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What Bookies Need to Know about Sportsbook Software: the Minimum

Features of Bookie Software – Do you know all that there is to know about seemingly all of the sports leagues and want to use that to make money? Does it feel like you have more knowledge than all of the bookmakers you see online? That’s what sportsbook sites are for. With these, you can become the bookmaker. You can be the person who runs the sites, who handles the competition and who, in the end, makes handles the big bets and has the big winnings.

But, while there are plenty of great platform features with the best sites, you have to know how to use all of them, in any and all situations. There are plenty of ways that developers have put into these sites to help you to get ahead. Below, you’ll find some of them, some of the ones that we feel that those in the bookie business can use to rise to big, big profits.

Features of Bookie Software – What Bettors Want

In any business, you need to know your customers. Specifically, you need to know what it is that they want. That’s as true with bookie software as it is with any other industry. The user experience is key. Any bettor wants to be able to just make a fair bet. That’s it. Whether they’re betting on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, soccer (whether the MLS, the English Premier League, or any other) they just want to have a chance to win.

That’s what, in the end, you want your site to be able to do – give them a chance to win that’s hassle-free. If you can do that, then you can be number one at the end of the day, the agent with the best results. Those are the fundamentals – you are the system, and you want to be able to make the process easier for any one making a bet on a game.

Know: it’s a Crowded Market

This is something that, for whatever reason, many agents don’t seem to understand. This is a competitive business, a competitive industry. You are, by no means, the only option out there. There are so, so many others. You are just one company, one pay per head service. Thus, if you want to stand out from the rest, if you want a player to come back time and again, you have to know how all of these features work, how you’re able to help them to not necessarily succeed, but to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your bookie is treating you fairly, is utilizing all of the things that can make the process better for them.

Think of yourself like a casino: you don’t want someone to come to you because they always think they’ll win, but rather, they know they’ll be treated right and they’ll have a good time when they come by and do their activities with you.

Bookmaking: Where It’s Been

Another thing to keep in mind: as an online bookie, one that exists in these current times with these current platforms, you have an advantage over every other bookie that previously lived. That may sound a bit silly, but it’s true. The old school bookies were just that: folks that had to sit in a bar all day with a notebook in front of them, taking all of the information down by hand, recorded into into a tape recorder, and so forth. When we say that they had to do “everything” by themselves, we mean everything.

They weren’t just the bookie, exactly, they were the source of the action. So, they had to keep all of the data, all of the bets, know who was betting on every team in every game across every league – for every event that was going on that day (or longer in the future). Really, they had to assume every risk. Today, with these types of sites, you’ll be able to outsource a lot of that so that you can focus on what you can control.

Sports Betting Software: Great Leap Forward

It’s a joke to say that something is “all in the cloud,” but really, that’s the way that so many of these sites work now. Your clients can just make all of their wagers, no matter where they are in the world, on any teams that they want, at your site. Moreover, you can see these as soon as they happen. You don’t have to wait. This is one more important feature, one more way that these sites give you bonuses over what it used to mean to be a bookie in the before times.

Indeed, the phrase “sports book” almost seems antiquated now because these really aren’t a “book,” exactly. Rather, they’re a place. A place online, on any kinds of devices, where anyone can make the kind of bet that they want, provided the site has the right design. By utilizing the tools on these sites, you can give yourself the best chances for a great performance, for both you and your players.

All the Sports Events Your Players Want to Bet On

First things first: if someone’s going to use their hard-earned funds on your site, you have to give them content that they’re going to want to bet on. At some point, on some level, they’re only going to fork over cash to bet on the games that they want to bet on. So, yes, you want to understand how to set up bets for the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, NCAA, EPL, and so much else. This may sound like an obvious thing, but it isn’t.

Each site uses different technology to do this and you want it to be as easy as possible. Something to keep in mind about this: if it’s not easy for you to go to your site and set up the bets, then it isn’t going to be easy for your gamblers to do the same. Thus, you’re likely to lose them to competitors. So, to keep the on yours and away from other sportsbooks, make sure that you understand how easy it is to make transactions or, if it isn’t, understand what you can do to make that process better.

