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What Should You Look for in a Pay Per Head Service to Enhance Your Betting Experience?

Have you been wondering which pay per head service is past? Are you researching what makes one pay per head service better than another? The truth is that each bookie and bettor are going to have different needs, different preferences. That said, there are some features, factors, and more, that separate some pay per head services from others. 

Here, we do everything we can to make sure that we offer as much as possible to help both bettors and bookies. There is nothing like winning. These are the features that give you the best opportunity to make the money you want, whether you’re a bookie or someone who knows how to bet on winners. 

What Features Should I Look for in a Pay Per Head Service? 

Not to answer a question with a question, but the best response to this question is to ask yourself a question. Specifically, ask yourself: “what am I looking for in a pay per head site?” 

For example, if you’re like many, you want a site that: 

Is always, always available 

Offers as many betting opportunities as possible 

Provides reliable customer service 

Works on any device 

Is legal where you are. 

  • That’s exactly what we’ve made our site to be. You can find all of those features and more available right here through our site. 

How Do I Choose the Right Pay Per Head Provider? 

A Site That’s Always “On” 

Firstly, the minimum, “baseline” for what you should expect from a pay per head provider is one that’s going to be available when you need it to be. To expand upon what’s written above, no matter if you’re betting or if you’re running a sportsbook, you want a site that isn’t going to be “down,” that won’t fail when you need it to. 

To that end, for example, we make sure that our site is up 99.99% of the time. How? By having an extensive army of top of the line servers, all of which are overseen by our trained, experienced staff. That way, whether it’s during the betting crunch of the hours before the Super Bowl, the wee hours of the morning between 3 and 4 AM, or any other time, you can bet on our site how you want to be able to bet. 

What You Want to Bet On 

Perhaps the most important feature a pay per head site can have is a wide catalog of events to bet on. This is true if you’re a bettor, of course – if you want to bet on the NFL, MLB, golf, MMA, college sports, futbol overseas, or even politics, you’re going to want a site that offers all of that. If you can’t find what you want at one site, you’ll be forced to go to another. 

Of course, this makes betting event selection important for bookies, too. A bookie who’s only able to offer a limited number of betting options isn’t going to be able to cater to many other than just a handful of bettors. To be able to make the big bucks, it pays to offer as much as possible. 

You’ll note that we wrote “betting events” and not just “games.” That’s because some of the most popular PPH services include casino games. In addition to all of the MLS and NHL action, the right site can be one that offers blackjack, slots, craps, roulette, and so much more – even including “live dealer” options as well. 

Bet on Games The Way You Want to Bet 

When we say “bet on games,” we don’t mean the traditional “bet on the outcome” of a game (although that is an important function that we also offer). In our modern era, there are so, so many more ways to bet. 

You can make prop bets – betting on what a player or team will do in a game or even a season, irrespective of what happens in a given game. You can bet on “futures,” who will win at the end of a season, before the playoffs, and so forth. Here, you don’t just have the option to do so for the Super Bowl: you can do so throughout the year. You can even bet throughout a game, too, so that you can win many times before the game is over. 

Is Using Pay Per Head Services Legal? 

Using these services is legal in the United States. Whether you’re a bettor or a bookie, you are able to use these services how you want in this country. That said, we don’t know your specific situation, where you’re reading this from.  We strongly recommend that you look at the laws in your specific area so that you are always in compliance. That having been said, these services are legal. 

What Are the Best Practices for Risk Management in Pay Per Head? 

Most importantly, never bet more than you can afford to lose. This is true if you’re betting or you’re running a sportsbook. This is rule number one: all other rules are below this one.

Another great way to manage risk: do your research. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be for every eventuality. No matter if you’re betting or running a book, you want to know practically there is to know about the games, the players, the bets, and so forth. We have plenty of resources that can help, yes, but it pays (quite literally) to do your own research on top of that, too. 

If you’re a bookie, you can also research your players, what they’re betting, when, how, and so forth. This can make it easier than ever to tailor your book to them. We have tools that can help you to know everything there is to know about your players and their betting habits. 

Related FAQs: 

Q: How Can I Maximize My Profits Using Pay Per Head Services?

A: Make your sportsbook truly yours. Customize it. You can make the lines what you want them to be, what you know they should be. That’s powerful. With that, you can bring in more players and more of the action that you want. 

Take advantage of what’s available. All of those prop bets, futures, and the like are there for a reason. Sure, you can get by with just the typical moneyline, odds, and so forth. But, to really take out, use everything in front of you. 

Q: What Technological Advances Are Shaping the Future of Pay Per Head Services?

A: Mobile optimization. In-game betting. Odds that change as the game goes on. All of that would have been science fiction just a few years ago. We’ve been doing this for decades and the advancements of the last five years have been extraordinary. We’re very excited to see what’s next. 

Q: Can You Share Success Stories of Bookmakers Using Pay Per Head

A: Due to confidentiality reasons, we can’t give you the names of bookies that have done well, etc. The number one success story we can tell you, however, is us. Our site has been doing this for a long time and we’re still here. Bookies can choose from any number of pay per head sites. And, generations of bookies keep coming to us. We must be doing something right to help at this point several different generations of bookies to make profits. 

Q: How Does Pay Per Head Improve Customer Satisfaction?

A: Attention to detail. Bookies and bettors get their money fast. We go to great lengths to ensure that happens. We make sure that all of the games folks want to bet on are available. “Availability” is a keyword – we keep our services up and running so that our bookies’ sites are up and running. 

Moreover, we have a dedicated customer service line for each sportsbook. That way, all of the bookies and bettors get what they need – a real professional who can help. 

Pay Per Head Today, Pay Per Head Tomorrow 

There’s never been a better time to be a bookie. By that same token, there’s never been a better time to bet on sports. With all of the services available to folks on both sides of the coin, this is an era where bookies and those betting on the games can make big bucks, provided they go through the right site.

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