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Ariane Lipski vs Melissa Gatto 7/1/2023 Picks, Analysis and Previews

Ariane Lipski vs Melissa Gatto 7/1/2023 Picks, Analysis and Previews

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, Ariane Lipski and Melissa Gatto will square off at UFC Vegas 76. Gatto is listed at -200 on the line, while Lipski is valued at +150.

With a record of 15-8-0, Ariane “Queen of Violence” Lipski enters the Octagon. The 29-year-old is 5’6″ and weighs 125 pounds. The traditional combatant reaches 67.” Melissa Gatto is 125 lbs. and has a height of 5’5″. The orthodox boxer enters the ring with an 8-1-2 record. The 27-year-old man is 69 inches long. Melissa Gatto connects on 3.27 critical strikes per minute, while Ariane Lipski scores 3.86 significant strikes per minute. Gatto completes 51% of the essential strikes she attempts, compared to Lipski’s 39%. “Queen of Violence” receives 3.97 severe blows every minute, whereas Gatto only permits 2.60. Gatto blocks 53% of the attacks sent her way, while Lipski deflects 51% of the significant strikes her opponents try.

Ariane Lipski is the less adept wrestler, putting her adversaries on the ground 0.47 times every 15 minutes. On 42% of her attempts, Lipski brings her opponent to the ground, while she successfully thwarts 73% of all takedown attempts made by her adversaries. Gatto successfully submits her opponent on 33% of her takedown attempts, and she successfully blocks 70% of her opponents’ efforts. Gatto attempts 0.4 submissions per 15 minutes, compared to Lipski’s 0.3 attempts per three rounds. Lipski is the less proficient fighter.

Ariane Lipski vs Melissa Gatto 7/1/2023 Picks, Analysis and Previews

Ariane Lipski faced JJ Aldrich in her last match, which she ultimately won unanimously in round three. Aldrich ultimately connected on 56 of the 106 total strikes she fired throughout that match. After the evening, Lipski had connected on 113 of his 216 total attempts. Aldrich made 49 out of 99 crucial strikes, giving her a rate of 49%. She hit the head with 42 of her 92 significant strikes. Lipski stuck 101 of her 204 big strikes on the other side of the cage, landing 49%. She made 47 of 134 head strikes out of those critical blows. Aldrich scored big hits from a distance 91% of the time, while Lipski scored significant hits 76% of the time.

Melissa Gatto faced Tracy Cortez in her final contest, which resulted in a round three unanimous decision loss for Melissa Gatto. Conversely, Cortez connected on 38% of her crucial long-range blows, compared to Gatto’s 90% success rate. Gatto made 30 out of 73 critical strikes, or 41% of her attempts. Twenty-five of her 61 major head-directed blows were successful. 36 of the 66 critical blows in that match were made by Cortez. She hit the head with 25 of the 51 critical blows she threw. When comparing the total number of blows thrown in this bout, Cortez connected on 70 of 102 while Gatto connected on 49 of 95.

Ariane Lipski vs Melissa Gatto. Lipski and Gatto meet here at a crucial time for both athletes: the former has to demonstrate that her victory against Aldrich and performance in that fight wasn’t an aberration, while the latter is looking to surpass her most recent showing. Both like throwing, and each has shown some self-assurance while on the ground (at least from the top position), so wherever it occurs and for whatever long it goes, this should be a competitive back-and-forth.

Prediction: Gatto will win this duel

Date: Saturday, July 1, 2023

Venue: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Time:     7:00 PM ET

ODDS: Ariane Lipski +150

Melissa Gatto -200

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