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As of this writing, it’s August. That means warm sun, leaves beginning to turn, and kids returning to school. Of course, it also means football. Specifically, it means NFL training camps and preseason games. This is where all of the work that players have done during the offseason begins to pay off, as they have a chance to make the team. However, not all players do. The NFL stipulates that every team can only start 53 players on their team, with some on a practice squad. So, many aren’t going to make it. That’s how many of our bookies treat top bookie software.

Bookie Software that’s Ready for all Seasons

Just about all of the available options (including ours) have a free trial period. During this free trial period, the bookie can determine if the bookie software is right for them and their business. If it isn’t, then it has to be cut. Many of these businesses know that, too. So, they’ll play fast and loose with their free trial. They’ll only offer a few options, perhaps some of the most popular and best-developed ones. That way, they can play upon the bookie’s optimism as to what the rest of the online sportsbook would be like.

For example, the bookie might think: “OK, well, this sportsbook doesn’t have as many games to offer players as I would’ve hoped. But… I’m on the free trial. I’m sure they offer more games if I just sign up.” Unfortunately, that’s almost invariably not how these sportsbooks work. They just don’t have the calendar of events for your players. That’s just one example, but too many bookies have been misled by similar companies in the past. That’s not how we work at the IDSCA.

Comprehensive Free Trial

We believe that a free trial should be a real free trial. A bookie should be able to use everything that the software has while they’re making their decision. Indeed, without that, how can you really make the right decision? If you were test driving a car that you were interested in, and it didn’t have doors, you’d be angry even if the car salesman said: “well, you’ll get all of the doors once you buy this car, once we finish the test drive.” Online sportsbook free trials should offer everything they have. That way, bookies can see how it can fit into their lives.

Also, you’ll notice that many of the free trials in this industry are short. That’s because they want to “rush” you – they don’t want you to sit and look closely at everything. If you did that, then you might learn that there are many options better for your online sportsbook than the one you’re using. By pressuring you into making a decision as quickly as possible, they try to get your business before you might have had time to deal with all of the potential options.

At the IDSCA, you’ll find basically the opposite of a short free trial. We make ours a week. During that time, you can use anything that you want on our site, so you can see how it works for you. Speaking of “work,” we know that many of our bookies have another job as well. This free trial allows you to determine whether or not our sportsbook is for you even if you’re splitting time with a job, school, etc.

One of our priorities is making sure that we do right by our bookies and potential bookies. A one-week free trial respects your time. We know that you may not have as much time as you’d like to go through your online sportsbook options during a day or two. However, with our free trial, you can access it at any time that week. So, instead of having to waste a free trial (or worse, make a rash decision) you can see what this site truly has to offer players.

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Ready for the Biggest Sports Months of the Year

If you’ve ever looked at the sporting calendar, then you’ve probably noticed that there are times when there are more sports (and indeed, more important spots) than others. Autumn is always one of the biggest examples of this: the NFL and NCAA college football come back at almost exactly the same time. The NBA and NHL aren’t far behind in starting their new seasons, as well.

Of course, there are plenty of big sporting events that don’t include the start of a season. Indeed, they actually represent the end of the previous one. As the other sports are coming back to the regular season, Major League Baseball is coming down to the wire. Many (if not all) of the pennant chases will be determined in September. Then, once the playoff field is set, the playoff games themselves ratchet the tension up to almost unbearable levels.

We don’t mention this just to point out all of the sports that will start or end in the fall (although we’re glad to do it) the point is that the IDSCA has the games to offer. Our site allows you to take advantage of this particular time of the year. So, you’ll get the NFL and college football when they come back, as well as the baseball playoffs and more. You shouldn’t have to settle for one kind of sports for your players when there are so many options available.

Great for the Leaner Months, too

Our online sportsbook can provide all kinds of different sporting events during the biggest times of the year. However, if you’re an online bookie, you can’t just handle the biggest games and hope to grow your business. That’s why our catalog of options is so deep: bookies can offer their players a gaming experience at essentially any time. We can help your players to bet on the sports they want to bet on, throughout the course of the year.

One way we do that is to offer more than sports. Sure, even during the times when there aren’t really any pro sports going on, our bookies still offer their players a great thrill. That’s why we offer our horse racing book, too. This lets your players bet on one of so many horse races from around the country and beyond.

This can be a real boon for people who love horse racing but maybe can’t get out as much as they’d like. Or, alternately, it’s also great for people who may live far from any professional horse racing. That doesn’t mean that they have to leave their home to do the thing that they’re going to want to do. With our online sportsbook, you can get people who want to bet on the horses to come to your site.

Of course, there’s more to betting than just horse racing, the NFL, and etc. We have a full online casino, too. Your players can get a bet down wherever they are. That means that they don’t have to be near a casino — they can gamble from their homes or offices. For many people, getting to a casino isn’t exactly easy. Online software makes it possible to bet on a game from anywhere you have the internet; we’ll work it out for you.

IDSCA: Leading the Way

Being a sports bookie isn’t easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding. At the IDSCA, we think of our bookies as partners. We’re in a partnership with them, so we want them to do well. To aid you at the job, we have plenty of resources available that can make you highly knowledgeable about any of the games and more that we offer in a brief period of time. Betting has advanced, so the top bookie software that tracks it should too. For more information, call us at (866) 225-5437.

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