Security: Safe to Use the Services You Want

Security should be simple. With businesses of this type, security cannot be a variable. Nor can it be something that comes at a greater cost, at upscale pricing, or anything of that nature. Security must be guaranteed, a sign of how this works from the very beginning. Without that, it’s going to take something amazing in terms of sport betting to get someone to care about your site.

You can have all of the games that are on all of the schedules, but you aren’t going to turn any kind of profit without solving security issues before players bet on your site. Remember: when someone bets on your site, they’re betting with their smartphones, with their laptops, desktops, and more. Thus, you need to have made sure that the software developers on the site you’re on have made security a part of operations from the very beginning.

Gambling Access for All from Any Country at Any Time

Sure, many of the people who use an application like this are from the US. Yes, a majority of users will be coming from America, or even Canada, and the like. However, to limit your business to those exclusively is to limit the value of your business period. Thus, to truly open up your site to all markets, to have a page that appeals to as many as possible, make sure that it can be of help to just about anyone. You want your site to be able to have information in different languages – as you just never really know who’s going to be looking to make a bet on your site. By giving folks as many options as possible and understanding how that works, you really give yourself the best opportunity to power your financial growth today and for a long time to come.

Set the Games on Your Schedule and More

One of the biggest decisions that any bookie has to make is about what to set the lines to be, what selection they should make. Again, this is one more area where you want to be aware of the competition, just how many sites are available out there. You have so many that you’re going against so, you want to give yourself a chance to do this as soon as possible. Why? Because it may be easier to get more bettors earlier on. Instead of waiting right up until the game starts to set the lines, the bets, and so forth, you can be the one that has the range of options out there from the get go. That way, you can catch the eye of bettors for a long period of time, too – from when the games are announced to when they start.

PPH: Understanding that You Can Set the Odds, the Lines, and More

One of the most important methods to understand about a site like this is that you are in charge of the lines. You can set the over/under, the odds, the money line, the point spread, and everything else. Indeed, with many of them, you can choose what the promotions are, what the different offers might be, and so forth. With these, you’re truly in control. You have a fine line to walk here in terms of what you offer.

Yes, you want to be able to offer something that other sportsbooks don’t have, that makes you a truly originally choice. But, by that same token, you don’t want to set yourself up for nothing but losing bets, either. Thus, you have to use your knowledge of stats, of all aspects of these games, so that you give yourself the best chance for lasting success, both in one game and moving forward.

Use the Reviews, Use the Reports, Use the Guides

One of the best benefits of these sites: the guide. Use the blog. The blogs will explain the games, the small details, the kinds of research that takes years to gather. Sure, if you’re a fan of these games, if you’ve been watching them for your whole life, then you already know plenty about them, more than the layperson. But, if you’re willing to learn a bit more, you can make even more money with these sites. You can never have played or watched soccer in your life and yet still can make a great price of bet on the game with ease if you just following the information that the right sites offer you.

Love People? Data? Love Sports? This Job’s for You

It’s been said that, “in life, you only get so many spins at the wheel.” Several of the people who come to sites like this have already tried other jobs, other industries, and found that they really didn’t meet their needs. Sure, they might have made some money, but there was something unfulfilling about it. One of the most important things to understand about these sites are how to work them into your life. Many do this for their sole source of income, yes, but you can also work a sportsbook into a side hustle, a day job, and so forth. Really, it’s up to you. By all accounts of our bookies, it can be very rewarding in many ways.

Casino Games: Another Frontier

If you really want to return to form financially then you absolutely should avail yourself of the casino games. Blackjack, slots, roulette, and more – there’s a wide variety of these games available at the right sites. Incorporate them into what you’re doing. That way, you give yourself, in a real way, better credentials. You aren’t just saying “hey, come to us for sports,” but rather, you’re saying “hey, we’ve got a great site that you can make money on in a variety of ways.”

