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NBA Betting Prediction: Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs 3/15/2024

Denver Nuggets (45-20) vs. San Antonio Spurs (14-51)

Denver Nuggets and San Antonio Spurs will meet Friday in what promises to be an intriguing NBA matchup, featuring teams with differing approaches – the Nuggets are currently among the league’s elite with their 45-20 record while San Antonio Spurs have 14-51 standing and are in rebuild mode. Fans and bettors alike will likely take great interest in this matchup making it a prime topic in best online betting circles.

The winning streak of the Denver Nuggets carries on, the team went 4-1 in their last 5 games to put on a great performance. The team has finished winning games by not only their offence average of 115 points per game with a 49.6 percentage shot , but also its defense that can enable them to maintain a winning tradition. Their capacity of making long range shots on a constant basis in addition to being a strong rebounding team put them on a level with other season players.

On the other hand, the San Antonio Spurs, despite their poor season that has been plagued with injuries and roster changes, have nonetheless demonstrated glimpses of potential, with their scoring improved to an average of 112.5 points per game. This team’s charisma stems from their ability to score through three-pointers, where they score 12.7 per game with a shooting percentage of 35.1%. Additionally, the Spurs’ quality of taking part in a speedy play, which is seen in the amount of attempts they make, is that of a team which is aspiring for a better future.


Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs Game Info

When: Friday, March 15, 2024, at 8:30 PM ET
Where: Frost Bank Center
Stream: NBA League Pass


Nikola Jokic (C) vs. Victor Wembanyama (C)

The way in which Nikola Jokic has been nothing less than spectacular this season has just confirmed him as one of the league’s most dominant players. In numbers that speak for him, with 26.2 points, 12.3 rebounds and 9.2 assists per game, Jokic’s diversity, and subtleness has been the main reasons for the Nuggets’ wins. With his vision, as an exception for a player of his position, combined with the strength on the backcourt, he became undeniably the key factor for any match.

On the other side, Victor Wembanyama has been a goal that they can aspire to. His first season in the league numbers are statistically astonishing with 20.8 point average, 10.3 rebounds, and 3.4 blocks per game, a testimony to his prowess on either end of the court. Through Wembanyama’s capacity to alter shots on the defense and his ability to contribute robustly to the team’s scoring, it can be inferred that he might become the franchise building stone.

The Jokic-Wembanyama confrontation has an impressive faceoff. Whether Jokic or Wembanyama will have the upper hand will depend on Jokic’s experience and skill set compared to the young energy and defensive skills of Wembanyama which will also determine the pace and final result of the game. Their performance without doubt will leave a lasting impression, making clear their positive impressions on their teams.


NBA Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD

The betting odds for this game are yet to be determined, reflecting the anticipation and unpredictability surrounding this matchup. Bettors and fans alike will be closely monitoring these figures as the game approaches, seeking insights into which team holds the edge according to the oddsmakers.


Denver Nuggets Betting Trends

The Nuggets have shown the capability of beating the spread during their last 5 games as the record stands at 3-2. On the one hand, college basketball’s away games at Spread record is 13-18 which shows lack of success in covering road games as well. Their style of play – pronounced in the last 5 games of the season with 4 ending up with over total points scored – is one of the key strengths of the team, which could be a decisive factor in their next game.


San Antonio Spurs Betting Trends

The Spurs have experienced a win-loss deficit in their past 5 games against the Spread, with a record of 3-2 just like Nuggets’ one. The evenly balanced road record against the spread (18-18) in the team is a testimony that they can cover in diverse circumstances too. Their last 5 games have shown them scoring above the total twice, meaning they are capable of playing in high-scoring games.


Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs 3/15/24 Betting Picks

Being based on in-depth analysis, and betting trends, the Nuggets are good to keep their winning spirit, as the best record of their season is backed up with the significant influence of Nikola Jokic. However, the Spurs, which have Wembaneyama on their team, will definitely not make it easy, but thanks to the general parameters that Denver possess, its overall strength, and depth should lead to the team’s victory. 

In terms of NBA picks today, while specific betting lines are still to be announced, the Nuggets would likely be the safer bet, especially considering their recent form and head-to-head matchups. As for prop bets, looking at player performance metrics, such as Jokic’s assists or Wembanyama’s blocks, could offer valuable opportunities.


Free Pick and Prediction: Denver Nuggets 118, San Antonio Spurs 105

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