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Esports Betting at an Online Betting Site

Electronic Sports, or Esports for short, have gained a steady following over the recent years.  The Esports industry will have a growth estimate worth $2.3 billion, with over 645 million players worldwide participating in different types of games in the next 3 years.  It is not surprising that online betting sites have jumped at the opportunity of adding Esports betting to their products. One of these wagering entities is IDSca, popular for being a safe and secure betting platform that accepts bets on legitimate Esport matches.

Esports has grown exponentially and has greatly changed the way we look at computer games. From streamers on Twitch showing off the players’ gaming skills in exchange for donations, to full-blown E-Sport tournaments with a prize pool reaching into the millions of dollars. At IDSca, you can bet on your favourite Esport gamers whether the team is from the United States, China, South Korea or Europe.

What You Need to Know About ESports Betting

While other online casinos have not yet considered adding Esport betting solutions to their website, IDSca is now at the top of the game and enjoying popularity as a reliable online betting platform for this thrilling new way of esports  betting.

You can find and stay on top of matches at IDSca. Here you will find information about the ongoing and upcoming matches and tournaments all over the world. You will also be able to check details by games, teams and tournaments.

Betting on a game or team at IDSca is simple and easy.  IDSca lists live odds next to the upcoming matches. You only need to take your pick and add your bet to your betting slip. You will also be able to adjust your number of bets and your stake. As you do this, the casino will give you an estimated return on your bet should you win.

From time to time, IDSca offers a tailor-made bonus for players to use. These bonuses or promotions usually soften the blow of a loss and keep the game more enjoyable.

The 5 Top Earning ESport Games of 2019

Playing Esports has become a high-earning profession. Many professional players have left their jobs to pursue a career where they are getting a great salary while playing their favorite video game. Over the course of the years, playing Esports on a professional level has become more than enough for players to make a living.  The prizes for the video games vary and there are games that are more popular than the others, based on their suitability and profitability for Esports. Below you will find an overview of the top 5 Esport games of 2019 and the accumulated prize pool that has been won over the past years. Aside from that you will also find the number of professional players the games have up to the present and the biggest tournament the game is played at.

Esports Game Pro Players Total Prize Pool Biggest Tournament
Dota 2 2500+ $138 Million The International
Counter Strike: GO 9500+ $  52 Million WESG
League of Legends 5300+ $  51 Million LoL World Championship / LPL
StarCraft II 1800+ $  26 Million WCS Global
Heroes of the Storm 900+ $  12 Million BlizzCon

Esports betting

Types of Games in Esports

1. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA)

MOBA games are strategy-based involving  two teams battling it out against each other. The aim of the game is either to kill all of their virtual opponents or to destroy their opponent’s base. Each team member controls his virtual character and they all have to work within their team in order to meet the objective. Games in this category include: Dota 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm.

2. First Person Shooter Games (FPS)

FPS games are the most popular type of e-sports to bet on, especially since it is based on the skill of one person against another. The players will view the game from the perspective of the virtual character which they control and they have specific objectives which they have to complete in order to meet the goal of the game. Games in this category include: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,Call of Duty and Doom.

3. Combat Games

Combat games are entertaining to watch and popular to bet on.  They rely on the skill of one person against another, In this type of games, a character combats on a one vs one basis where players control their own character. The fights are divided in a number of timed rounds with the main goal of inflicting as much damage to the opponent as the player possibly can.

4. Real Time Strategy Games (RTS)

The aim of RTS games is to destroy your team of opponents as quickly as possible while still defending your own base. Team players will reach this goal by a combination of resource management and combat.  Games in this category include StarCraft 2, Company of Heroes and Stronghold.

The Top Esport Events of all Time

There are annual Esport events that recur every year and these games have been going on over the past couple of years. During these games, the professional players  battle it out on the big screen in a stadium full of hyped up supporting fans who are loudly rooting for their favourite team. The stakes are high and the prizes reach millions of dollars. But it is not only the competing players and their supporting fans who are involved during these events. Gamblers can join in on the big thrill by logging in on their IDSca accounts and bet on their favorite .

IDSca accommodates betting solutions for these annual Esport events and its minor competitions worldwide.. Players are able to bet before or during their favourite matches on the team they believe have the best odds of winning. IDSca covers esports betting in this period of the pandemic lockdown.

To learn more on esports wagering, visit our website at or call us at (866) 225-5437.

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