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Viktoriia Dudakova vs Istela Nunes 7/15/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

Viktoriia Dudakova vs Istela Nunes 7/15/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

On Saturday, July 15, 2023, Istela Nunes and Viktoriia Dudakova will square off at UFC Vegas 77. Dudakova is listed at -250, while Nunes is at +200 in the opening odds.

Viktoriia Dudakova will aim to increase her record of 6-0-0 with one victory. The 24-year-old weighs 115 pounds and is 5’5″ tall. The traditional combatant reaches 67.” Estela Nunes weighs 115 lbs. and is 5’4″ tall. The orthodox boxer enters the Octagon with a 6-4-0 (1 NC) record. The 30-year-old widens her 66-year reach. Viktoriia Dudakova connects on 1.27 significant strikes per minute, and Istela Nunes connects on 5.05 significant strikes per minute. Dudakova connects on 73% of her major blows, while Nunes connects on 45%. Dudakova allows 1.73 major strikes per minute, whereas Nunes allows 4.83 in the fighter’s defense. Dudakova deflects 39% of the important blows her opponent’s aims at her, whereas Nunes successfully deflects 59% of the shots.

Viktoriia Dudakova is the better wrestler, putting her adversaries to the mat four times every fifteen minutes. In 50% of her takedown attempts, Dudakova succeeds, whereas, in 15% of her opponents’ takedown attempts, she fails. On 15% of her takedown attempts, Nunes manages to get her opponent to the ground, while on 53% of her takedown attempts, she successfully blocks them. In terms of aiming for the finish, Dudakova is less likely to do so than Nunes, who tries 0.5 finishes per three rounds.

Viktoriia Dudakova defeated Maria Silva in her most recent match, which took place in round 3, by a unanimous decision. Silva used 158 total blows in this battle, landing 129 of them. In the end, Dudakova connected on 117 of 152 total strikes. Silva ultimately connected on 26 of her total 43 big blows, for a rate of 60%. Of the 24 big head-directed blows she made, ten were successful. Regarding the opponent’s statistics, Dudakova connected 19 of 26 significant strikes or 73% of her total. She received 13 out of 18 of those severe hits that were aimed at the head. Silva delivered 34% of his essential blows from a distance, while Dudakova connected on 47%.

Viktoriia Dudakova vs Istela Nunes 7/15/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

Istela Nunes fought Yazmin Jauregui in her final Octagon debut, but she was ultimately defeated by a blow to the head in round 2. Nunes hit 77% of the critical strikes she tried at a distance, whereas Jauregui ultimately connected on 56% of her significant attempts. Nunes ultimately landed 36 of her 60 big blows, hitting on 60% of her shots. Twenty of her 41 important headshots were successful. Jauregui ultimately connected on 67 of his 154 essential punches in the battle. She hit on 54 of 135 of the critical head strikes out of significant blows thrown. When comparing the overall number of blows made in that bout, Jauregui connected on 103 of 200, and Nunes was 39 of 63.

In the UFC women’s flyweight category, Istela Nunes, who has a record of 6-4-0 (1NC), is renowned for her striking prowess. Nunes, who is 115 lbs. and 5’4″ tall, can strike with great force and accuracy. Her outstanding 5.05 major strikes per minute show off her capacity to land significant strikes quickly. Nunes’s 45% striking accuracy demonstrates her ability for accurate hitting. Nunes has a strong strike defense rate of 59%, which indicates that she can avoid and defend against a sizable portion of her adversaries’ blows. This statistic highlights Nunes’ exceptional defensive abilities, which make her a challenging opponent to strike accurately. Even though Nunes generally concentrates on hitting, she has a poor takedown record. She averages 0 takedowns per 15 minutes, showing that she prefers to strike while standing up rather than engage in grappling battles.

On the other hand, her takedown defense rate is 53%, demonstrating that she can successfully fend off takedown attempts from rivals. The UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Silva event on July 15, 2023, where Nunes will face off against Viktoriia Dudakova, will be a crucial test of her striking abilities. Nunes will try to win this much-awaited fight by using her power, precision, and defense in combination with her robust and striking record. Estela Nunes is a strong striker overall in the women’s flyweight class, and her forthcoming matchup will highlight that skill.

Viktoriia Dudakova vs Istela Nunes. IViktoriia Dudakova will compete against Estela Nunes in this much-awaited contest. Nunes has a record of 6-4-0 (1NC), while Dudakova enters this matchup with an unblemished record of 6-0-0. Both competitors hope to make a statement with a victory in the women’s strawweight class. With her orthodox stance and outstanding 73% hitting accuracy, Dudakova will likely use her powerful attacks to take control of the bout. Her attacking prowess is demonstrated by her 1.27 major strikes per minute rate. Dudakova’s outstanding takedown average of 4.00 further attests to her prowess in the grappling ring.

On the other hand, Nunes plans to use her effective counterstriking skills and strong strike defense of 59% to withstand Dudakova’s aggressive barrage. Nunes’ 45% strike accuracy demonstrates her ability to connect with adversaries. Meanwhile, her 53% takedown defense might be a weakness in the face of Dudakova’s proficient takedown strategy. Given both fighters’ advantages and disadvantages, go with Viktoriia Dudakova (Moneyline) in this contest. Dudakova is a difficult opponent even though Nunes has the experience and the capability of landing powerful blows due to her unblemished record and effective, aggressive style.

Prediction: Viktoriia Dudakova -220

Location: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Saturday, July 15, 2023

Main Card: 10:00 PM ET

Prelims: 6:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+


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