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Best Pay per Head Sportsbook

Sports Betting Companies continuously find means to deliver better products and services to its customers in the online betting industry. One of the innovative tools that can attract bookmakers to patronize the wagering entity is the best pay per head sportsbook. Odds masters were fast to adopt to this platform that saw their online betting business grow and increase revenues with convenience in operations.

Great Things Happen with the Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook

A pay per head sportsbook offers more benefits than conventional betting does to its customers. Here the top reasons why bookie jump in the pph bandwagon in the cloud gambling realm:

Full Fledged Online Betting Site

The pay per head sportsbook will ultimately develop an online betting business into a full operational internet gambling site that will generate more money for the owners.  

Online Wagering Solution Benefits

These solutions for the bookmakers can save money and time:

Advanced Technology

Breakthroughs in technology increases the efficiency of the products delivered to customers. Better services are now available at the touch of your fingertips. Companies that employ the best technology can comply to the requirements bookmakers need to develop their ventures.


The best software developed can make life easier for the bookie, its agents, and their bettors thereby adding up to their earnings. Systems administration infused in pay per head sportsbook packages give ample time for the odds masters to do the more important things for the business.

Data Security and Protection

Cutting edge hardware will secure the companies from data overload that could hamper your operations and avoid downtime. Data processing will not be a problem with backup servers and facility protection against denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Real Time Monitoring

Bookies can keep track of their pay per head sportsbook operations in real time. This benefit allows you to make adjustments and be in total control to lead your business in a positive financial state. The status of your financial flow will always be accessible in case you need to tweak or put on hold betting options that could save your entity from loss of investments.

Live Betting

Sports betting considers the right timing in placing your bets. Timing is of the essence. When the tip-off or the drop of a puck commences, odds are taken off the boards that signals the start of the event; by then you may be too late on your bets. However, you can make it up through live betting.

There is nothing like the excitement and fun than to place your bets with the sporting event unfolding in front of you, live in full color and crisp cutting edge coverage. The advanced video transmission is one of the features that most punters sought after in a pay per head sportsbook. Bet placements is exciting enough on your preferred team or athlete to win an event. The fun is even leveled up with a wager at stake.

Only a few sports betting companies can afford to have a live betting coverage added to a feature provided for in the pay per head sportsbook. The feature is a convenient marketing tool used to entice gamblers to joining your group and is also an improvement to maintain your loyal patrons.

Live betting allows punters to place their wagers even after the games started. Players can bet by quarters, halves, or the winning match. This feature also increases the volume of money placed on bets that will increase your earnings.

Improved Marketing Strategies

When a bookie website is operating under a pay per head sportsbook, odds makers save time and money. A betting site that accommodates hundreds of punters cannot process information efficiently and provide services to its clients. With the operational upgrade delivered by the pay per head sportsbook, the bookmakers have more time to do what he is up to be doing for his primary function – recruiting more members to the wagering site. More punters using his pph sportsbook, the more earnings he will have.

Operation Reports Accessibility

A bookmaker needs to know what is going on in his online betting business operations. A pay per head sportsbook has the capability to provide real time reports efficiently. The business, being automated in nature, can generate your needed reports upon request. With the significant summaries that you will receive, the bookie can make important decisions to benefit his cloud betting entity. Your decisions will matter to your business success with the reports you will be receiving from the pay per head sportsbook.

Essential Wagering Information

A pay per head sportsbook could provide significant information that will be the basis for the gamblers betting options. Punters will be aware of the conditions that the team or an athlete is going through while performing in the game. The knowledge that gamblers will have can mean the difference in winning or losing their wagers. This is called “smart betting”: Placing your bets on the team that will most likely win versus wagering on the team you want to win.

A Vibrant and Healthy Lifestyle

When all things in automatic mode in the pay per head sportsbook, operators can rest easy and confident that their betting business is in good hands. You can sleep well knowing that your venture will operate with less supervision and the company that backs you up will be there to support you in times of need.

Best Pay per Head Sportsbook

How does a pay per Head Sportsbook Operate?

Bookmakers avail of the pay per head sportsbook by registering to their preferred betting software company provider. Upon completing the registration process, the company sets your entity with the pay per head betting software installed in your bookie website. With the pph sportsbook ready to operate, your punters will have to access the bookie site to start using the online betting software. The pph software provider will issue personal access codes to individual online players that they will use to gain entry to the betting sites through their bookmaker.

Once the gamblers start their wagering activities, the bookmakers pays a weekly fee for each punter using the gambling site on a weekly basis. The fee allows bookies to avail of the other benefits the pay per head sportsbook provides.

Personalized Website

Bookmakers can avail of the free bookie website provided for by the pph software provider. You can either settle for the website offered by the company or have your customized site. The odds master will have a hand in designing and creating the website through the company’s software developers and programmers. By this method, a bookie can have his own structure on how he wants to run his pph betting entity. The bookmaker will eventually have his own betting page that his punters can go to 24/7, even from the comfort of their homes.

Online Casino

Bookies will have the option to incorporate games from online Casinos. Casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, Craps, Bingo, Bonus Poker, Keno, Sic Bo, Scratch Cards, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Pai Gow Poker among other popular casino games online.


Horse racing enthusiasts can avail of the racebook if you opt to infuse it in your pay per head sportsbook. The racebook caters to local and international horse races for your gamblers. Some of the International horse races offered on your opted racebook infusion are:

Grand National annually held in Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, England

Melbourne Cup, Victoria Racing Club, Melbourne Australia

Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Preakness Stakes, Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Belmont Stakes, Elmont Park, New York, USA

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Longchamp, Paris, France

Dubai World Cup, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Pegasus World Cup, Gulfstream Park, Florida

Nakayama Grand Jump, Steeplechase event, Funabashi, Japan

Epsom Derby, Epsom Downs, Surrey, England

Breeders’ Cup World Championships – different international locations


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