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If you’ve experienced working under a local bookie and feel that you know the ropes in the gambling industry, establishing your private bookmaking service is simple and easy. There are two vital elements necessary for starting your exciting venture. Firstly, you need enough cash reserves to invest in technological features and quality pay per head software to provide the best services for your players. Most importantly, you will need to attract a steady flow of sports betting customers. They are your lifelines who drive revenues, and without them, your online sports betting business will cease to exist.

The next step necessitates acquiring a Pay Per Head service offered by the leading software provider, IDSCA. Bookies will get help from the best bookie software provider in the market for the necessary software solutions package to operate an online business. With more than 20 years of experience in the online betting industry, we have worked with more than thousands of bookies worldwide to assist them in establishing a reputable business that generates satisfying financial rewards and guarantees an influx of new players throughout the year.

Online Sports Betting Business: Creating Your Online Sportsbook with IDSCA

IDSCA, trusted by bookmakers worldwide, is a licensed and regulated software provider. Our company will ensure that your business remains sustainable and profitable amidst all the difficulties surrounding an independent sportsbook. 

To set up your online account, these are the following information we need: your name, your preferred agent name, email address, and an approximate number of active weekly players. Afterwhich, you will need to create a wellthoughtout password to safeguard your online sports betting business account.

IDSCA does not require a minimum number of players to start your online bookie business. However, bookies pay a weekly fixed rate per head per active player.

Fully-Functional Sportsbook with IDSCA 

Gone are the days when a bookie needs to do everything on his own. From collecting wagers, managing betting lines, and monitoring transactions; working as an independent bookmaker is no easy job. Instead, working with a reliable PPH software provider, IDSCA, provides the solution to spare you from the hassle of your job. We will handle the work of maintaining betting lines, keeping track of transactions, supervising clients, and many others. Our automated system will organize new player information into subsets of folders for easy navigation and smooth transactions. If you have an existing customer base with your previous pph site, information is easily transferable over to IDSCA database.

As more players engage in your wagering platform, setting up an online account profile is the initial step. Once a player creates an account profile, the bookmaker can manage his transactions. It is vital for starting any online activity and enables you to place betting or credit limits on the player’s account.

Online Sports Betting Business

Accessible Real-Time Reports from IDSCA

A comprehensive data center is a vital element as it ensures the business operates productively.  IDSCA gives you a detailed real-time overview of how your business and your players are doing. Be updated with their performance standings, transactions they made, and player behavior made accessible by our pay per head software.

Collection and management of data give insight into a player’s performance through customizable reports made readily available upon the request of a bookmaker. From transaction reports covering a player’s weekly profit or loss to your overall hold percentage for that same week, have easy access to essential information needed for your bookie business.

IDSCA’s User-Friendly Betting Dashboard

Have complete control over betting lines and options on your online dashboard made possible by IDSCA. Be capable of moving betting lines and making necessary changes to betting options as you deem fit to your online bookie business.

We are experts in this field, and we understand what works and what doesn’t. Access to a variety of betting options will continuously attract new players and potentially increase profit margins. IDSCA provide options ranging from more than 80 sports leagues around the world. They also provide numerous individual sporting competitions such as golf, boxing, and more. 

Through partnerships with renowned oddsmakers and expert in-house line setters, IDSCA helps you create a comprehensive betting board on par with big and commercially-known online sportsbooks. The reason why IDSCA remains as one of the leading software providers is that we’re willing to make necessary investments into the products and services we offer. Avoid risks of losing customers because of unavailable features you can’t provide in your bookie business.

IDSCA’s Excellent Customer Service

A happy and satisfied customer ensures loyalty. They are the lifeline of your business, and it is essential to make them feel valued and appreciated. A bookie business equipped with the industry’s best team of experts will translate into a smooth customer experience. Our personnel is readily available to give solutions to problems and assist anytime if challenges arise. Do not fret as they are skilled in various fields to cater to a bookmaker’s needs. We will be by your side with every decision you make. We will never leave you in a position of running your business all by yourself.

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