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Sports Betting Services: The Bookmaker’s Tool for Customer Satisfaction

Online punters want their sportsbook to have the efficient sports betting services to play in the wagering website. The betting company site that maintains top quality services to the bookie and his punters will attract new and seasoned bookmakers to his betting platform. Keeping your customers happy is the key to make online players continue to patronize your sportsbook. The increase of players on your website will add up to more income and revenues in the business.


What Sports Betting Services Deliver


Sports betting services make the job of a bookmaker convenient and profitable. Individuals aspiring to be efficient bookies need to choose a betting platform that delivers customer satisfaction in terms of services to the odds masters and online players. Some people reinvent the services they deliver to suit their business for a systematic operation of a sportsbook.


An effective service on a betting platform will save effort, time, and precious funds of your business. Avail of the services to find out if they work. You can base the decision for the choice of a betting site by the services they bring to your online betting business.


Generally, sports betting services would offer punter tips on how and when to place a wager. Other venues of the services are in the form of a forum where players exchange ideas on how to wager in sportsbooks or other betting platforms. The group can be effective with knowledgeable members moderating the discussion. Most of these services is an affiliate of a sportsbook.


Account Management

Our sportsbook categorizes clients to distinguish them if they are a group or an individual for appropriate delivery of services. The distinction allows the system to treat the clients by the number of wagers engaged, the value of clients, betting market options, VIP category, and automated price rolls.


IDSca’s advanced technology allows efficient management of your accounts through the automation of all transactions documented in the individual ledgers of our bookies. Our company has the experience to guide bookies in managing their online betting business. Punters have the assurance that they are in good hands when they join your group of online players.


Proper management of your accounts is an effective tool that will attract more gamblers to the betting site. The increase of punters means additional income to the venture. In the  account management section, the following sports betting services are:


Customized Betting Software

The management of accounts includes a bookie software that the sportsbook company provides. A bookmaker may accept the canned program or have his betting site customized for a personal operating parameter. A customized software is a preference for odds masters for better management and monitoring of the business.


Customer Relations Management (CRM)

IDSca has a responsive call center manned by trained agents that will answer to your needs and inquiries regarding the activities on our betting site. Effective CRM can help reduce costs, enhance productivity, and satisfy customers. Better relations to customers is the key to profitability.that can establish the online presence of your business.

sports betting services the bookmakers tool for customer satisfaction

Sportsbook Betting Platform

In managing the betting platform in sports, an online wagering business should have the sportsbook. The events in the bookie software should have local and international competitions on its platform. Punters prefer sportsbooks with plenty of tournaments to choose from with a wide array of betting types that go with it.


A sportsbook should have the following sports (professional and collegiate) under its betting website:


Basketball          Ice Hockey

Tennis              Golf

Soccer             Cricket

American Football     Volleyball

Soccer             Cycling


Other sports include MMA, Boxing, Greyhound Racing, Rugby, Darts, Snooker, Handball, and Futsal.


Some Betting Types on this Wagering Platform


Outright Match Winner

The type of betting is the simplest form of placing a wager. The final outcome of the game determines the winner of the bet. The method is the traditional way of betting in any event also known as the straight bet.


Point Spreads

A point spread is a betting type with a condition to win by a margin of points between two opposing teams. The spread is a universal bet that is easy to play complemented by the money line that makes it more interesting.


Handicap Betting

This type of bet pops up on the dashboard when the other team has a strong advantage in skill or any weakness that is worth betting for in a game. Handicaps also cover situational aspects of the match that offer large disadvantages in betting odds and little returns on the favorite to win the game. This choice of betting type is similar to the point spread wagering.


Totals Over/Under

The sum of two opposing teams in a match determines the winning wager from an offered figure in totals betting option. The punter chooses which side he will bet on, either to place the wager below or over the proposed limit. The money lines complement the choices. It is one of the popular wagering selection in a betting site.


Proposal Bets or Specials

This type of stake pops up on an online wagering dashboard the fun of it. The prop bet is as innovative as it comes like the length of time for a crooner to sing the national anthem. A special wager appears on the dashboard that will propose an over and under bet for the singer to render the song below or more than a time limit. Punters place their bets on either side where they guess the anthem ends in time regulation.


Other betting propositions are for punters to place their bets on the first team or player to make a point, the time when a player scores the point, which team will win the coin toss for first ball possession, who will be the best player of the game, ending numbers of scores of both teams and among other prop bets a bookmaker can think of.


Futures and Outright Betting

This type of bet is a basic wagering option of the tournaments. Punters can easily place their bets on a team they are backing to clinch the title of a competition. Like backing and betting on a player on who will win the Australian Open before it starts on January 14 to 27, 2019. The events in the AO 2019 is for the Men and Women’s Singles Open Category, Men and Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles Titles, and other trophies and cash prizes on different levels.


A punter or his group can also bet on which NBA team that will make it to the playoffs before the season starts. A gambler could wager on the team that will clinch the NBA Championship Trophy for the NBA 2018-2019 Season. There are odds available for each team as offered by the bookie betting website.



This type of betting option is exciting to punters and online players worldwide. Parlays are won when punters back a number of teams or players on straight or on odds and win all the games they placed their bets on. A gambler can choose to as many as eight teams to wager. All of the selected teams have to win their games. A single defeat of your chosen group means losing your bet.


A gambler can choose straight bets. If an online player opts to play with the odds, he may do so and use the strategy effectively. What makes this betting option interesting is you can choose from all the teams and events offered in the bookie website.


There are more betting types available for you to choose from in our betting platform with satisfying sports betting services.


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