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Enhancing Your Online Bookie Business with Pay Per Head Tools

In any successful business, customer relationships are essential. The difference between the best online bookie and one that is just after your money can be the factor to success of your online betting business and its failure to thrive in the process. If you want your online betting business to be successful, then you need to make sure that you have all of the tools you need to enhance your online bookie business with pay per head tools.

The Right Approach

The right approach to running your own sportsbook is by using a laptop with a lot of storage data. A tablet could pull you through but a laptop is so much better with a wide screen. A personal computer has exceptional functionality especially if your business is directly dealing with money and numbers.

The Right Pay Per Head Tools

Bookmakers of old run their business with the grind they have to deal everyday. It would take so much work and manpower to monitor and deliver excellent services with the conventional system for a bookie. The rise of the pay per head betting software decreased the burden of bookmakers in the gambling industry. 

An old bookmaker has his hands full managing a few punters in his group. He should oversee everything that is happening in his sportsbook. Monitoring and managing your business in all of its aspects requires hard work and would take most of your precious time. Your opportunity to acquire players will go down to a few hours each day. 

Pay Per Head Software to the Rescue

You would require help running the everyday functions of your own business and that is where the price per head program comes into play. This is a complete suite of Internet services that would design your website, put it on a quality host and then put a team of experts behind the website to adjust and monitor the betting lines needed. This is the type of help every online bookie needs and it would never cost you more than you earn. The fee schedule for the service depends on the number of paying clients that are playing each week. If you acquire 20 clients, then your fee is based on those 20 clients. You do not have to worry about paying a huge flat fee each month that you can’t afford.

A Stable Internet Connection is a Necessity

An online business needs a reliable internet connection for it to run properly. You can use public WiFi when you need to leave the office. Some make the mistake of thinking that if they are working from home, they could spend hours at a local cafe on their laptops. You would be running a business, and you need a reliable connection in order to run that business properly.

One of the important things that you must remember when managing an online betting website is to always make a backup of your files every week. Your price per head provider would take care of backing up your website. But you must tend to your personal and business files and put them on an external drive or on the cloud every week.

Pay Per Head Tools

Capping Limits

One of the initial steps in taking your online booking business with a pay per head provider is creating individual account profiles for every betting player. This prepares the starting groundwork to manage the players’ accounts. 

The documented activity of the player is the basis for each business report you have. Whether you are taking a general snapshot of that day’s activity or drilling down deeper to the history of the customer, those account profiles could capture every behavior of someone’s online betting.

Two methods are available to set these limits to lessen exposure in any sporting event. The placing of bets and limiting credits for account. Changes across the board provides the controlling factor  that is an important part of the online bookie website.

Lay Off Excess Action

The top pay per head provider uses the  layoff account tool to avoid any losing exposure your betting website might be prone to. The layoff account is a very important tool in your arsenal and should only be used if the necessity arises. You will have to use this option to equalize the action on both sides of the bet. A very significant go-to option that could give control of your business.

Moving Your Wagering Lines

With the pph software, you can easily access and control your betting lines the way you want them to be when needed. You can manipulate your odds board and keep the betting action balanced and at par with the established sportsbooks in the market.

Moving the betting lines is the biggest part of your duties in managing your sportsbook. Your need to keep abreast of the transactions coming in will help you decide how to move your betting lines and keep your business afloat. Without this tool, you will find it hard to balance the action happening in your betting platform resulting in the loss of money.

With IDSca, rest assured that these pay per head tools are within your reach. Our company will provide these instruments to help manage your business efficiently. Visit our site at or call us at (866) 225-5437 and schedule your free trial with us.

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