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MLB Betting Prediction: Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds 7/5/2024

Detroit Tigers (38-46) vs. Cincinnati Reds (39-45)

As the MLB season progresses, the matchup between the Detroit Tigers and the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park is drawing attention, not just for the teams’ performances but also for potential MLB free betting picks. Set to face off on Friday, July 5, 2024, both teams are looking to improve their underwhelming records. The Tigers, at 38-46, are slightly behind the Reds, who have a slightly better 39-45 record. This game offers a glimpse into the potential of both teams to turn around their seasons.

The Detroit Tigers’ teams had a batting average of .228 that puts it slightly above average fused with 341 runs and 76 home runs. Their on-base percentage at .293 and a slugging percentage of .368 paint their trouble in their hitting division. Pitching has also proven to have some stability in as much as they have a decent ERA of 3.92 and WHIP of 1.22. The Tigers will have to normalize this problem and pin their hopes on pitching in view of anemic hitting as they play against the Reds.

On the other hand, the Cincinnati Reds lead the schedule with Team Batting at .229, Outscoring the Tigers with 358 Runs and 79 Home Runs for the season. There is a difference between the on-base percentage which is a .305 and the slugging percentage of the Reds .376. More so, their pitching statistics have an ERA of 3.86 and WHIP of 1.24 hence a good inference is that their pitchers may fare better than the Tigers. The small additional advantage the Reds have is their overall slightly higher numbers on both the offense and defense.


Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds Game Info

When: Friday, July 5, 2024, at 7:10 PM ET
Where: Great American Ball Park
Stream: MLB.TV


Reese Olson (2-8, 3.32 ERA) vs. Carson Spiers (2-1, 3.13 ERA)

Reese Olson of Detroit Tigers has a simple win-loss record of 2-8; however, his/her ERA is 3.32. More detailed statistics show that he has been good at pitching based on his WHIP of 1.2 over such an extent of the game as 89.1 innings pitched though he was at most of the times let down by his team’s batters. On the aspect of Olsons’ striking out abilities, the pitcher currently stands with 81 career strikeouts; a vital nuance in slowing down the Reds’ hitters.

On the other side, there is Carson Spiers of the Cincinnati Reds with the performance indicators, which reveal the 2-1 score and the 3.13 ERA. Spiers has had a good WHIP with 1.15 that have been achieved in 37.1 innings pitched hence portraying good control and handling of pressure situations. His prowess could be a deciding factor to the game had he retained it in order to dictate the game for the Reds team.


MLB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD

The betting odds for this game are currently undecided, but given the teams’ performance and the starting pitchers’ stats, the Reds might be slight favorites. Bettors should watch for updates on the odds as the game approaches, which could provide insights into potential value bets based on pitching matchups and team form.


Detroit Tigers Betting Trends

The Tigers have not fared well in their recent outings, being 1-4 in their last 5 games and 0-5 against the spread in the same span. Their road performance against the spread stands at 19-24, indicating struggles when playing away from home. Bettors might find opportunities in betting against the Tigers unless they show unexpected improvements.


Cincinnati Reds Betting Trends

The Reds have shown a mixed bag of results, going 2-3 in their last 5 games but maintaining a positive 3-2 record against the spread in these matches. Their stronger performance on the road, 26-15 against the spread, suggests they are more comfortable in less familiar settings, potentially playing into their favor in upcoming home games.


Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds 7/5/24 Betting Picks

Considering both teams’ current forms and statistical analysis, the Cincinnati Reds appear to have a slight edge, particularly with Carson Spiers starting. The game’s outcome might lean towards a close contest with the potential for a low-scoring affair given the strengths of both starting pitchers.

For those looking to place wagers, focusing on the under might be prudent, given the pitchers’ low ERA and the teams’ inconsistent batting. Additionally, using the best bookie software could provide bettors with enhanced betting options, such as live betting and props related to individual player performances.


Free Pick and Prediction: Cincinnati Reds 4, Detroit Tigers 2

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