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Walt Harris vs Josh Parisian 7/15/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

Walt Harris vs Josh Parisian 7/15/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

On July 15, 2023, Walt Harris and Josh Parisian will square off at UFC Vegas 77. Harris is at -175 on the opening line, while Parisian is at +145. Walt Harris is a stalwart of the modern era. He is highly athletic and powerful. He lacks a specialty and has never demonstrated the cardiovascular endurance to win a decision. That will probably occur once more on Saturday night.

Walt “The Big Ticket” Harris enters the ring holding a 13-10-0 (1 NC) record. The 40-year-old opponent weighs 250 pounds and is 6’5″ tall. The fighter’s wingspan measures 77 inches. Josh Parisian weighs 265 pounds and stands at 6’4″. The orthodox boxer has a 15-6-0 record. The 34-year-old possesses a 79-inch arm span. Josh Parisian connects on 4.45 significant strikes per minute, compared to Walt Harris’ 3.05 significant strikes per minute. Parisian connects on 49% of his considerable strikes, whereas Harris lands 39%. “The Big Ticket” takes 3.33 critical strikes per minute, while Parisian allows 4.50 when defending in the ring. Harris also blocks 54% of the big blows his opponents deliver, compared to Parisian’s 41%.

Walt Harris is the less proficient grappler, as seen by the 0.29 times per 15 minutes he submits his opponents. Harris succeeds in 28% of his takedown attempts, and he fails in 70% of those tries. In 33% of his takedown attempts, Parisian succeeds in pinning his opponent to the ground, and in 48% of his opponents’ takedown attempts, he fails. When it comes to efforts at submission, Harris is less likely to succeed, opting for 0.1 finishes every three rounds, whereas Parisian aims for 0.2 finishes every fifteen minutes.

Walt Harris lost to Marcin Tybura in his previous fight after taking a hit to the head in the opening round. Out of the 71 total blows that Tybura released during that bout, 59 of them were successful. After the night, Harris had made 23 out of 41 strikes. Tybura eventually managed to land 4 out of 10 significant strikes, giving him a 40% success rate. He connected with two out of six big hits aimed at the head. Harris connected on 23 of 40 major strikes for the opponent or 57% of his attempts. He was 17 of 33 accurately directed toward the head for the critical hits. Tybura made all his major impacts from a distance, and Harris connected on 82% of them.

Walt Harris vs Josh Parisian 7/15/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

Despite not having exceptional talent, Josh Parisian is a good opponent for Harris. The Michigan native, who is a solid MMA veteran and can be patient, will attempt to wait until Harris’ energy level starts to decline so that he can capitalize later in the fight. Paris will likely complete this one late.

Josh Parisian’s last fight was against Jamal Pogues, and in the third round, he was defeated by a unanimous decision. Pogues ultimately landed 60% of the vital distance strikes he attempted, whereas Parisian ultimately landed 94% of the significant distance blows he tried. Parisian connected on 37 of his 113 attempts at significant strikes, or 32% of his total shots. Of the 85 big head-directed blows he made, 19 were successful. In the encounter, Pogues connected on 33 of 60 major hits. He connected with 29 of 56 of those crucial hits that were aimed at the head. Pogues landed 49 of the 79 total strikes, whereas Parisian connected on 51 of the 137 total strikes he threw.

Walt Harris vs. Josh Parisian. The last year has seen increasing activity for Josh Parisian, who is younger. In the second round, we’re backing Parisian to win this bout via knockout.

Prediction: Parisian by TKO Round 2 (+155)

Location: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Saturday, July 15, 2023

Main Card: 10:00 PM ET

Prelims: 6:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+


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