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When bookmakers choose to register in a chosen pay per head betting software, they will be competitors against the best sportsbook betting companies in the online gambling arena. The pay per head bookie will benefit from the betting software he uses from the betting company he is working with on the trade.


Benefits of the pay per head bookie software Sports booking business


As a bookie, you will have your own customized website. The sportsbook entity will allow you to have your site and customize the way you want it to appear and operate. The benefit is free of cost courtesy of your new sportsbook partner in the industry. Here are some of the features that the pay per head bookie wants on his website:


■ Bookmakers want their websites to be attractive at first glance. Betting sites should have the image of authority. This brings serious business for the odd master and to his online bettors. A website that looks inappropriate for the trade could thwart the betting public at first sight. Have a proper layout for your wagering site.

■ Pay per head bookies would want their sites to be user-friendly. Bettors would not want to figure out in depth how a command or menu works in the front end of the website. They won’t have time to dwell on this aspect. The punters are there to enjoy and gamble. A simple navigable site is better for the betting games.

■ Pay per head Bookie websites must accommodate mobile device users for their bet placements. iPhone and tablet users are the new niche of gamblers to join in the bandwagon of online betting. They can bet wherever and whenever they want with their mobile gadgets. They should have the betting app from the sports booking company you are working within the industry. Once they download the software from your Sportsbook company, they would be able to place their wagers and enjoy the fun.

■ It is best that a pay per head bookie software must have a wide range of sports events on his site. Your punters will have plenty of options to bet ranging from NFL (professional and collegiate), the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Tennis, golf, boxing, MMA, among others in the sports world. International and major tournaments should also fill out the list for more betting action.

■ A price per head bookie sportsbook must have the different types of betting provided by the Sportsbook company he chose. Betting odds like the spreads, Moneyline, score totals, over/under options, parlays, teasers, props and all other types of wagers including the innovative kind.

■ A price per head bookie would want his betting site to have relevant information about teams and players for punters to choose. Data like updated injured players, team problems, personal concerns, and other things affecting the team or the player’s performance should reach the bettor’s attention. The data will help them decide who to bet for in the game.

■ A multi-lingual sportsbook is beneficial for pay per head bookies. It could accommodate gamblers from other nationalities. More punters will come into the bookie websites that speak other languages.

■ A bookmaker website with plenty of payment options is what price per head bookies like for their website. More payment options like Paypal, Skrill, Paymaya, PaySafeCard, Webmoney, and other credit cards means more bettors to attract and be one of your online players. More gamblers equate to more profits.

■ A sportsbook that is friendly to the pay per head bookie is a preference by the bookmakers. It should make the life of the bookie easier than it was before he was doing the conventional method of betting. Here are the functions that the price per head sportsbook entity will unload from the bookmaker:


• The pay per head betting software will take care of the administrative functions on the front end of the website. The front end receives the incoming calls from the price per head bookie punters. The dedicated call center staff will answer all the inquiries, assist them in their betting concerns and direct them to appropriate sites they wish to bet. If there are over a hundred online bettors asking you questions about relevant issues on betting, your time in responding to their questions will take over your work as a sportsbook agent.

• The sportsbook company will be assigning account managers for sports per head bookies who have a large group of online players under his name. The professional staff will be receiving the bets and properly record and document it under your file name for appropriate reporting.

• Vital information for the punters is available from the sports betting website. The important data will help your online players to be smart with their wagering choices. Sports details like the team standings, win/loss figures, injuries, health issues, personal, problems and anything that affects the team or athletes morale. Playing venues are also essential in the intelligent betting process, especially in the NBA road games. Playing surfaces are also important information especially in tennis where three major surface pro tennis athletes play in their tournaments. The main surfaces are the hardcourt (The Australian Open and The US Open), clay (The French Open), and grass (The Wimbledon in England).

• Accounting of bets and commissions are some of the business functions the Sports booking software handle for the price per head bookie. The company sees to it that all that is due to the bookie, will go to the bookie’s account.

• The sports wagering entity also pays out the winning punters on time so they will not lose confidence in the bookie software they are putting their bets. This is very important in achieving customer satisfaction for your customers.

• A friendly pay per head bookie website will generate your reports upon request regarding the status of your sports bookmaking business. Through the reports rendered, you will know your course of action in growing and expanding your business.


One of the benefits that a pay per head bookie will enjoy is the safe and secure wagering environment that a sportsbook company provides. For example, IDSca has two powerful Application Programming Interface (API). These programs are sets of subroutine protocols, definitions, and tools needed for building application software. They represent the state of the art transfer javascript object notation (JSON) for the client and development of the server, a light data interchange format. The other one is a simple object access protocol extensible markup language(SOAP/XML). This program controls the accounts and transactions done daily.


Besides sports betting, IDSca offers other services for pay per bookies and their punters. Additional actions attract more bettors to a betting site than just sports.

Sportsbook Software Strategies

Other services offered by IDSca


• A sportsbook that includes major and international competitions around the world serves pay per head bookies and punters.

• Online Casinos is one of the main attractions offered by IDSca. An agent of the online casino is one of the in-demand profession in today’s gambling industry. The career makes good money and is doable within the confines of your home.

• Live Betting is a feature in Sportsbook betting that punters are looking forward to placing their bets. It makes the game more exciting with a few dollars to wager. With live wagering, more options pop on the screen offered to online gamblers. You can bet even if the game started ahead before you placed your bets. There is betting action all throughout the sports event and you can bet on different options to your whim.

• Another helpful feature in a sportsbook site is the custom 800 access available to pay per head bookies. You may contact the sportsbook for assistance anytime.

IDSca has even top of the line horse track clerks that could serve you with calculated tips of the racetrack betting action. You need not go to the horse track betting station and fall in the long line to place your bets.


A pay per head bookie can determine the right betting software for him and his online punters to play. Avail of the week demo that sports betting software companies offer to learn more and see if it is for you. Visit IDSCA for the one week trial period.

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