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Why IDSca is The Best Partner For Your Bookmaking Business

When you’re thinking about starting your online bookmaking business, it is important to build a relationship with a strong partner in the industry. There is no one in the business is more credible than IDSca with over 20 years of experience in the business.

While many pay per head services are just now slowly making their way to establish their reputations in the highly competitive industry, IDSca was already blazing the trail two decades ago, riding the wave of the transition from the traditional to online bookmaking practices.

This is why the experience accumulated by the company over the years weighs heavily on its performance and service delivery to its clients and partners.

Over the years, IDSca has built a strong network of partners based on trust and competence. In two decades, the company has developed a platform that addresses the needs of the clients and the players, evolving its business with the market’s needs and constantly improving to maintain its competitive edge.

Why you should choose IDSca over other online pay per head services in the market today.

IDSca Multilingual Staff

IDSca provides the best type of service to its partners from the time of sign up. It has an established call center with well trained and multilingual staff that can address the needs of the partners quickly and efficiently. 

There’s no mechanical type of service with the company because dedicated account managers are assigned to each partner to increase efficiency. This personalized type of service ensures that IDSca’s staff can provide meaningful insights into the client’s concerns at any time.

Account managers are fluent in English but are well versed in other languages as well, depending on the partner’s needs. They provide guidance and advice to partners based on their expert knowledge of the trends in online gambling.

Real-Time Tracking

It is a bookie’s job to be on top of all situations at all times to ensure a complete gaming experience for his players. This is why IDSca’s system offers partners the ability to track all of the action happening as it happens. This is a major plus in handling a high volume of clients, something any experienced bookmaker understands.

Real-time In-Game wagering 

IDSca has invested in a platform that ensures that its system will not fail, especially for major league games. This means that players can bet freely with every kick, goal or save and the infrastructure can support all the action smoothly. This is especially important for the critical games where every second counts.

Customizable Platform 

While many other sportsbooks offer standard sets of features, IDSca wants its partners to have the freedom to customize their accounts to give them full control of what games they want to offer, what lines they will make available, including the setting of limitations for actions taken. Partners can localize the games they offer or set parameters for the players’ ability to wager for the games to give them the type of service they want from an online gaming experience.

As much as it offers an expansive amount of games, tournaments, and features, IDSca believes that at the end of the day, the partners understand their players more and believe in their capacity to understand their needs better. This is why the platform supports the partners’ approach to running their business by introducing an easily customizable platform that can work best for any type of bookie. They can add and remove games they want to offer at any time.


Real-Time Action

 The platform allows bookmakers to take massive action affecting multiple or all players such as the same time. An example of this would be setting minimum or maximum bets, blasting important announcements, and the like. While the old systems may have made the process tedious and time-consuming, this can now be performed in seconds by IDSca partners. Not only can changes be made with a single click of a button, but it can also be done at any time since the system can be accessed by the partners anywhere at any time.

Mobile Ready

With more players shifting to mobile from the desktops in terms of online wagering, IDSca made its system compatible with mobile and tablet devices so that its agents can monitor and check their accounts at any time and even on the go.

The system was created with the partners in mind so it was designed to be navigable and easy to use. Bookmakers don’t need to be well versed in technology to understand how they can use the system on any platform. Everything that they need is accessible on the page, saving on time and effort to focus on what’s important to growing their business.

Highly secure system

 IDSca has invested heavily in infrastructure over the years and supports its operation with state of the art technology. It also boasts of a highly secure system run by a team of experts to protect clients’ data from cyber attacks.

The company understands the importance of technology to its operations, as well as growing and emerging trends in the industry. It constantly updates and innovates to maintain its leading position in the industry and deliver unparalleled to its partners and their players.

Free Trial Period

The company knows how to put its money where its mouth is so it offers a one-week free trial to potential partners who are looking for the best system to grow their business. Throughout this period, partners get access to all of the features available on the platform to give them a grasp of the possibilities they can achieve when they get their accounts. Its completely risk-free, but the potentials are endless.

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Shifting your business from a traditional set up to finally explore an online sportsbook is already a step in the right direction. Economically, you save a lot of expenses from operating physical businesses.

However, what is more important is finding the right partner to expand your business. And this can only be achieved by a service that understands the industry and your needs as a business owner.

Sign up for a free trial and unlock your potentials in the business. Call (866) 225-5437 or fill out the contact form so IDSca’s team of experts can help you get started in a matter of minutes.

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