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Best Bookie Betting System

It has been proven several times that the greatest development in online sportsbook betting is the emergence of pay per head service companies. They provide online bookmakers with the best bookie betting system, allowing bettors to place their bets online. This has revolutionized how bookmakers and bettors conduct business.

What is Bookie Betting System?

The bookie betting system is a process that allows bookmakers/bookie monitors all transactions made by the bettors and bookie himself. Traditional betting sites utilize a “book” to refer to regarding deposits and payouts among bettors. 

The innovative bookie betting system makes the most of present-day technology to competently operate their bookmaking business. The betting solutions systematize the operations which result in expanding the business, thereby increasing the number of online players for betting solutions company.

It is a self-service bookie betting system that allows bettors to decide how much, when, and what kind of sports they wish to bet on. Besides, there is no need for a middle person in a bookie betting system. 

How Does It Work?

The bookie betting system is what bookmakers need to focus on, after choosing a pay per head service to partner with. You might not know it but bookies spice up the matches or tournaments. They offer odds which makes every game more electrifying. Bookies place the spreads (betting type) to balance their betting limits in order to profit from the bets through vigs or bookie fee.

A bookmaker invites bettors that are equal in number from both sides of the team. This assures him of earnings when both sides of the bet have the exact number of bettors. The bookie uses the money from a winner of one side to pay off the winner on the other side. He then keeps the commission as his profit.  

The bookie betting system allows bookies to offer odds, receive bets, and, of course, pay the winners. Before the odds are offered, the probability statistics of each game have been calculated already. Bettors, on the other hand, do not need to compute or even determine the odds. They just need to read it and settle where to place their bets.

Guaranteed Income

The competence of the bookie betting system will guarantee the bookie a sure income of the online sports bookmaking business. It will grow and procure bigger earnings and improve the bettor’s betting experience at the same time.

The bookie betting system sure makes money because it provides bettors the liberty to decide when and on what to bet. When bettors can bet on their own using interconnections, they can place many bets as many as they want. The bookie will not have to worry about paying a high fee for the service the pay per head company has provided. He will only be charged for the number of graded players on a specific week no matter how many times they place their bets.

The bookie betting system becomes formidable with the involvement of pay per head companies such as IDSCA. It stands for International Data Solutions and a reputable provider of exceptional bookie betting system. Every month, it handles millions of transactions securely on encrypted dependable web servers. 

IDSCA makes sure that the bookie betting system it provides is systematic and the cost to operate is transparent. This is to make sure there are no hidden fees or charges on the part of the bookmaker.  

Best Bookie Betting System

What Bookies Need to Look For?

Before bookmakers open his bookmaking business, he needs to look for a pay per head company that can provide a comprehensive bookie betting system. This will reduce his workload of everyday tasks, allowing him to focus more on acquiring more players. If you have a sufficient number of members in your customer base, the better because it will generate you more profit. 

  • You will need a customized website

A good and attractive betting website entices bettors to place their bets with you. It should be easy to navigate and retrieving the information needed should be a breeze. Your betting website should have the following features:

It should be user-friendly for you and your players. The dashboard must b easy to understand and navigate. A complicated betting website discourages bettors to place their bets because figuring out the site itself takes time which is annoying.

The betting website must provide immediate and useful services to the oddsmakers (bookies are also oddsmakers) and their bettors. The staff who receives the calls must be knowledgeable to answer any questions a bookie or bettors might have. They must be also committed to help bookies and bettors and provide them the right and fast solution regarding their concerns. 

It is important that your betting website offers bettors, especially new ones, with bonuses and rewards to entice them betting on your site. Most betting companies provide a 100% bonus on the player’s first deposit. The next deposit will have 50% and 25% for the succeeding deposits.

It should be mobile-friendly. Mobile betting is mostly the trend in online sports betting today for the people on the go. It makes it more convenient for them to place their bets anywhere and at any time.

  • You need to have the latest bookie software with a leading edge

It should be invulnerable to such hacks and attacks. You can count on IDSCA’s robust web servers that also protect bookies and players’ confidential information. Besides, you will not experience system downtime so can continue and enjoy watching your favorite team while on a match. 

  • Look for a free demo or trial offered even for just a week

Before investing your money you now have the opportunity to see the future of your bookmaking business. Taking advantage of the free demo allows you to determine if your business is going to be profitable or not. You will be able to see how the system works and be able to tell if it is what you need. 

  • The bookie betting system must have helpful features

Features that can handle accounting, inventory, cash flow, and reporting tools among others. This allows you to monitor your bookie business, players’ betting patterns, and other activities.

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