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Bet on the Super Bowl: Still More Evidence of How Much People Love It

There is nothing like the Super Bowl. That’s true for the players and fans, of course. The dreams of several lifetimes, all culminating in one winner take all game. It’s also true in sports betting, too. Bookies and mobile sports gaming sites alike will tell you that no event is like the Super Bowl anywhere. This is where they get more bettors than ever. So many bookies, sportsbooks, casinos, and the like, get more action on the Super Bowl than anything else. Many of the folks who go on to be reliable bettors start by just putting a bet on the Super Bowl. 

This was always true, of course. But, there’s even more evidence than ever of this. 

Take, for example, the World Cup. Sure, there’s nothing like that, either. After all, the Super Bowl is once a year. The World Cup is once every four years. So, it stands to reason that the World Cup would be an even bigger deal than the Super Bowl, right? Wrong. 

According to “The Lines,” “the matchup between Argentina and France was the second most wagered-on sports event of 2022. Only the Super Bowl saw more geolocation transactions on a single event.” 

Now, that doesn’t mean the World Cup was a failure, of course. Far from it. The World Cup was incredible for bettors, bookies, sportsbooks, online betting sites, and anyone else involved in betting in America. 

Indeed, as “The Lines” goes on to say, “there was more actions on the World Cup Final than on the NBA Finals, the March Madness Finals, and the NHL Stanley Cup.” 

The World Cup is a big deal, of course. But, in America, and for the betting industry, the Super Bowl is still King. 

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