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Ismael Bonfim vs Benoit Saint Denis 7/1/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

Ismael Bonfim vs Benoit Saint Denis 7/1/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, Ismael Bonfim and Benoit Saint Denis will square off at UFC Vegas 76. Bonfim’s odds are -333, while Denis’ odds are +250.

Ismael “Marreta” Bonfim enters the Octagon with a 19-3-0 record. The 27-year-old, who weighs 155 pounds and is 5’8″, will compete. The wingspan of the orthodox fighter is 71 inches. Benoit “God of War” Saint Denis weighs 155 lbs. and is 5’11” tall. The southpaw boxer will try to raise his record to 10-1-0 (1 NC) by adding another victory. The 27-year-old possesses a 73-inch wingspan. Ismael Bonfim connects at a rate of 5.34 significant strikes per minute, while Benoit Saint Denis scores 4.37 significant strikes per minute. Saint-Denis makes 52% of his critical blows land, whereas Bonfim makes 57%. “Marreta” permits 2.65 major hits per minute, whereas “God of War” takes 6.72 regarding the fighter’s resistance. Bonfim also manages to block 78% of the big hits sent at him, compared to Saint Denis’s 41% success rate.

Ismael Bonfim averages 1.35 takedowns every 15 minutes in grappling and is the less proficient wrestler. In 28% of his takedown attempts, Bonfim succeeds, and in 85% of his opponents’ takedown attempts, he successfully defends. Saint-Denis is successfully blocking 85% of all takedown attempts made against him while bringing his opponents to the ground on 30% of his attempted takedowns. Regarding substituting the opposition, Saint-Denis attempts 1.1 finishes every 15 minutes, compared to 0.7 attempts per 15 minutes for Bonfim.

Ismael Bonfim’s most recent contest was against Terrance McKinney, and he prevailed by way of a flying knee to the head in round 2. In this bout, McKinney threw 55 blows, 20 of which were successful. By the time the night was out, Bonfim had made 38 out of 53 strikes. McKinney made 14 of 49 critical strikes, or 28% of all strikes, making him the leader in this category. He won the fight by scoring 10 of 43 significant headshots. Bonfim delivered 34 of 49 essential blows on the other side of the Octagon, connecting 69%. He received 16 of the 30 serious head blows that were delivered. 85% of the critical blows that McKinney connected on and 70% of those that Bonfim landed were launched from a distance.

Ismael Bonfim vs Benoit Saint Denis 7/1/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

Benoit Saint Denis faced Gabriel Miranda in his last match, which he ultimately won thanks to a blow to the head in round 2. Denis hit 57% of the important blows he attempted from a distance, whereas Miranda ultimately connected on 85% of his significant strikes. Denis connected on 42 out of 67 critical blows tried, landing 62% of them. Of the 59 crucial head-directed blows he made, 35 were successful. In the match, Miranda hit on 20 of her crucial 37 blows. He ultimately connected with 13 of 30 blows intended for the head out of all the critical strikes delivered. Miranda landed 33 of the total 53 blows she fired in her battle, while Denis ended up landing 81 of the entire 110 strikes he threw.

Before this match, Saint-Denis had won two straight matches. In September last year, he defeated Gabriel Miranda via technical knockout in the second round.

Saint-Denis has ten victories on his fighting resume, including two knockouts and eight submits. His solitary defeat came by decision, while five of his ten victories came in the opening round. He has a 52 percent strike accuracy and a 30 percent takedown accuracy. He deals out 4.37 big blows per minute while receiving 6.72. He takes on a lot of weight in striking conflicts, and this ratio is somewhat negative. His takedown defense is at 86 percent, and his defense against major strikes is 42%. In addition, he submits 1.12 opponents every 15 minutes of fighting, averaging 3.36 takedowns.

Ismael Bonfim vs Benoit Saint Denis. With a 2-1 record and two quick finishes, Saint-Denis is off to a strong start in the UFC. He has a good chance of terminating it if he quickly puts this out of its misery. Bonfim is aware of his limitations on the battlefield. He has an advantage in striking with a solid primary strike ratio. Thus, he will probably maintain this battle on the ground.

Prediction: Take Ismael Bonfim to Win at -285

Date: Saturday, July 1, 2023

Venue: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Time:     7:00 PM ET

ODDS: Ismael Bonfim -333

                        Benoit Saint Denis +250


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