Blackjack and More

Blackjack is, of course, probably the most popular of the online games. Understand how the live dealer stuff works, too. That can give a real casino experience from practically anywhere. Instead of just having to be in a literal casino or on your couch, you can get all of the fun while just sitting there — even while watching sports. This is a very important benefit to understand so that you can get more players making more deposits on your site.

Horse Racing, the Race Track, and Beyond

Casinos aren’t the only additional way to bring in more payouts. For example, at the top of that list has to be horse racing. It’s more than just a bonus – it’s a whole new world. It’s like a password to bigger bucks. You can offer your players the ability to pick just about any horse race from anywhere on their mobile device. It really is that easy to give your players another chance to make more money (and, for you, of course, to also increase the amount of money that you make as well).

Customer Support for a More Supportive App

Customer support is way more important than most people think for a site like this. You need to be able to offer someone that can answer their questions. Too often, customer support is an afterthought. It’s just something that’s thrown in. No. Understand how it works. You want to go with a site that has a real call center that’s there to answer your players’ questions as a point of order. Make sure that these people know everything they’re supposed to – they know about the Super Bowl, March Madness, but also how to make a deposit at your site, too. That’s customer service that players can rely on.

Call Center: Centering Your Players

Understand that, with your site, you should have a dedicated call line. This call line can answer your players’ questions at all times, day or night. No matter when they call in, someone is going to be there to take their questions – with no limits on the amount of time, when someone will be there, and so forth. Again, we cannot stress how competitive this industry is. If someone else offers this and you don’t, then it’s entirely possible that you could fall behind. Understand how this works so that you can get more players and hang onto them, even after something has potentially confused them, they’ve had a problem, and so forth.

Payment Options Beyond Money

News flash: players like making payments how they want to make payments. They can pay by credit card, debit card, cash, money order, but also bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and more. That’s what you have to understand about your site. If your players can pay any fee how they want to pay it, they’re far more likely to sit with your site and stay there. You don’t want them to leave over something as trivial as them being unable to pay you money in the manner in which they would like to do so. Instead, make sure that you know how to configure your site in such a way that folks can pay you how they want to.

First of Your Bookie Features: the Best Demo

The most important thing when you start with a sportsbook site is the demo. That’s where you’ll learn what you need to learn. Too many don’t have a good demo or really one that lets you start how you want. Instead, it might let you use some of the functions, one or another, while locking others away. That can be a real problem because when you do start, then you’re going to be behind the 8 ball so to speak because you’ll be learning on the job. That’s not what you want. Instead, you want to be able to use all of the functions at once. We can only tell you so much. Learning by doing can go a long way towards figuring it out.

A Job and a Site That Works When You Want to Work

That’s the fun thing about being a bookie (well, one of them anyway) — no boss. There’s no boss over your shoulder telling you to do this, to do that, you’re doing this wrong, you should do this better, etc. Instead, you’re in charge. You make the decisions. In fact, you make all of the decisions. We’re not going to tell you that this job is always easy (no job ever is) but, if you work hard at this, it can be rewarding in a way that precious few jobs can ever be. That has to count for something.

Additional Facts Any Agent Should Know

Remember, always: never bet something that you cannot afford to lose. Your players should know that but you, as the bookie, absolutely have to know that. It can be very tempting, particularly if you’re in a bit of a cold spell, to make some kind of line that brings in a lot of action just to have plenty of eyes on your site, only to find that it’s really not a smart bet on your part. Instead, always set up your site, your lines, your odds, and more, with an eye towards tomorrow, to the next game, the next event, etc. That way, you always give yourself a chance to win today as well as tomorrow.

The Best Day to Start an Account

The best day to begin, of course, is today. Not tomorrow, not later on, it’s today — why? Because there are always going to be more sports. But, you can’t get started setting up those until you begin. It’s very easy to say “oh, I’ll start my bookie business tomorrow.” No, that’s one more day you go without profits, one more day you go without winning. When you’re ready, come check out our site and see how we can help you to succeed.

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