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How to Compare and Convert Odds in Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting provides bettors with access to multiple betting sites around the world. As a bettor, you must know how odds in online sports betting work as well as how to read betting lines. Generally, this depends on the sports and region you’re betting on. Regardless of what type of odds in sports betting are showcased, they all signify the same thing, which is your potential winnings. 

What are Odds in Online Sports Betting and How They Work?

Odds in online sports betting have 2 functions. Initially, it’s used for calculating the payouts of winning bets. Every time you place your bet, you’re going to be offered odds which could affect the amount you’ll win. If they are higher, the better chance you’ll win comparable to your bet. You can use odds to get a nifty idea of the favorite and the underdog.   

Additionally, odds in sports betting dwell on the possibility of any specific result that’s transpiring. The bigger the possibility of an outcome, the lower it will become. It just makes sense when betting on a result that’s likely compared to betting on an unlikely result.

When deciding what odds in online sports betting to offer, bookies consider a few factors. This could include what other bookies offer via the outcome of previous sporting events. They will adjust those odds in real-time, based on attributes such as player injuries, weather stats, and the amount of each bettor placed on each result.

Why Do Odds Differ on the Equivalent Outcome?

Different bookies offer various odds in online sports betting. These odds manifests how a specific outcome will materialize as per the bookie. Likewise, there are factors that can dramatically impact odds such as how much a bookie took on a specific market.

Odds in online sports betting varies due to the fact that not all bookies have the same perspective on how probable a certain outcome is. It means that the odds a bookie sets are not always a precise rumination of the real probability of the corresponding result that’s materializing.

That’s why it’s feasible to put the odds in your favor when placing your bets. If you’ll be able to predict the outcome correctly and frequently, you can go on a long winning streak. It may not be easy, however, if you’ll be able to integrate your sports knowledge with some principal aspects of betting, it can be achievable. Odds in online sports betting are one of those important factors.

Higher odds means fewer chances of winning but higher payout once your bet wins. Even money means you can win your stake with a 50/50 chance of winning. Lower odds means higher chances of winning but with lower payouts. 

Odds in Online Sports Betting

Figuring Out Betting Odds

Odds in online sports betting are differently presented in 3 ways. These are American, Fractional/UK, and Decimal/European.

  • American Odds

As the name implies, American odds are most well-known in the US. Also known as “moneyline odds,” it works differently for underdogs and favorites. 

When betting on the favorite, these odds in online sports betting shows the amount of money you need to bet to win $100. When betting on the underdog, on the other hand, a positive number signifies the amount if you’re willing to risk $100. This is quite similar to “odds-on” bets in the UK markets.

Seeing the letters “PK” beside the offered odds on a game indicates no favorite. If this is the case, you have to “pick” the winner of the game without minding about any point spread.

  • Fractional/UK Odds

Fractional odds are another type of odds in online sports betting. It’s also referred to as Traditional odds, British odds, or UK odds. It will estimate the gross amount to be paid out to the bettors if they win, factoring in their wager.

If a bettor supports Manchester United, for example, odds with 1/15 is a $1 payout for every bet of $5. It means that it’s an overall payout of $6 to a bettor who bets $5.

Bettors who are not familiar with fractional odds may find it inconvenient to work out their chances of success. It’s possible to assess the potentiality of success according to the odds. But it’s worth noting that odds in online sports betting can drop in the run-up to and even while the game is happening. 

This makes the odds only constitute an assessment of the probability of success during that time. Fractional odds including the proposed probability of success can shift before or after the wager has been placed.

  • Decimal/European Odds

Decimal odds are also odds in online sports betting that is most widely accepted in Australia, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand. Many bettors think that they are the easiest presentation to understand. 

Nearly every bookie will offer odds in a decimal format which is also known as European odds in the UK. The number quoted in decimal odds is the exact amount to be paid to the winner. This type of odds in online sports betting is basically the same as the decimal value of the fractional odds, plus 1.

  • Correlating Odds in Online Sports Betting

It’s common for the same odds to appear many times in with respect to different sporting events. This is due to the distinction of skill levels between each team and competitors. 

Most online bookies in the 21st century will allow bettors to switch between American, Decimal, or Fractional odds. It could be a bit riskier to convert between American and decimal odds since the former have the form of both positive and negative numbers. 

In converting positive American odds to decimal odds, you need to divide American odds by 100 and add 1. To convert negative American odds to decimal odds, you need to divide 100 by the negative American odd and add 1.  

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