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Best Price Per Head Service? Top Tips To Pick Well

One of the best decisions a bookmaker can make to level up on his betting business is to outsource his players to a price per head site. It does not only mean additional investment, but it also presents a great opportunity to improve the operation and expand his business. By using this kind of services, bookies can spare themselves from daunting tasks like managing players’ balances to ensure a smooth operation.

But what exactly pay per head services are? By signing up with this type of service, as a bookie, you can access software and tools that take care of monitoring the activities of all players through reports that the bookie can access later. One of the best parts of using this service is that it will enable bookie to keep track of all aspects of the gambling activity of his players. In spite of the fact that these PPH services are the foot of overvalued accounting software, due to their offshore nature, legality is a very essential aspect.

Pay per head service providers are no longer new to the betting industry. And because of this, it is not a surprise that there is already a plethora of companies out there that differ not only in terms of quality, but also when it comes to reliability. For this reason alone, it really pays off to take enough time to do your research before you choose any price per head service out there.


The Danger of Using Poor Quality PPH Service

Getting a poor service from a cheap PPH site is one of the worst things that bookies can experience. First off, as a bookmaker, you have to understand that you need the sheer power of a reliable bookie software in order to be successful on your business. If you pick out a poor quality PPH service, don’t be surprised if things go south for you. Keep on reading to find out the danger of using poor sportsbookie service.


Your Bottom Line Could Be at Stake

Without action, pay per head agents won’t be able to generate income. The action your players make serves as the foot soldiers of your business. Having said this, it’s always best to think like your online players prior to signing up with any PPH site out there. Also, take note that the level of quality and reliability of the company also mirrors their tools and services. Simply put, a cheap PPH software can mean that it’s not the best one in the industry.

To spare your bottom line from disaster, there are available tools that were designed so that agents like you can manage their business with ease and efficiency. Ideally, a PPH dashboard is also customizable giving agents the ability to access all relevant reports. Also, live bet tickers allow for easy management of live bets.

One caveat: paying less for a pay per head site can cost you big down the road. Conversely, shelling out a bit more for the very best sportsbookie software really makes sense. And besides, the business that you manage as a PPH agent is your business. Hence, consider and treat yourself as if you’re the best by choosing only the best software.

To give you a solid idea on how to choose the right PPH company, we will walk you through several tips which will help you get the right solution for the long-term success of your business.


Tips for Choosing the Best Price Per Head Service


Be sure that you know what you look for.

Take note, you are working with these PPH services for a reason. At all costs, be sure that it is your priority and look which one of your candidates can cover your actual needs. It’s a good thing that there will always be a company that provides the information that catches your interest, establishing a positive balance between the service and the price. And this services as they key to your success.


Ask and demand customization.

As a bookie signing up with such services, you all have the rights to obtain your own custom website and have the freedom to make any changes of your own preference. Some of the best PPH companies in the industry even provide bookies the option to have their own URL or domain name. Further, the most reliable companies even offer to do this for you at no additional cost, or you can choose to purchase the URL and utilize it on one of the websites provided to you.


Give it a firsthand experience.

Getting a firsthand experience of the sportsbookie software is also another trick to finding the right PPH company. A reputable PPH service provider is willing to provide bookie agents some test accounts including logins and passwords for them to access the software and check the betting lines and the interface from the end of their players. Also, it’s best to ask for test accounts particularly for the back-end and have the ability to access the reports to monitor all the betting activities of your players.

Remember, when you’re working on the best player test account, it is advisable to ask the company to keep it active for several days and keep an eye on the lines. Put some fake wagers and check out how swift they can be grades once the game is done. It is also a wise idea to sign up for a trial period in reliable sites, so you can come up with a comparison of the lines from various sportsbook companies. By doing so, you can check out how fast they actually move, and which game liens are accessible to your online players. In case you notice that there’s a missing game, you have to contact your price per head service provider and ask him to keep it active for test account.


Choose high-end datacenter offices.

Regardless of how many betting lines your provider handles or how good your online players’ website looks, if stuffs are not up and running at all times, it’s useless. Having said this, it’s always a good idea to ask your software provider relevant questions like about the server’s quality and data management offices. Even if you are not good at server administration and networking, the pay per head website should be able to provide you some basic information regarding the protocol and redundancy applied. Server redundancy pertains to a backup server, which job is to take over in case something goes wrong with the first server. The established price per head companies secure players’ information along with their ability to place wagers at any time using reliable primary and secondary servers. This will make way for a smooth and trouble-free experience of your players.


Don’t forget about legality.

Legality can make or break sports bookie software. For a rule of thumb, pay per head bookie software should meet all legal requirements in order to service customers from different parts of the world. Before you choose any software, be sure that you have a solid idea of all facts in order to spare yourself from snags which can prohibit players from putting in their bets. Just like how crucial it is to take time studying the company’s reliability and quality, it also makes sense to do your homework regarding the legality of your prospective sportsbookie service provider.


Final Thoughts

There’s a plethora of pay per head companies out there, and without doing your homework, you will likely end up to a poor service. That’s why it pays off to know what to look for, and do what’s needed when looking for a sportsbookie service provider to manage your players. Signing up with a company based on the lowest price can be a bad idea if you don’t contemplate the particular factors and requirements just explained in this guide. Be sure to go over this post to help you find the right price per head company that can help your bookie business achieve long-term success.


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