mention the money) among bettors. Bookies, on the other hand, are being smart enough to adapt the right pay per head model to run their bookmaking business. 

What is the Right Pay Per Head?

“Pay per head” is a term referred to as the weekly fee a bookie needs to pay for the service a pay per head company renders. It is based on the graded number of players in a specific week. For instance, you (as a bookie) have 30 active players in a particular week and each player costs $10 which is the standard. 

Now, to get the total of the pay per head fee, you need to multiply $10 by 30. The total amount you need to pay the service provider is $300 for a certain week. This is no matter how many times your players placed their bets. 

Fundamentally, the business notion behind any pay per head service is by providing bookies with all the necessary online business system to have a smooth-running sportsbook business operation.

Does It Really Work?

ABSOLUTELY! More and more aspiring bookies are turning to IDSCA. It stands for International Data Solutions and a pioneer in providing services for more than 20 years now. They have been providing a comprehensive form of pay per head service that covers bookmaking, sports betting, sports, casino, and much more.

Pay per head really works both for bookies and bettors alike. If it does not, many bookies are still enduring the traditional way of bookmaking. Modern bookies sought the pioneers of the online sports betting industry, such as IDSCA, for excellent software solutions for a successful bookie business.

The collaboration between a right pay per head company service and bookies provide more windows of opportunity to many people by giving them more jobs. As for the bookies, they can operate on a low-cost bookmaking business but can be lucrative in the long run. On the bettor’s end, they can place their bets on countless games and sports events, while enjoying the game and winning at the same time.

Will Pay Per Head Work For You?

DEFINITELY! If you are considering to become a bookie or already is, pay per head will work for you. That is if you are serious about efficiently operating and handling your own online sportsbook business. It would be too expensive to duplicate or even create your own bookie software to run your bookmaking business. However, using a pay per head service, you will be provided with the necessary tools such as a bookie software along with great features to make your life easier as a bookie. 

IDSCA makes it more convenient for bookies to pay a low, weekly fee for dependable tried and true sports betting solutions. This makes it pretty simple for bookies to take their business online. 

What you need as a bookie, is a few cash reserves enough to cover any weekly action you want to encompass. Sooner, your customer base will grow as well as your total hold percentage amongst winning and losing bets. As soon as the cash flow becomes steady every week. The only amount you will worry to pay every week is the pay per head fee. 

Here are some of the most significant features and advantages that will surely make pay per head works for you:

  1. Programmed player management system  
  2. Resolution reports for any assigned time frame
  3. Actual business data for every day, weekly, and monthly wagering profit
  4. Complete account profiles with set player limits

Aside from incorporating business structure to your sportsbook business, you are establishing the appropriate simplified processes at the same time. This enables you to spend more time growing your proceeds. 

Right Pay Per Head 

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Pay per head works in various ways. The service works differently based on your needs including your bettors. 

  • Online Betting

Online betting is one of the best ways to explain how pay per head works. More people prefer this kind of betting since they no longer have to go outside of their homes. They can simply place their bets at any time wherever they may be. A pay per head company provides this service to bookies who then provide it to his players.

  • Help or Support Center

A pay per head service usually comes with a help or support center to help bookies and bettors with their concerns. Even in these modern times where technology is at its latest, older people prefer to place their bets over the phone since it is easier for them. Most of them are not updated or are comfortable using the most recent breakthrough.

Those who want to become bookies can call the 1-800 toll-free number to ask for more details. Bettors can call as well if they have any issues about depositing, betting, or payout.  

  • Sports Events, Games, and Clubs

You might think that a pay per head service is just for sports bettors. No, it is not because gamblers can also take advantage of it. Even club games are also offered pay per head services. In the event that a sports bettor is likewise a gambler, it would be too easy to use the same service for both scenarios.  

Choosing the Best Pay Per Head 

Sharp bookies understand that the best way to manage their bookmaking business is to use a pay per head. Doing so reduces the complicated operational responsibilities thus, allowing them to acquire more players to increase the customer base. Moreover, it minimizes the costs by just paying a weekly fee based on the number of active players rather than on a percentage of winnings.

You must remember, as a bookie, that not all pay per head service providers work the same way. Not all of them are made equal and you must do your own research before choosing the right pay per head you think is the best. Some may claim that they are the best but still you need to be wise and not just believe easily.

Try IDSCA and take advantage of the great service they have to offer. You cannot go wrong with them because the people behind the service are well-knowledge and know what they are doing. Your sportsbook business is likely to get successful because along with the bookie software, they will help you in every step of the way.

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