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For the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has silenced the intensity of the sports realm. Also, it crippled most sportsbooks because there are no sports that bettors can place their bets on. These major sports leagues need to postpone their season which entirely changed the betting situation for the moment. The price per head bookie service plays a key role as they start returning to the playing field. 

Bookmakers who didn’t use a pay per head bookie service are forced to shut down their business. Other small shops also need to close since there weren’t many betting options that can be accessed. This means there are only a few bettors placing their bets which is not enough to cover the cost of operating a bookie website. Besides, they can no longer afford to use a pay per head bookie service.

Other Major Sports are Resuming: What to Expect?

The whole world rejoiced when the Major League Baseball teams started counting their home runs. However, 29 players have been confirmed to be positive of COVID-19 as announced by MLB and MLB Players Association, according to CNN. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred warned that the shortened season needs to shut down players can’t follow the COVID-19 protocols and better handle the virus. If this will happen, bookmakers and bettors have no choice but to turn to the NBA and NHL for entertainment and profit. 

The deadly pandemic caught the whole world off-guard causing considerable damage to the economy. Most workers lost their jobs because employers can no longer pay their wages. Now that some major sports are resuming their seasons, most bettors have turned into bookmakers equipped with pay per head bookie service. 

The Power of Using Price Per Head Bookie Service

It’s been a while since sports fans and bettors had a glimpse of their favorite teams and players whether it’s on the field, stadium, or TV. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of bets around the world will flood betting websites. Given the circumstance, many people might switch their career because as we all know it, a sportsbook is a lucrative business.

Smart bookmakers, old and new, know that using a pay per head bookie service is crucial to a sportsbook business. Included in the service is a revolutionary pay per head bookie software furnished with excellent features. It not only makes the daily tasks of the bookmaker easier but also helps in the management of the business for future expansion.

price per head bookie service

Reliable Pay per Head Service Provides Quality Bookie Software

If you might notice, most pay per head bookie services offer products that are the same. The pay per head bookie software they provide has similar functions, designs, and components. It could be confusing which one to choose for your sportsbook business

However, you can still do something about it and find which is the best pay per head bookie software that best suits your needs as a bookmaker. Additionally, this betting platform that you are looking for must also cater to the needs of your players.

What it Can Do for Bookmakers

As a bookmaker, it’s paramount that you look at risk management tools of a pay per head bookie service. There are other features that you require on your end. These are the following:

  • Various options for fund deposit and withdrawal  
  • Supports multi-languages
  • Ability to regulate player’s betting limits
  • Comprehensive reporting tips
  • Well-emphasized administrative dashboard
  • Committee for managing marketing elements 

What it Can Do for Players

  • Security and unrecognizability
  • Uncomplicated payment options and outset
  • Countless sports leagues and rates
  • 24-hour Customer Assistance
  • Live and in-game betting options
  • Supports several languages
Selecting a Pay per Head Bookie Software

The sports betting industry has plenty of pay per head bookie services that offer betting solutions to both bookmakers and bettors. As a bookmaker, you need to check on some key standards when selecting a pay per head bookie software.

When choosing a bookie software, you need to examine the background of the pay per head bookie service. You have to look at how credible they are so you’ll have an idea if they are trustworthy or not. 

International Data Solutions (IDSCA) is a pay per head bookie service that has been providing bookie software for more than 20 years. It is maximized for land-based bookmakers, per head shops, and sportsbooks. The value of its packages is unparalleled as well as the reliability of the network. The quality of the service is meant to help bookmakers like you to develop your business and take it to the next level. 

Take advantage of IDSCA’s pay per head bookie software and get a share of the pie from the lucrative bookie business. It is a pay per head bookie service that you can always rely on. Become one of the successful bookmakers in the world. Call (866) 225-5437 and sign up today!

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