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Betting Tips You Should Know First Before You Call a Bookie

Lots and lots of hard work take bookies in their position today. That is why it is really a challenge on beating them in online sports betting. Most bettors all over the United States plunk millions of dollars in a sportsbook in just a day. The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge by those bettors who just call a bookie without bringing some ammo in the battlefield.

The bookie sees the sportsbook as their business and uses a bookie software. It also took those bookies couple of days and nights of study before to totally understand every corner of bookmaking. Before you call a bookie, take note that if there was an unbeatable formula, bookies would probably go out of business and let all the bettors win and be millionaires. However, the opposite is what usually happens because there is a much higher probability of losing into online sports betting than winning. So, before you call a bookie, make sure you had checked these few tips for a profit-centred playing.


1.Know Your Sport

It is not only necessary to know that your favourite football team has won their last six games. What you should totally understand is how well they played the game. When you got the point, then it’s time to call a bookie, but if not, then it’s better to spend some time understanding more the sport. Do you think the football team played defensively or offensively to keep their possession? Or is it they were only lucky?

Call a bookie once you analyzed the difference between the two. Most gamblers would say that they have won because they are lucky in that sport. How about tomorrow? Will they be that lucky again? “Read between the lines” and analyze the moves of your favourite player or team so you can be prepared to spot the good-value markets before you call a bookie to place your bet.

2.Do not Be Tempted by Odds on Prices

If you think the odds prices are good, well, you better think twice. Call a bookie once you set yourself not to be carried by those higher odds on prices, for it’s a trap. Bookies are wise, and when you get hooked you are probably decreasing your chance of winning a sports little by little until there’s no extra cash.

Though it may seem a good idea to have everything in one shot due to the odds, do not call a bookie to place your bet. This would be a big mistake and you could lose all your money in that “easy to win money” trap. So before you call a bookie, it will make more sense to do some research the player who has a favourable draw, then you back him at a better price.

call a bookie

3.The Fewer Selections, The Better Chances of Winning

This is the common sense in online sports betting but then, gamblers forgot this most of the time. Before you call a bookie, try to go back to the basic knowledge of sports betting. Do not forget that your fewer selections you picked on your bet, the better the chance to stand you of winning. Furthermore, if you are betting to make money, think small, and not big.

Make only up to a maximum of four selections. It’s one of the common mistake of gamblers, once they see a good shot, they would rush and call a bookie without thinking of what would happen next. Keep in mind that it is much possible that bookies lose most of their money from singles.

4.Understand Your Market

Another common mistake of a gambler is choosing to win both halves via halftime or full-time bet. They rush and call a bookie once they see an opportunity to win this way. If you would put your favourite team in a half-time/full time bet on, your team would probably be winning at halftime before totally winning a match.

This style would make a subtle difference for you who prefer to have more winnings for your team. Do not call a bookie if you didn’t analyze first what would happen next in this move. Research the Internet all the possible hints in your market.

5.Pick Your Moment Wisely

Actually, it is really difficult to get the right timing on placing your bet. This is indeed another mistake of the gambler, who would rush to call a bookie and place a wager after seeing some timing. There are also times when a bookie will offer some special prices for an upcoming event that usually takes place in a day. During popular events like this, the bookie will be on promotion and will offer you to part with your cash.

This is one of the right times to call a bookie. Opportunities like this could mean that you can get your money back as a free bet. Or else it could also be the right time that a shop may boost the price of a player.

6.Don’t Bet With Your Heart, Bet With Your Mind

All gamblers want to win their favourite team or player, on the other hand, the bookie also wants to keep his business. When you want it so badly, do not be carried away by the urge and hurriedly call a bookie to place your first wager for the day. Before you know it, you would realize that your belief makes you put so much of your money on it.

Remember, its gambling and you are into it. Once you call a bookie in this feeling, the bookie would probably jump for joy. They love opportunities like this from foolish gamblers who follow their heart. Betting is a game for the wisest and those who will fall in love in it will surely make their heart broken in the end.


7.Choose the Right Pay Per Head Services

Well, this last tip is also one of the most important. Do not call a bookie with a senseless pay per head services. Trust only IDSCA pay per head services which is the first company in bookmaking services. IDSCA is honest with bookies and gamblers and will not let down your expectations. The company holds strong credibility in the business for years.


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