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Use a Pay Per Head Online Betting Software to Boost Sportsbook Wagering

Bookmakers are struggling to lift their online betting business in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. It is even worse for bookies on a conventional method of gathering wagers and paying out winners. The situation calls to use a pay per head online betting software to boost sportsbook wagering

Pay Per Head Online Betting Software Solutions

Call on IDSca to provide the sportsbook betting solutions for your online wagering business so you can recover from the slump caused by the pandemic lock down. By having the access to the best pay per head software in the market, you’ll have the business tools available to conveniently manage the operation and increase your profits.

  • Get the Information Needed for Your Sportsbook Operation

As a bookmaker, you should know how to set your betting lines for a profitable sportsbook. You have the option to set your line or have the compilers set them for you. Consider that when you set your own betting lines, it would be a huge blunder. There are professionals who can do this for you. IDSca embeds this chore in our pay per head software. 

Once the lines are set, you can receive bets and watch the balance of transactions pour in. If one side received more bets than the other, you can start adjusting those lines to avoid losing money. Understand that a good punter is different from a good line maker. 

  • Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Recognizing your strengths will be beneficial to your betting business but knowing your weaknesses makes you even stronger to face the challenges in your sportsbook.Why? You can ask for professional help if you are weak in one area. The professionals will know what to do. IDSca can be of great assistance when it comes to your weaknesses. Our company has been around for over 2 decades in this sector of the industry. 

  • Knowing How Much Vig to Charge

The best vig to start with is at 110 to 100 for your initial Vig. Most punters are familiar with this set up. It sets a solid profit margin if beats are balanced properly.  

For example: If you took in a total bet of $11,000 from both  sides of a match at 110 to 100, you locked in $1,000 in profits. On the losing side you collect $11,000 n pay the winning side $10,000. That leaves you the profit from that transaction. The higher the vigs, the bigger you get your profits.

Laying Off Bets When One Side is Overbooked

Keeping both sides balanced in terms of betting influx will secure the bookmaker a profit. What if there is more betting transaction on the other side of the game? The first thing a bookie will do is to move his lines to attract more bettors on the side where there is less betting action.

But sometimes, the action is not enough to balance the amount received from the other side. The pay per head program will inform the odds master of the scenario and will let you decide or recommend suggestions of your course of action. 

The betting solution here is to layoff bets when one side has more wagers than the other. The action of laying off bets is simply to place bets on another sportsbook. Doing this method reduces the risk of your sportsbook but a portion of your profit is shed off to even up your books. 

Tracking Your Transactions

The best pay per head betting software will assist your operation to track your transactions in systemic accuracy. Your data can have a backup on your flash drive that you can carry around. Better still, you can immediately track the financial health of your business with a push of a button.

IDsca pay per head service is the ultimate solution for your online betting business. When you have access to our system, we will  provide you with an efficient dashboard where you will have the information and the pay per head wagering tools you need to help you run the sportsbook smoothly. 

Our system will help you increase your profits operated online or from your mobile device. Running your online betting business with us means working with a company that has been in this field of industry for over two decades with full experience under our belt.

Security and Safety

Your personal information and database are always 100% secure with the state of the art technology employed by our management system packaged in your pay per head betting software. IDSca takes precautionary measures so your data does not fall into a hacker’s domain.  

Your players can rest assured that their data and personal information is under the protection of layers of firewalls and encryption in confidentiality.

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