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Best Pay Per Head Software Provider: What Every Bookmaker Needs

The best pay per head software provider is what every bookmaker needs to ensure a successful bookie business. A dynamic company such as IDSCA can provide valuable packages and services to its customers for business development and proliferation. 

What Products and Services the Best Pay Per Head Software Provider Offers?

The best pay per head software provider must be at the top of your list. Bookmakers who have complete products and services can drive more bettors to his betting site. Not only will he increase his customer base, but his profits as well.

Online Casinos

Remember that not all players or bettors have the same preferences when it comes to betting. Most of them love playing casino games and would want to play on the same betting platform. They can use their deposits on the betting site for the casino games. It’s convenient since they don’t have to leave the bookie site.

Casino Table Games

The best pay per head software provider must have the top 5 casino table games. This allows players to play their favorite casino games in the comfort of their own homes. These are classic games that will never be out of fashion because many people love to play them.  

Three-Card Poker

Three-card poker allows you to have extensive manipulation over the game’s final result. It’s a popular casino table game with generous odds and many possible profitable side bets. It’s a must that the best pay per head software provider you choose offers this game.

The hand rankings are identical to Texas Hold’em poker but still a simpler variety of poker. Dealers are unable to play if they have no Queen-high or better. If this arises, the play bet becomes a push or tie and your ante bet will pay even money. 

best pay per head software provider


In this casino table game, you’ll compete with the dealer. It’s also possible that you’ll challenge other players to make a hand that equivalent to 21. Each player is provided 2 cards and given the choice to whether stand or hit. 

Moreover, there are a number of ways to win more. You can pick double to multiply your bet by 2. You’ll receive another card before wanting to stack up against the dealer. Additionally, you split specific pairs which give you 2 hands to play opposing the dealer.  


Among online casino games, Roulette is considered the most one of a kind. Players place their bet on a spinning wheel where they think the ball will land. Most played variety of this casino game is American and European. Playing online casino roulette allows you to experience all the actions with a virtual dealer. 

Baccarat (Punto Banco)

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco in Cuba, is played with simple rules. You can bet on the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand. Also, this popular online casino table game allows you to bet on a tie or bet on all of them.  


Craps seem to be a complex game, however, it provides some of the best odds in the online casinos. This is a quick game and alive with specific terminology.  


Online sports betting continues to expand as it becomes legal in most American states. There are numerous companies in the market and you need to choose the best pay per head software provider. Doing so as a bookmaker, you’ll be able to provide your bettors with the best services. 

Getting the best services makes your bettors stay. Moreover, it allows you to increase your customer base and profits.

Provably Fair

This term came about from the evolution of blockchain technology. Also, it was established during the progress of Bitcoin. The process works like this:

  • When you play the game, you’ll get a token.
  • The machine utilizes a specific algorithm to change the order of the outcome.
  • Once the game is over, another token is given. This follows the verification of the outcome.

This feature verifies if the betting platform follows the requirements of a fair gambling operation. Players are allowed to know the method on how to verify the betting site’s accordance with the provably fair attribution.

Horse Race Betting Software

The horse race is another favorite game the best pay per head software provider must offer. This racing software allows players to choose the winners. The horse information the betting site provides enables bettors to decide on which to bet. 

Random Number Generation

The random number generator checks the inconsistency of the numbers. This software is employed in gambling, cryptography, statistics, random design, and other areas related to randomness tests. 

IDSCA, The Best Pay Per Head Software Provider

Before online betting becomes legal, there is already countless pay per head software providers in the market. Choosing the best pay per head software provider can be daunting. All of them promise the same good things to make your online bookie successful. However, not all can keep their claim. 

IDSCA is different because it knows how to proliferate your bookie business. It won’t make promises, instead, this best pay per head software provider will help and guide you to the road of success. Call (866) 225-5437 or visit and start your bookie business today!

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