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2024 NBA Draft: NCAAB Prospects Set to Shine in the NBA

The narrative surrounding the 2024 NBA draft has largely focused on its perceived absence of immediate star power. Yet, history teaches us that talent can emerge in unexpected ways, much like the 2013 draft which, despite initial skepticism, brought forth stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Rudy Gobert. Today, we look at six college basketball players poised to fill the star void in this year’s class, promising to make waves in arenas and potentially in the best online casinos where fans might wager on their ascension.


Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats

Alex Sarr is one of the most talented big guys in this class, and towers over you without sneakers and has a wingspan of 7’4.25” wingspan. Another highly-rated player that Sarr has been often compared to is Jaren Jackson Jr of the Memphis Grizzlies; a sharp-shooting big man who can defend the paint and also shoot the three-ball with regularity. Sarr needs to fine-tune that skill a little more and get there, but the premise of picking someone such as Jackson in a draft like this has to excite teams at the top of this draft.


Donovan Clingan, UConn Huskies

It is, however, quite evident that Clingan’s most viable route to fame will be on the defense side, and here, the UConn star is arguably the best rim protector in college basketball in the past several years at the least. Simply put, UConn was virtually ‘locked down’ at the rim any time Clingan played since he possessed a near ‘limitless’ standing reach of 9’ 7”, natural feel, and timing. A reference drawn to Clingan has often been Utah Jazz center, Walker Kessler but there is a reality in which Clingan’s defensive innuendos are more similar to Gobert the NBA’s four times Defensive Player of the Year.


Reed Sheppard, Kentucky Wildcats

He was purchased as one of the favored analytics building models in the first quarter of the season at Kentucky, as Reed Sheppard rose as one of the possible picks. But even if you wouldn’t like him from the physical/athletic perception on paper, it’s also a world where Sheppard’s S/L doesn’t make him less of a player than in the college game. As is evident, Sheppard is a special shooter but also has an ability to observe the floor and come up with relatively good defense. If he can demonstrate he belongs among NBA’s lead ball-handlers, there is a clear way for him to turn into a serious celebrity.


Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg

This year, the story that people had with Risacher, who has poor athletic ability, is that he misses out on superstar appeal that could help you win at the top of a draft. However, referring to Risacher’s skill level and productivity at such a young age and in France, the likelihood of future stardom is indicated. Certainly big wings who can shoot like Risacher are headed for humongous NBA roles and thus it will be wrong to not consider further improving as an off the dribble scorer because of project growth. Risacher has been described as a “high-floor” in this draft, but there is an All-Star potential there if everything works out.


Stephon Castle, UConn Huskies

Besides, what is currently preventing Castle from trying much harder to be the first player on the board, at least in this draft, is his scoring inaccuracy. College teams were more than happy to have Castle guard him from the perimeter, effectively inviting him to shoot the three-pointer because he most certainly couldn’t beat them with it. Fix that and the world is wide open for Castle. He is already one of the bet on-ball defensive players in this year’s class and a floor general on the offense, although more potential may exist in this regard.


Ron Holland, G League Ignite

The possible Dutch forward weakened his position, falling from the favorite to become the number one pick before the season to maybe not being a lottery pick. Looking at this draft, if there’s anyone who qualifies for the “buy low” concept it has to be Holland. This is particularly so because Ignite was a broken situation, something that would have been difficult for any prospect to excel in, and Holland himself was never set up to succeed as the team’s focal point. While he may not necessarily turn into a reliable three-point shooter in the NBA, Holland has a great physical build up that provides him with the best opportunity to be a great scorer in the NBA in the near future.


As these athletes transition from college basketball to the pros, their development will be intriguing to follow, offering potentially lucrative opportunities for savvy fans and bettors. For those looking for top free sport picks, keeping an eye on these emerging talents might just be the key to success in the upcoming NBA seasons.

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