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Putting Your NBA Wagers on the Best Pay Per Head Sports Book

Betting in the NBA is getting close to beating the number of bettors for the NFL. Statista’s recent count shows that 24% of sports bettors placed their bets on NBA games. This shows that the NBA is getting more popular over the years, and is more accessible these days. Best pay per head sports book are aware of this sudden spike in NBA bettors, resulting in an increase in offering props and odds. Now is the best time to stop whatever other ventures you are doing, and get into NBA betting. Here are some guides to help you in the world of NBA betting, to make wiser bets and earn big bucks.

Best Pay Per Head Sports Book: Don’t Let your Emotions Do the Betting

Number 1 mistake of rookie bettors is to bet on their favorite NBA team. A team may have a history full of success and championships, but that is not the case on a day to day basis. Different days have different betting values depending on different factors. You will never earn a lot in betting if your heart tells you to put your money on your favorite or home team. 

“If you wish to be successful in betting, always remember that your emotions should not be involved.” 

Emotions do not have a place in the better world. You need to be cold as ice if ever you want to win some betting in sports. Who cares about the posters in your bedroom, or the jersey your uncle got for you in Christmas. Betting is not for the emotional bunch, and it requires you to have a strong mind. 

Educate Yourself with History

Before engaging in some bets, take time to make some research on how teams have fared against each other in the past. Which team is weak against which or which ones are dominating in their home court. is a great website for you to check on the latest stats, history and latest trends in the NBA. Every team in the league has their information listed in this site, with options to check their recent performance against a certain team.  It’s a good tool to check out veteran teams that are playing solid for several seasons. 

You can also check the latest results on ESPN’s team comparison on the site. The page has tons of useful information such as, head to head stats, best offensive and defensive stats, etc. 

Don’t look back too far though, since the roster changes annually. If the Golden State Warriors was a good team in the 2016 -2017 season, it has little to no effect on how they are today. It actually had a little effect since Kevin Durant returned to the team. 

Big changes in the staff will have an immediate effect. Don’t count out the tiniest of changes, as they can gradually grow in a few years and have an impact on the teams. 

Keep an Eye on Grudge Matches

Getting traded by a team is an emotional event. Some players will take it very personally if they land the unlucky spot to be traded for better players. Jazz SG Donovan Mitchell  is a prime example where he exploded for 51 points in their game against the Denver Nuggets while Nuggets SG Jamal Murray made 50 points in return. Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks had a sterling performance against the Orlando Magic in their last 3 matches of the first playoff round.

When selecting who to bet on, always take note of the “grudge matches” or “revenge games” where a player who was just traded will meet with his former team. If they were star players in their former team, you can bet that it is going to be a strong game that will result in a win. 

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Keep Track of the Schedule

The NBA makes sure that players don’t get to play a lot of back to back games, or play 4 games in 5 nights to avoid over fatigue to the players. The 82 game season is reality in the NBA, with teams playing 14.4 back to back games from October until April. 

A team playing back to back games have a 44% chance of losing the 2nd game.

Green and Gold Analytics proves that the overall performance of the teams playing back to back games is inefficient compared to getting rest periods in between. 

Take Note of Significant Injuries

When a star player of the team gets injured, everything will go downhill for the team. It is a terrible thing for the sport where a single person can have a huge impact on the game. 

A good example is when the 1996-97 Spurs had a 39 game drop off due to their super star David Robinson sitting out the rest of season due to injury. 

Always check out the news on injuries before you make your bets, or your wallet will look as beaten up as the players on the injury list. 

Look for the Best Value

If you’ve done your research you will see that the odds and point spreads are different in each sportsbook for the same game. Don’t rush your decision, take your time looking for the best odds and bonus offers. 

Best Pay Per Head Sports Book: Take Note of your Results

Winning some bets are good, but why not stop with a few measly wins when you can make a fortune in the long run. Always keep track of your betting records by making a spreadsheet including the important information on the event. Include the date, sportsbook, odds, wagers and also your wins, and losses. This will help you see your mistakes, and help you become a better gambler in the future.

Putting your NBA wagers on the best pay per head sports book is the safest way to enjoy the thrill and excitement brought about by online betting. Visit us at or call at (886) 225-5437 for more information.

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