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Increase your Earnings with a Bookie pph website

A bookie pph website is a way to increase your profits and revenues. Bookmakers choose the best sportsbook software provider to achieve the growth of his online business. Pay per head software providers is all over the internet. Selecting the best program is one of the tasks a bookmaker has to make to thrive in the online gambling industry.


Selection of the Best Software Provider for a Bookie Pph Website


Bookmakers aim to reach their goal to be a profitable bookie pph website. The odds masters have to make the decision to which pph service supplier they are going to bring their group of punters to play with at the internet.

Increase your Earnings with a Bookie pph website

Front End Solutions


Website Shout-out

One of the features that attract bookies and online gamblers is the image the pph website projects. Bookmakers have the option to customize their bookie pph website to lure potential betting clients to the wagering platform. A professional looking dashboard projects stability and efficiency. Potential gambling enthusiasts will have the tendency to explore what the bookie pph website has to offer.  


As a bookmaker, see to it that the design of your bookie pph website is not too fancy. Simplify how your menus work to avoid confusion among your users. The punters want to enjoy playing and not spend their precious time trying to figure out how things work in your site.


Management of Online Players

Bookmakers should have the method of player management based on the reports that show the gamblers’ activities over the week. The tool will allow bookies to have control over the punters and manage the players on a single dashboard. The sportsbook will take care of your accounting and inventory while you look for more gamblers.


Management of Odds

Choose a sportsbook software provider with flexible apps that allow bookmakers to adjust the odds offered or add the options of bet selections. The betting platform software lets you do the adjustments manually.


The pph software provider delivers the tools that help in the bookie pph website operations. These business tools include the bet alerts, settle alerts, weekly player tracker, and the hold percentage.


Report Generators

The tools deliver accurate and factual reports for bookmakers. The reports will show figures that determine the financial stability of your online gambling business. Financial reports and inventories are viewable in the backend solutions of your bookie pph website.


Software and Hardware Capabilities of an Efficient Bookie pph Website


Before online players opt on a bookie pph website, they should know what the site can do for them in their betting activities.


Is the bookie pph website secure?

Be wary when typing in your card details. Determine if the website is secure by looking for a padlock sign and the web address starting with https (s stands for secure). Check for the trust ratings of the website for confirmation of its safety for use.


24/7 Call Center Agents

Online players want an immediate response for their queries and information from a Sportsbook pph software provider. IDSca has the facility to answer for the calls, chats, emails to the Sportsbook call agents. Phone calls and Chats on dialogue boxes get the immediate response. Emails take within a day to have answers for clients. This pph service takes off the heavy task of answering to hundreds of punters of your group.


Is the bookie pph website safe from cyber attacks?

With modern technology comes modern methods of criminals to breach cybersecurity.

The delay of service is a common problem of betting sites. To thwart away hackers knocking on your virtual portals, IDSca devised security measures by putting up multiple firewalls to protect the data and operation of the bookie pph website. Your website has a mirror backup in case of any crash in the system.


Live Betting

Punters prefer to place their bets on a bookie pph website with a live betting feature. Live betting adds excitement to the game. Place two dollar bet on any contest and see how it affects the parties involved in the event. It is the same with live online betting. The competition unfolding before your eyes amplifies the thrills that are enjoyable throughout the game. Live Betting eliminates fraud and deception as the game is in full view and is happening as it is on a play.


Mobile Wagering Capability

More and more online gamblers are turning to mobile wagering as a way to place their bets online. The feature lets punters place their wagers from anywhere on the planet with a stable internet connection. The players can also submit their bet placements anytime with a 24/7 bookie pph website available to receive the wagers.


According to a study by Global Online Gambling and Betting Market, Mobile bettors will increase the volume of online wagers to 40% of the total gambling market this year. The projected number of mobile gamblers will reach 100 million in 2018. The bookie pph websites will benefit from the growth funneled to the sportsbooks, online casinos, and horse track racing. The best pph software provider will benefit from these overwhelming gambling figures and so will the bookie pph websites that are operating under the company.


Sports Betting

The best bookie pph website must have the sufficient number of sports for punters to choose for their bet placements. The sports events include the NBA, NFL, NHL, local and international soccer competitions, Tennis (minor and Grand Slam Tournaments), Boxing, MMA, Volleyball among several other sports in the sportsbook. When a punter has the ability to predict the outcome of a sport, he is in business to make more money.


The best sportsbook provides vital information for the punters to make their calculated placement of bets. The betting platform follows the gamblers options by offering odds for the players’ selection they think will earn them money. This is one of the ways the bookie pph websites make money.


Online Casino

A bookie pph website should also cater to online casino players. Online casino games should include baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, scratch cards, lotteries, and video poker. Other table games are the Sic Bo, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Keno, Bingo, and Bonus Poker.


Advantages of playing in online casinos


Online casinos have more variety than the conventional casinos.

You can avail of the bonuses and perks to help you start your casino bankroll.

An app is downloadable to your mobile device so you can place your bets anytime from anywhere. Punters can play within the comforts of your home.

The payout percentages are better than the traditional casino setup.


Horse Track Racing


There is a huge market for horse track racing that a betting site should have one to cater to the punters. Online horse racing enthusiasts would love to play on this platform within the comforts of their homes. You can also download with the app to your iPhones or tablets to gain access to IDSca’s betting platform.


Three major horse races in the US that make the Triple Crown. The first is the Kentucky Derby held in Churchill Downs, Kentucky last May 5, 2018, that saw 20 horses vying for $2 million. The race is the 144th annual Rose Run which a colt named Justify won with trainer Bob Baffert.


The second horse race is the 143rd Preakness Stakes ran in Baltimore Maryland at the Pimlico Race Tracks last May 18, 2018. The two-year-old colt Justify also won this horse racing event with a prize of $2.5 million. The second leg of the Tri-race goes by the title of the Middle Jewel of the Triple Crown.


The third race of the Triple Crown is the Belmont Stakes held in Long Island outside of New York. The race in Belmont celebrated its 150th race which also Justify won. The colt, having won the three races garnered the Triple Crown. There are only 13 horses that achieved this feat. The previous winner of the Triple Crown is the American Pharaoh.


IDSca supports its bookie pph websites with this features and business tools. Online players and bookmakers want their sportsbook and betting platform to have the attribute necessary for the growth of their online business.


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