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Great Informational Bookie Guide for Aspiring Bookmakers

Online sports betting continues to grow rapidly at a significant rate despite the pandemic. Its legalization played a huge part that opened windows of opportunities for those who lost their jobs and those who seek for side hustles. This informational bookie guide is full of useful information to help aspiring bookmakers become successful with their online bookie business.

Becoming a bookmaker isn’t only possible but also profitable for anyone who’s willing to spend time expanding his customer base. Checking on this bookie guide will provide you more insight into what is a bookie. 

Informational Bookie Guide: What is Bookie?

Bookie is lingo for a bookmaker and is an individual who collects bets on games and sports events. He establishes betting on sports and lays the odds on events prior to agreed bets. His main objective is to maintain the book balance through odds adjustment to the fullest extent. This results in an even number of players betting on a win or loss. 

Credibility and Professionalism

Generally, bookmakers are given a bad rap describing them as scumbags or fly-by-night individuals resorting to quick cash. Just by looking at the absolute number of people engaged in sports betting, you can say that the accusation isn’t true. This is an important bookie guide that will help you gain the trust of your prospective customers.

There are lots of bookmakers in the sports betting market who are already established. Besides, they have quite a number of loyal customers and still counting. As a newbie, you need to build your credibility and trustworthiness. You need to be professional to easily place bets with you and most importantly, pay out winning bets promptly.

Setting Odds and Lines

Here’s another helpful bookie guide for you. As a bookmaker, you have the ability to set the odds and lines. In case you’re a newbie, your pay per head service has an in-house odds manager to do it for you. However, there are some factors that can influence the odds and lines and these are: 

Own Perspective

Odds managers are well-experienced and will follow their own instincts on what’s possible to happen. Their own perspective usually develops the basis for the odds and lines they set. They will regard all of the possible outcomes and identify the probability of each that comes about. 

informational Bookie Guide

Profit Margin

It may be difficult to make bucks from betting on sports. It’s because bookmakers make a profit margin within their odds and lines. This is a percentage taken from the bettor every time he places a bet which is commonly known as the “juice” or “vig.” This is how bookmakers generate profits. 

A bookmaker needs to have a balanced book to gain from the profit margin. It means that a bookmaker is assured of a profit whatever is the outcome of the event.

Possible Wagering Activity

Usually, odds managers have a definite conceptualization regarding where players are possible to bet on any given sports or events. They specify this into their lines and odds for optimizing their possible profits and minimize their susceptibility to risk.

When lots of players support a favorite, odd managers lower the odds. They understand that they’ll still receive lots of bets on the selection. Reducing the odds can possibly save them money. If the odds are lower, bookmakers will pay out less in case the favorite wins.

Odds managers or bookmakers are typically mindful of possible wagering activity in terms of setting totals and point spreads. If the majority of players are solid to a “favorite,” it’s likely that the spread is increased by half a point or more. However, in case the “over” gets backed, the totals line will be increased by a few points. 

Competition’s Odds and Lines

Undoubtedly, online betting has changed the way people place their bets. Before, bettors would only stick to one bookmaker. However, due to many options and privileges, bettors of today place their bets with more than one bookmaker. They look for better deals and create accounts with different betting sites to take advantage of the perks being offered.


What sets apart a betting site from its competitors is advancement. While technology has always something new to offer, customers would love to try out new things. Whether there’s a new type of bet, new methods of betting, or a new promotion, customers will surely grab it. This is an important bookie guide that informs you to be up-to-date with your services especially the bookie software you’re going to use.

Why Odds and Lines are Adjusted?

Most often than not, odds managers have to make adjustments to their odds and lines. The adjustment is made between the time they declare them and the period of the current event starting. There are 2 main reasons for this adjustment – change in outlook and weight of money. 

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