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How To Avoid Pay Per Head Fraud

How to avoid Pay Per Head fraud or scams begins with understanding that there are many different types of scams. There are those that prey on seniors and in particular, single seniors. Such scams may use deceptive sales tactics and telephone calls that can be annoying but they may be effective.

There are scams that target college students and are run by people who may claim to have an affiliation with various colleges or organizations. They may con them out of money by telling them that a certain organization needs to raise funds. However, the money that they ask for is never going to be used for any legitimate purpose.

Avoid Pay Per Head Fraud: Important Information

One type of scam you may run is through telemarketing. This is a practice that many senior citizens are familiar with. It involves talking to customers and prospects on the phone in order to earn commissions. While there are legitimate reasons that telemarketers may call, many of them are just trying to scare people into giving up sensitive information. Therefore, how to avoid paying per head scams by avoiding unsolicited calls.

In the world of real estate, how to avoid paying per head scams may include looking into the credentials of any agent you plan to use. Make sure that they are licensed and that they are fully trained in the sales process. Any agent who is pushing for commission rates above what is considered fair is likely being deceptive. These agents will often talk to clients about how much they can save. However, this does not include the actual amount that would be saved should they get a home sold.

The way how to avoid paying per head scams also includes avoiding any real estate company which does not hold fiduciary responsibility insurance. This includes real estate companies that have multiple agents or are owned by one entity. If you decide to deal with one of these types of companies you need to make sure that you understand all of their policies. For example, if you do not purchase all of the property as is, there may be a fee attached which is never advertised to the customer.

Pay Per Head Fraud

Importance of Research

How to avoid paying per head scams also includes doing your own research. If you are going to pursue a specific type of real estate, such as foreclosures or short sales you need to familiarize yourself with the current market. You need to know what price ranges are reasonable for these types of properties. You also need to be aware of the amount of money that is usually involved when dealing with these types of transactions. Therefore, before you make an offer on a home, check out how much you could afford. There may be tax implications involved if you accept an offer that is below your means.

Another way of avoiding paying per head scams is to do your homework before you actually give any of your information away. As mentioned previously, you should only give away information that you can obtain. If a company is asking for Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or other personal information you should refrain from giving it to them. This is because once this information is obtained it can be very difficult to reverse and you may end up with a bill for charges that were unauthorized.

Conclusion: Find The Best Pay Per Head To Trust

Finally, one of the best ways of learning how to avoid pay per head fraud or scams is to ask questions. Any reputable company will want to be able to gather information that is relevant to your situation and help you make an informed decision. Be sure to ask how they get their commission and how they charge their customers. Ask how long it would take them to get the house sold and find out what legal documents they would need to have in order to commence the transaction. It is also important to ask them how they go about screening their prospective clients. This is to to ensure that only the best buyers are obtaining their services.

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